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Audi a4 ddm hid install Videos

DDM HID Installation (hid car.)

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For anyone who doesn't know, any aftermarket HID is illegal no matter what housing accomodates it..regardless, for those of you using your stock halogens, not only are you wasting the efficiency of the HID bulb but a great distraction to all drivers..the reflectors that are made for halogen housings are strictly for halogen bulbs. The reason being, the halogen reflectors distribute the low light output somewhat efficiently for that specific bulb. In the case of high intensity discharge bulbs,
@Riley1524 some non hid headlight designs actually work fine with hid. a perfect match is the one in my car which uses the h7 bulb. the headlight reflector in my car has a shield to block the bulb itself from shining the light forward and forces all light to be reflected forward by the actual reflector in the headlight. this design = almost no glare onto other drivers. the only reason there is some glare is because my plastic headlight is faded from 8 years of driving on NJ roads.
I understand that people want HID's to mimic luxury cars, but it look really bad in housings that are not made for HID's. You need a special shield inside the housing that distributes the light a certain way. Every time I pass someone that has fake HID's I turn flash them with my real HID's in my new 135i. It;s really annoying and I think Law Enforcement should give out really big fines for the use of these fake HID's that Do blind you
Me and my friend just ordered this exact same kit, slim ballasts, 35 W 6000K from DDM tuning for his 97 Camaro and my 95 Camaro. We have them wired in properly, and used a multimeter to check the current but the lights won't go on... we checked all 4 bulbs with all 4 ballasts separately and still got no luck. Did you run into any trouble with getting yours to work at all?
Some cars need an adapter that tells the computer of the car that the lights are working. Some cars will show that the headlight bulbs are out and some will not turn of at all if it detects an issue with the headlights. DDM sells the adapter that fools the computer into thinking that the OEM bulbs are in so that the HIDS will work.
yo do they look great or what? I know these are really cheap but do you really get any bang for the buck with these? Thinking about getting them for my 05 Tundra.... Go to VLEDS.COM for interior led installation. They're the best and VERY high quality. Thanks...
garbage hids in reflector housings. i love how kids try to put hid's and when they make a video of it, they just look at the car itself to see how it's not halogen yellow anymore, but not give a fuck about how the beam/cutoff/spread is garbage.
The glare is dangerous. Who the fuck cares?! It lasts until they pass you or you let them around if they are behind you. I watch out for myself, not you blinded mother fuckers. That's why I spend the $50 in the first place, dipshits.
@ibrian772 solved the problem, they shipped us 2 bad bulbs. Returned the old ones and the new ones are en route, shipping another set for free for the "inconvenience" aha. thanks for the response though!
@bshenangins Do you think we care? Id rather blind other fuckers for 5 seconds than do $2000 of damage from a fucking deer. Though I wouldn't mind $2000 damage from hitting you.
I saw your activity and see you have a really bad habit of running your mouth on the internet, and bragging about your moms BMW I would see someone about that
The cut off on these housings wasn't bad at all. I ended up trading in the car for a new 2012 Hyundai Veloster. Had to many problems with the AC unit.

DDM Tuning 8000k 55w HID Kit BMW E34

This is a video showing my DDM Tuning 8000k 55w HID Kit (low beams) vs. my Phillips 6000k 35w HID Kit (fog lights).

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Fellow E34'er! Got a M30 myself. I want the 6000k kit, but can't decide between 35 or 55 watt. I don't want to blind people with 55 watt. Is it worth it to get pay the extra money?
so i have a 35w 6000k setup for my headlights buti just orederd a 55w 8000k replacement bulb, so do you think the 55w bulb would work with my 35w ballast?
110% props for DDM..good people, great prices, UNHEARD OF warranty on hid systems. Still have my 55w slims from my now deceased M3
Yeah but if you put the 6000k in the 55W setup they're brighter than the 8000's. 55W is supreme - I recommend that always.
the more blue the lights, the less actual visible light they put on the road. blue is played-out and kinda rice anyway.
the quality of your video is impressive! maybe we should take ours 40 seconds at night and 40 seconds at day time
go with 35w. 55w will blind you from the intense light reflected off the road directly in front of you.
I'm aware, I have 3000k, 4500k, 5000k, 6000k, 8500k, and 10,000k bulbs just for kicks.
HIDs look soo sick!! Where did you get those high beam housings??
so do you think the 8k 55w bulbs are brighter then your 6k 35w?
Are your bulbs 55w or just the ballasts are 55w?

DDM Tuning 5000k 35w HID 9006 socket

This is the Apexcone Raptor V2 5000k HID kit. Installed on my 2004 Impala SS with stock headlight housings. Mostly white, with a slight tint of blue. Yes, I know I ...

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so you're one of those douchbags that put HIDs into Halogen housings I see. For fucks sake, quit being a cheap ass and buy some aftermarket projectors to retrofit at least.
+Peter Griffen He said that he need projectors in the description. Read it.
I hope somebody smashes your headlights for blinding them for absolutely no reason. Your a dick.
+awdrifter3 Well, Ive never been caught....
+spfthane Lol.  I have never and will never own a honda.  I don't want to be put in a group with retards like you.  And 12,000K?  Do you know how dim those bulbs would be?? You are a joke.
+Johnny Rocket Then I would hope that person is arrested for property damage. lol.
Again, I don't want to hear about your neighbors dad's daughter's son's 2013 ram with a shitty PNP kit in it. I would be more interested in your 92 honda civic with flutted headlight lenses with 12,000K Fake HID halogen bulbs. 
Im not making up any numbers.  And again, everything I own was paid for by me and me alone.  I have a 2013 ram 2500 with a LED array on the roof both forward and rear facing.  And trust me, look at them when I turn them on and you will regret installing shitty HIDs off ebay like the ones in this video.
Once again, any thing that is your parents doesn't count. It's nice to see that you can make up numbers, but the fact is you still haven't even figured out what getting hard means. Just for refrence, my unreal HID system came from the factory. Probably much brighter than your 12 lumin flash light on your rc car. 
Lol.  I have 21000 lumens facing forward and 18500 facing backward.  Id love for some poor broke bastard like you to try that shit.  I know the last guy that flashed his PnP kit back at me is still seeing dots.  You should get a job before you play with your moms car.  Then you could buy a real HID kit and do a retrofit.  Its sad you cant afford 200 bucks for a real HID system
Oh, and I hope some faggot with a PNP kit in a lifted truck with 10,000K lights gets behind you. 
Lawlz. My HID's become very real...every time I turn them on at night. My very HID's are also much more real than the plastic hotwheels you have, because let's face it, you're 12, still live with mommy and daddy and are just a troll. Now, go back to crying about your dick hurting. 
Hey, Just because you cant afford real HIDs you want my dick smashed??  It must suck to be poor.
I hope somebody smashes your dick just cause you're a dick. 

HID firing up

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Just ordered these exact same once. How do you like them?

2012 Civic DDM HID

55w 4300 kit with harness.

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kiv fir- i can't reply to you for some reason, but if you didn't figure it out yet... you say your headlights are 8k (blue) and fogs are 3k (yellow).. that's why they are different colors - they are different temperatures lol. Also, even if they were both 8k then they might be slightly different tints of blue because that's just how it works
Is both headlight the same color, because mines is not the headlight and the fog light shows two different colors one is bright than the other. Both are hid. 8k on top and 3k for fog. And idk what to do. Even with the wiring harness still no good.
I have mini h3 projectors with 100w regualar bulbs not hid. My headlight low beams are 4300k on 55w ballast, i installed them with their wiring harness.. Maybe you recieved a bad set of bulbs

Installation (HID Fog Lamps Focus ST)

This is the installation of a DDM Tuning HID kit. The Fog lights on the Focus ST are an H11 bulb. I use a 3000k 35 watt kit which will provide a yellow hue.

Chris's DDM Tuning 55w HID's

We installed Chris's new 5000k HID's in place of his 8000k's that went out. Much whiter and much brighter.

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hey. i got the 35 kit from DDM. i installed only one the the bulb/ballast, the bulb turn on then it flickered then it turned off. then i switch off my headlights and turn them back on then my car didnt start :[. i had to jump start my car. my digital read on my cap read "10 volts" (battery dead). should i have installed HIDs, start car, then turn on HIDs?
my battery read "10 volts" before i jump started my car i meant.

TRS Tips: High Performance HID Headlight Projector Tuning With Clear Lenses

If your projector doesn't come with a stock clear lens, you definitely want to install one. They offer multiple benefits including increased intensity, width, and ...
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