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Audi a4 nitrous kit Videos

LMR's Nitrous Formula runs 8.64 @159mph on ONE kit!!

Larry and Edgar Cato's firebird runs 8.64 @159mph on one kit and on drag radials in the houston summer!

User Comments

Thanks for wasting 2 mins of my time. I don't care about all the bull shit in the beginning. Just show us this beast shooting down the track!
Jesus H that things has got some balls!!! That was the longest 9 Second Drag video ever.
Josh.....where's the boost? You been cheating on me?
Nice Formula! How much juice was that?
what motor is under the hood?
Good job,How many cubes?
FUCK YEA!! lmao

2012 Audi A4 TURBO QUATTRO in Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1A1

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