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[Leaked] iPod Touch 4th Generation With Camera hands on

User Comments

This iPod with a crappy camera is not real, I know apple just announced their new iPod touch with a camera, this is just not from apple, it is just an iPod touch 3G or below that's Had a camera installed in the back with a crappy job. This isn't real people! Don't try to buy this on eBay! The real camera should be on the corner of the back of the iPod. These people are Dbags thinkng they can fool people. Go to apple dot com to see the real itouch 4G.
Blatantly fake! Did anyone else notice that the camera didn't move in the correct way when he was 'talking' about the camera? (he wasn't talking. I know this because he was gesturing as though he was talking, but look at him in the reflection in the back of the iPod! He isn't moving his mouth.) also, the crappy OS and sticker like camera are dead give-aways! If I could rate this video lower than 1, I would!
I'm not saying it's real or fake. But the camera seemed to be moving fine. I saw his lips moving. The voice icon thing was moving up and down as he was talking. Obviously he only had the camera on the back on not the front one. Also, not everyone has AT&T so they can't get an iPhone. The custom OS is a test. Why would Apple actually have that for the screen?
can you download apps and stuff i didnt see that in the video all i saw was Wifi, Bluetooth, Nike, Battery, Buttons, Audio, Camera, Touch, Microphone, Light, Serial Number, and Headset..I never saw where the apps were..Please answer me lol i really want to get it but the apps?? :(
its definately custom.... -_- stupid people somone just took a i touch 3g and opened it up ruined it by cutting a hole in the top putting a camera.... o yeah and messing upall the software and putting crappy software to make it...... "a 4th gen ipod touch"........
Notice the video was uploaded may 2010 before the ipodtouch 4g as we know it existed this was the apple development teams iPod touch 4g prototype so quit saying fake it's real u think apple makes a new device and it magic makes firmware no this was a test so yeAh
A custom OS?? This is a fake iPod Touch made in China. Haven't you guys noticed everything that is tweaked in some sort has a custom OS? Obviously they can't make a copy cat product and put the exact OS on it from the original, that would be insane though.
It's do stupid who would want stupid iPod touch it's so lame and the new iPod touch is way better than that stupid junk in your hands and cut your nails it's disgusting people seeing ohhhhh! your Gina be laughed at hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaa eww your nail r distcusting haha no one likes in and even if it was made from china it's sucks!!!!!!!
its one of thos knock off Ipods. they are pretty cheap and i hear if you get the right one you actually get alot of cool things the regular ipod dont have. although i have heard stories of them exploding due to bad batteries lol
almost 11,000 people have watched this and i bet everyone has thought iConsoleTech is a complete tard for posting this. 'my guess is that its a custom OS' well my guess is you are so dumb you struggle to tie your own shoelaces
ok whoever i a dumbass and cant understand that is the ipod touch diagnostic software that apple designed so look it up on google before you start hateing on the kid do your reserch dumbasses and that is the real 4th gen
custom os looks very gay not even close to the one. The design not close to the new one camera is at wrong place there is front camera at new ipod. The new touch has 4.1 OS. This is some facts why it fake.
@TheNyosis you never know, these days people will hack anything, so its probably not hard for a good hacker to add a camera to an ipod, and now theres not really a need to with the ipod touch 4 lol
couldnt this just be a ipod touch 1st, 2nd, or 3rd gen running a homebrew firmware/software and he just cut a holy on the back plate ? because that custom OS doesnt look anything like apple's work
it was probably a test model the new one has 2 cameras, a better retina screen and obvs the proper os, this is most definitely a maintanence os that apple use stuff
yea dude i agree with some dude at the bottom....fake. how could u possibly have the Itouch with camera. if they only put camers on the iphones....
People you all need to understand this is a developer copy of what the 4g ipod touch was supposed to be, this isnt fake, he has a beta developer os
fucking trolls , fake and gay my balls , explain to me with details and ill fucking say your right how the heck is that fake..RETARDED PEOPLE
@alex054739 that wasnt ios 4.1 this video was made back in may. this is the ios4 Golden master (beta) before the iphone 4 was even announced
This is not the new ipod cus ive got one in my hand and it looks better than tht all hes done is jailbroke it and put a shit camera on it
@joey2613 no its not dumb ass, you obviously havn't seen a fucking iphone. do you live under a fucking rock? shit. its obviously a fake.
umm i hope that was just the settings and not the display page or home page...cuz then me waiting for this 4th gen itouch is pointless
You have to admit that the guys at the swap meet did a pretty good job making the outside look like an ipod touch 2gen
Notice how it's was uploaded in may 2010 b4 the ipodtouch it's the apple development teams ipodtouch 4g prototype crap
Ok that is custom iPod touch 4th gen because I am useing a iPod touch that I got when they came out. Lol on that iPod

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Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack (2nd DLC Map Pack)

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hell yea ppl will get this map pacc even tho the 1st jus recently came out...to some ppl call of duty is life lol...fuccin kids n adults wit no lives
@nylrone #LOL thanx 4 the link it helped alot
Damn sure I'm going to buy the map pack.
i am going to buy them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@Xrick56 hahahaha now you are blocked
fuk yse map pack 1 suck ballz
this map pack is worth it
stop fuckign stuttering
ur welcome

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