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LG UHD 4K Curved OLED 3D Smart HDTV With WebOS2.0 EG9600 Series - Overview

LG 55 Silver UHD 4K Curved OLED 3D Smart HDTV With WebOS 2.0 - 55EG9600 // Features: • OLED ...

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I think sony x940c is better in colour reality
+саша фурів It is not, nothing beast an OLED display, and once you calibrate it you stop talking and simply drool.

Samsung 55 inch Curved OLED Hands-on

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I don't care how much money you have,..if you are dropping $9000 on a TV that will be outdated in 5 years, you need to have your head examined.
depends on how much money u have to spend...
I did a lot of research on this TV, so I tried including everything I was concerned about to assist others in making their purchase. To be honest, this is a great TV in my opinion. It is an affordable price, and the picture is beautiful! So i just bought mine and i love it..
Get it here! //
The reason these TVs are curved is because they are so big they are easier to get through the front door and then round the corner and into the living room.
+ap2pat I think the curve is a gimmick and it tricks people into thinking they a viewing a television picture 4 times the resolution of full HD.
+trueblue374 I agree that it is marketing in a way because I have to say after installing many of the 7k series 75" Samsung at work, they look absolutely fabulous. But the curve is simple science. Keeps all the screen at the exact distance from your eyes. Now I feel this isn't even worth it under 80 inches yet nor the price but it is not just a "gimmick"....
+ap2pat Curved tvs are a marketing gimmick. I want to ask this question..Can a difference be seen between 4K UHD and normal HD? I think the curve is a trick that cons people into thinking they are viewing 4K UHD. These tvs have not been compared with full HD tvs. People talk about the quality of the 4K picture...clear, crisp, sharp, detailed and colourful....the same can be said about a full HD picture. Curved tvs are a money making marketing gimmick.
+trueblue374 Everyone who has seen this in person says its incredible and they prefer it. Its mad in cost now but that is because its relatively new.
+Brandon Doss Wow what a retard you are. I didn`t say flat screen tvs are a fad. The reason flat screen tvs are an  improvement over old tube tvs is because bigger screens can be made using LCD and plasma. Both LCD and plasma tvs can still transmit SD transmissions like tube tvs did....the quality of the SD picture on a flat screen tv and tube tv will be the same...the obvious difference is the screen will be smaller on the tube tv. Also flat screen tvs can transmit HD something that tube tvs cannot do so thats not a fad its an improvement over SD. Some flat screen tvs are not 2D only they are capable of producing 3D too...flat screen 3D tvs have been around for the past 4 or 5 years....3D is a fad because the majority of people stop watching 3D on their you know how I fucking know....I`ve owned a flat screen 3D tv for 4 years and so have a lot of people I know and they too DO NOT watch anything 3D now.....its a feature on a tv that people stop using. Flat screen 3D tvs are now very cheap because retailers have struggled to sell them. Curved tvs will suffer the same fate....people will discover just like they did with 3D that the curve is a feature that is not really needed or an improvement over their flat screen tv. Curved tvs will become very cheap because retailers will struggle to sell them. Do yourself a favour STOP commenting on this thread because you don`t know anything.....reading your comment I`d say you are about 11 years old but you`re must probably an adult with the mind of an 11 year old child.
+trueblue374 wow still mad huh. Go join the Taliban then please for sake of mankind blow yourself up. You are a idiot. “its a fad like 3D TVs and flat screens " ummm last I checked my 65" flat looks better then the old tube TV's..... That's the square box TV's..... And flats are 2D TV's soooo 3D TV's are not just a fad. There unique. Only problem is some people like u just wanna hate cause there mom or dad or both are lazy shits that won't buy u a nice tv
+Brandon Doss What the fuck are you going on in science and technology. I don`t need a degree in science or technology you dickhead retarded fuck. There is no benefit from a curved tv....they are not superior to a normal flat screen tv. There is nothing wrong with a tv that has a flat screen so why start to make tvs that are curved????...its a gimmick just like 3D tvs. Normal flat screen tv cannot be taken any further...they are HD,Smart and cannot be made out of them anymore...nothing else can be done with flat screen tvs so how do tv makers make more money? introducing another gimmick..the curve. Its a gimmick but idiots like you cannot see that. Curved tvs are expensive not because of their smart feature or 4K content..they are expensive because of the curve. A curved tv with 4K content is more expensive than a flat screen tv with 4K content...the curve is a gimmick that's how tv makers make their in science and technology what a fucking idiot!!!!!!!
+trueblue374 you sir are arguing about something you have no clue about. If you don't have a degree in this field of science and technology then please leave. You argue its just a gimmick/ Fad....well u could say that about everything. Grow a pair u prick fuck. I would love to flatten that bitch ass mouth of yours.
+shahrukh ali I don`t care if you worked for Samsung...I know what I`m saying.....curved TVs like 3D tvs are a marketing gimmick there is no reason or no benefit from curved TVs...they are not better than flat screen TVs. Buyers are paying a lot of money for the curve...which is a fad. You`re the one who is stupid....TV makers do these things to make money....when they have made a lot of money from curved TVs something else will appear on TVS and those too will be expensive.....its all about making money.I own a LED Samsung TV its screen does not reflect sun light because the screen is plastic like just like the screen on these curved for you to say these TVs have different screens from a normal flat LCD TV  screen because they reflect less sun light is bullshit. LCD screens do not reflect sun light..plasma screens do.  Please don`t reply saying I`m wrong because I have done a lot of research into this subject so I know what I`m saying...I own a LED LCD Samsung TV I`ve also owned a Samsung plasma TV so I know a lot about Samsung TVs.
+trueblue374  i have worked with Samsung i know what im saying  and must say you are pretty stupid
+Sabtath Equlmath I putting in a complaint to youtube and getting your account closed down. You are a youtube admin because you know every single video and youtube video Ive commented on....I`m getting you banned for racism and harassment. I bet you don`t ban me or Sabtath Equlmath
+Sabtath Equlmath"DIDN`T READ, hahaha YOU MAD Go take a nap kid"....your comments make no sense and the only person who thinks they are funny is you. To say something funny needs intelligence which you lack
+trueblue374 DIDNT READ, hahaha YOU MAD.  Go take a nap kid.
+Sabtath Equlmath How am I getting mad...people who get mad on youtube use Caps Lock.....and say suck a looks like you`re the one who is raging with your childish comments....I told you have the mind of a 8 year old your comments proves that. If you`re older than 16 or if you`re 20 I`d be embarrassed at those comments you posted..they look like they were posted by a child.
+Sabtath Equlmath Not only are you a unintelligent racist you are blind too...didn`t you see Booredatwork.coms comment he posted 5 minutes ago...he said he will ban you if you continue. I`m sorry but it is not me using the foul language or being racist
+Sabtath Equlmath That's how you talk....I know that's how you talk..its also shows your level of intelligence. Crying over what??? I`m talking about curved TVs and why I think they are a gimmick and money making products. You disagree with my comments but instead of telling me why you disagree and giving evidence for why these tvs are not a gimmick you use words like "faggot poor nigger"..."faggot talk"..."get your nigger ass out of here" obviously lack intelligence and you are racist too....using racist language...I hope the uploader of this videonbans you because he is black....I seen him on a video he suggested I watched. You are poorly educated and a racist.
Ok +trueblue374  and +Sabtath Equlmath enhough with the foul langue and talk before I ban you both
+Sabtath Equlmath Not me who is angry..."fucken stupid"..."faggot poor nigger ass"..."BS faggot talk"...a child throwing a tantrum...and just look at "Awww did mommy say its bed time and you have to get off the computer?" and "AWWWWW poor little bitch child...better go take a nap so you`re not so ANGRY" Obviously these comments and words have not come from an adult..I predict you`re about 13 years old but with an English skill and temper of a 8 year old.
+Sabtath Equlmath How old are you 8????...clearly you have the mind of a child.  I have seen a curved TVs plus I can easily afford one. I`m not discussing curved TVs with someone who has the brain of a 8 year old so don`t reply with your child like English and comments. I`m sorry but your curved tv looks weird. Because its curved when viewed from the front it seems to bend inwards both top and bottom plus it looks wider at the sides with all four corners of the tv seeming to be pulled outwards. Your tv looks like it is being squeezed. It looks horrible to the sight senses.....the whole tv when viewed from the front looks distorted and that can be distracting.
+trueblue374 I won't call it a marketing gimmick. I just unboxed and have been using the the Hu9000 65-inch and I have to tell you I prefer the viewing angles better on this tv than a flat panel. Samsung U9000 Curved UHDTV 4K Unboxing & Setup in [4K]
+JohnSki They are not curved so they look bigger than they are.....they are curved because it is a marketing gimmick....exactly the same thing happened with 3D TV....a marketing gimmick to make money. Every year TV makers bring something new out and claim TV watchers are better off with the newly released tvs and the new features. 3D is not popular but Samsung and LG make all their TVs 3D anyway...3D puts extra money on the asking price for a TV as does the curve.
Actually they are curved so they look bigger than they are... Look it up
sir u are retarded ....  its curved cause then u have a better viewing angle and there is less reflection form the sun ..

LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D 1080p Curved OLED TV with Smart TV

LG Electronics 55EA9800 Cinema 3D 1080p Curved OLED TV with Smart TV click the link in the description below for more product details: ...

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Your accent is annoying.
Cool LG TV 

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