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How Marvel Should Introduce Dr Strange

Hey Film Guys and Gals Do you know who doctor strange is? Of course you don't But if you actually Manage to finish this video you might Learn something: D ...

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Am I the only one who's under the impression that Strange is actually still a surgeon at this point in the mcu? Remember, Zola's Algorithm from Cap 2 was designed to PREDICT an individual's future. It probably sees Stephen Strange as a threat to Hydra because it predicted that he would later become the sorcerer supreme, not that he already is.
Eh. To each his own. Haha!
Its a decent theory but I think that.. He would have already been around. Having a future telling computer that's believes in magic seems a bit to much for the MCU
I feel like Dr.Strange will be the next deadpool for me.I know nothing about him and in to days I google EVERYTHING about him and he becomes my favorite superhero.Also great video,hope you do more like these and your previous videos :D
+Yera Quite Possibley.. Personally I don't love the guy. He is interesting but The magic & Wackiness can often be a bit much. he doesn't seem to have many limitations witch can cause issues with story telling

Marvel: Contest of Champions Dr. Strange 4star Lvl. 20 demo

DEMO of 4Star Dr. Strange Lvl20.

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Nice videos from one of the best players !! I still do not get what exactly the sigunature abilities of Dr strange and Electro are. I do not see any difference for the duped Dr strange. Does critial rate goes up for the opponent as well? Please explain !!
+The Big Bients Marvel Contest of Champions Dojo: HIGH LEVEL MCOC PLAY no as far as electro, the higher the power bar is, (a max of 6 bars) the higher the rate at which you can land critical hits. so when its at its highest, (both players power bar full) the more critical hits you will land, so all you see is yellow 400,450,400,500, that]s with just regular hits, thats why I say he hits the hardest in the game, basically it's NON-STOP landing of critical hits.
Well for Dr. Strange, the most simple way I  can put it is by giving an example. Lets say your fighting Gamorra and her Critical Boost triggers. As you land a blow against her, Doc will "Counter" it with his "counterspell" and it will remove the critical boost from her so she can't use it. you don't gain anything in return but it definitely comes in handy. Same think for example Hulk. If your fighting him and his "Fury " triggers, if you hit him, it has a 75% chance to remove it. Kalam fixed it so the words show up so you should know when its working now.
+The Big Bients Marvel Contest of Champions Dojo: HIGH LEVEL MCOC PLAY Thanks for answering ! They finally fixed it. Yeah, it is because with Hulk S3 with fury on you can K.O almost every opponent in one shot. When signatures are triggered both Dr.Strange and Electro turn into monsters. I like the way you call him '' the quick killer ''.
well it seems that last week kabam "fixed" him. The words  "Counterspell" show up and what it does is basically counter any enemy status effects and cancels them out. for example, if your fighting colossus and his armor up triggers, if you hit him it will negate the armor up...very useful especially against hulk and his S3 with fury on

Lego Marvel Avengers: DLC Doctor Strange FREE PLAY (All Collectibles) - HTG

(HTG) Brian continues our Lego Marvel Avengers FREE PLAY videos with the Season Pass DLC Level for Doctor Strange! The Doctor Strange is part of the ...

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happythumbsgaming today is my birthday may 17 i 12 years old
+HappyThumbsGaming thank you
+Andrew Fussaint Happy Birthday!!
Is vison in Lego marvel superhero the red guy from age of untron ?
Have you completed the STORY mode yet?
+HappyThumbsGaming ok ?
Vision is actually unlocked by playing the STORY mode.
+HappyThumbsGaming dlc ? or make him ?
+King Eazy E Yup! Super handy as he can fly, has heat ray, can use grates, etc..
are you getting lego star wars the force awakens
@HappyThumbs is our Twitter name.
+HappyThumbsGaming do you have a Twitter I can follow
+speed670909 You better believe it! We cannot wait!

Marvel's Doctor Strange Teaser Trailer (Description.)

Doctor Strange FuLL "MoVie"

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Doctor Strange - Trailer Music Edited Version

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VoodooChilled Achievement / Trophy Guide in Doctor Strange DLC for LEGO Marvel's Avengers

This video is a guide for the VoodooChilled Trophy / Achievement in the Doctor Strange DLC for LEGO Marvel's Avengers. To unlock this, you can use any ...

Lego Marvel Avengers: Iron Loches & Doctor Strange Teamup (Description here.)

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