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PGSM Summaries Act 27

ARCHIVED 2013** Horribleness all around as we're introduced to a terrible new characters, and Ami challenges Usagi to a fight.

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Oh - I'm sorry - *this* is the *beginning of the end*, not last episode, as I stated. Forgive me. :)) (What? She really said it...! oO) Without Luna (I try to avoid to add a rant of my own - just: why isn't the child at least a bit like the cat character-wise?) this would be a very good, very dramatic episode. The serious problem of this show reveals its nature in the teaser, though: Ami's hair is back to normal. I'm not joking. Think about it!

PGSM Summaries Act 23

ARCHIVED 2013** Rei is forced to do a live concert, much to her horror.

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So... this is the prelude to the beginning of the end for me... While it's certainly nice to watch this episode, from now on we get more and more confirmation that the developments in this show don't... develop. With very few exceptions - in fact, only one case comes to mind. I'm sure I'll get to it. I mean: really? Minako knows what Rei is lacking, she knows how to make her get it - and this works? Mars "awakens" because she asked Usagi to help her sing a song...? And now she is a wonderful leader who trusts her companions and is able to make them cooperate using their abilities? Ah... no... well, I didn't think so anyway. Hm... the sarcasm in these videos is contagious... ;)
1:42: I would rather wait outside too beside Darkury. :-)
Love the show! Keep up the good work nycea!

Legality Of Ted Cruz's Natural-Born U.S. Citizenship Explained

Judge Andrew Napolitano says the law is 'solidly' on the senator's side after a challenge from Donald Trump. Martha MacCallum. Fox News: America's ...

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I used to respect Judge Andrew Napolitano.No more. No one is telling me that our Founders wanted Dual citizens to become President.It's hard seeing people who I had believed to be great falling. We are losing all hope in this country. It's like there's no Constitutionalists left.
+Anna Liddell You need to do more research, dear. Ted Cruz IS a Constitutionalist and he DOES NOT have dual citizenship. Period.
+Anna Liddell what in the fuck are you talking about....?

PGSM Summaries Act 2

The negaverse attacks a cram school and Ami is discovered as Sailor Mercury!

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I'm a pretty chill and peaceful guy, but everytime that I see Jedite I want to punch him really hard and take his homework. lol
The whole video was just making fun of PGSM. Just accept that you love it, it's okay, ;) hehe
Awe! My favorite place to have a heartfelt discussion is while hanging off a ledge!!
Thank Zordon for recruiting teenagers as superheroes.
She was given the cellphone in the first episode.
A great commentator for a great series!
6:19 Jesus I couldnt stop laughing. xD
the feeling is mutual.
Haha thanks! :)

PGSM Summaries Act 22

ARCHIVE 2013** Dark Mercury pursues Sailor Moon and the scouts while they struggle to cope with the loss of their friend. ...also Nycea is a big, whiny douche ...

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I didn't understand the point with the lost memories either. I felt - and still feel - that Mamoru's "concern" comes from his dreams of the princess, the urge to find her and the Ginzuishou, and from becoming Tuxedo Kamen. It doesn't help that the show is very undecided about Tuxedo Kamens nature. The clothes seem to be just clothes (he carries them around, Motoki fixes them and so on), but Mamoru obviously transforms into Tux at times. And, while claiming that he has no powers, he clearly has, as he can fight the Shitennou and block their attacks. In the manga he mentions that the amnesia is about everything before the accident he and his parents had when he was six. But that doesn't make real sense either. Why does he feel that he is missing something important? Sure that must be uncomfortable - but does he think he hasn't been told everything? Or that he has been lied to? Takeuchi Sensei surely gave us more questions than answers - and PGSM doesn't help here...
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