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Xbox mdf file Videos

How to Burn .MDF Files On Alcohol 120%

This is a video showing you how to burn .MDF files using Alcohol 120%. Can be burnt in other programs, but Alcohol 120% is unquestionably the best burning ...

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I don't actually know if smb already noticed that you are saing in this video that it is important to burn ur CD with minimum speed - which is 4X... and you change customize to "Playstation 2" and your speed is changed to MAX... you change it to 4X and I don't know why you switch customize to playstation 2 AGAIN and speed changed to MAX again but you forgot to manually fix it.
@xXxLAMBOFGOD12xXx yeah no brain power to use vista. even a fool could use vista, as you don't clearly understand it takes a fair bit of brain power to use xp, unlike vista which tries to do everything for you and epically fails. vista is slow and bloated with programs and files that it does not need, it is unreliable. so there for it needs to be abolished
@101higgz101 There's nothing wrong with Vista, you just obviously lack the brain power to operate it correctly. I've NEVER had any issues with Vista in all my years of using it, but within the first week of having W7 I was already encountering compatibility issues with certain programs/games. New isn't always better. W7=FAIL. XP & Vista=WIN.
I found my old PSX that i had stored away that i had installed a modchip on. The system still works and im currently trying to get Gundam Battle Assault 2 to work! im burning now with some old CD-RWs i found laying around... if it doesnt work ill try CD-R.. and if that doesnt work,.. ill try another .MDF file! Thanks for the vid!
In the "datatype" section of the image burning wizard, it doesn't say "Playstation 2" in the current versions of Alcohol 120. Could you please mention what version of the app were you using when you made this video? Thanks...and vista rules :D
Does the file have to be burnt onto the CD, or can you create a virtual 'fake' drive onto your computer (without the disc), where the CD will work with its content files? [ I apologize if this is a noob question ] Thanks for the tutorial
oh man, oh man, pleas do not use 2 minutes to introduce yourself and your program, it dosen't mather is it trial or something else, so for your next uploads, just get to the point. we don need to listen craps for 2 minutes and more
My ps2 can't read the game i burned...what to do now? i burned the mds file,everything went correctly and fine and when i tried to play the game the sony requested some format disc and it has a red fog background. Please help \=
okay I found that stuff out but, when I go there I selected my .iso file I can't do anything I can't click on what driver I use or something wtf?? Or I can't burn DVD's on my DVD recorder? Because I got a blank DVD here :O!
do u know how to burn sega dreamcast games (that are in the CDI file format) with alcohol 120%? if so, what kind of settings do u need to use to make them work on a sega dreamcast console that can play cd-r discs?
Thanks guy, had the software but wanted a quick run through to make sure I wasn't wasting any cds. I used the custom setting for dreamcast games rather then the ps2 setting.
OMFG!! You just talk,and talk, and talk... I mean, you have to make just 2 clicks which is over in less than 10 seconds and your video is 5 minutes... You suck mate...-.-

DIY CNC router controlled with XBox 360 controller

Not quite done building it yet, but getting pretty close. Here I am testing the XBOX 360 controller Mach3 plugin. It's working correctly, but I need to tweak the ...

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I'm using Mach 3 and the plugin is found here (scroll down to "Xbox 360 Controller"): Sorry, Youtube won't let me post a link in the comments, so Google Mach 3 plugin Xbox Controller and you will find a link to the Machsupport plugins page. Back when this vid was made my settings weren't correct in Mach 3, which is why it's moving slow. I have corrected it and it moves faster now.
i totally forgot about the xbox controller plugin. i need to add this to mine.
how in the heck did you make this? thats pretty neat.
Can you use the wireless with the plug-in?

установить freestyle dash xbox 360 freeboot на внутренний винчестер ,автозапуск + ФАЙЛЫ

//dfiles.ru/files/44a95ijka //turbobit.net/gkdr4a19d8uh.html установить freestyle dash xbox 360freeboot на внутренний винчестер ,автозапуск...

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посмотрел видео, почитал коменты так и не понял одной принципиальной вещи. XBOX изначально должен быть прошитым или нет?
+Евгений Жуков да! и именно фрибутом
в меню xex нет раздела hdd1 что делатьв меню xex нет раздела hdd1 что делать
у меня тоже нету(
Ребята,есть способ скачать как нибудь игру на xbox 360 без прошивки с программами ?
А вот вы качали этот xex menu или был, просто я захожу и там в играх нету xex menu!!Помогите пожалуйста
Скачивается отдельно 

PCSX2 Xbox 360 Pad Konfiguration Download *German*

Hey Leute, noch ein kleines Tutorial und zwar wie man seinen Xbox 360 Controller für Windows fit für den PCSX2 Emulator macht (: Hier die Config Datei: ...

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Alles geht nur das runterziehen des linken stickes nicht
+M300 Hat er vllt vergessen, das hinzuzufügen. Muss du dann manuel machen.
Danke für die Datei
Kb alles selber einzustellen xD bin zu faul haha


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You suck greasy lemur balls...
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