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Xbox rts games 2013 Videos

My Top 10 STRATEGY - City Building Games (2013) HD

10. Grand Ages Rome 09. Rise of Nations 08. Age of Empires 07. Tropico 4 06. The Settlers...

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whey arnt banished on the list
+tronn104 The list is too old.
does anyone know the game where you start with stone age then evolve to future age ?
+Jack unitato Empire Earth (1+2) and rise of nations
90% of these games are my choice too. I haven't played Tropico and I can't say anything about it, but my favorite one is Anno 2070. For me, I don't need any new game :D Anno is beautiful, beautifully designed objects and elements. Great video, you have my sub :D and thumb up !!!
tropico???? its the worst game i ever played
Yes it is coming out... there are some reviews here on youtube. :) 
+Miodrag Dimitrijevic wait anno 2205 is realy comming out? I must see it :DDD
+garreiro100 Anno 2070 is most beatifull game (for me) ... I'm waiting on Anno 2205 now,I've preordered it, and as I saw some videos, it's a great game . Greetings from Serbia , and be well :) I'm glad you like Anno :) 
+Miodrag Dimitrijevic I agree anno 2070 is preety cool ^^
+OLIVIER SMITH Zahvaljujem na informaciji :) Jedva cekam da vidim i taj novi Anno ... I ja sam isto nabavio na nekoj akciji kompletan 2107 sa svim dodatcima ... Za sada za mene najlepsa igra za opustanje :) Zelim prijatan dan svaki dan i jos po neki dobar video o nekim upcoming igrama . Jos jednom hvala na informaciji za novi Anno :)
+Miodrag Dimitrijevic Hvala Miodrag :D Anno 2070 je odlična igra sa svim njezinim dodacima.Ja sam imao priliku uzet Complete Edition na novogodišnjoj akciji za svega 10$.Evo ovih dana zaigrao sam opet ANNO 1404 Venedig zapravo IAAM verziju 3.4 - izuzetno je zabavno i opuštajuće pogotovo ako sami prilagodite mapu i otoke prema vlastitoj želji i potrebama sa World Editor² & ToolOne praktičnim alatom.Pomalo neočekivano početkom novembra ili studenog izlazi novi Anno 2205 pa ćemo osim izgradnje gradova na zemlji,ovaj puta odletjeti i na Mjesec...kolonizirati ga u potrazi za resursima koji su potrebni za bolji izgled i napredak naše civilizacije na Zemlji.Želim ti dobru zabavu uz Anno serijal :DO.S.
I just want to build city in medieval time, , i do not give a crap about survival or resource or war,, i just want to build!!!!!!!!!!! any game like that?
stronghold 2 economic mode
Try banished

7 Best Sci-Fi Games of 2015

7 Best Sci-Fi Games of 2015- games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and more! Let us know which games you're looking forward to and if we missed any. SUBSCRIBE ...

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Halo disupoints me
We'll halo 5
The soundtrack of this video makes me want to play Mass Effect so bad!
then play mass effect problem solved
dude halo started to suck after halo reaches
+IFISH5757 I have to say though, playing Reach split-screen was the most fun I think I could get out of the game. There simply is nothing like seeing your dead teammate rag-doll across half of the map because some douchebag with a massive tank took her out. Another good scenario is when you and your teammate are alone in a tower, and one of your enemies carries an energy sword...
Where is Destiny? D:
+The Gamer From Hellat least he has onesay hi to your dads
so does your mother
+3rd Earth Productions Destiny came out last year and it sucks
+3rd Earth Productions Destiny came out last year and it sucks
+3rd Earth Productions this game has no lore or story and the most repetitive gameplay i ever sawnobody likes grinding for hours to get the new best weapon before it gets nerfedand without the new dlcs you can't play competitively
Where the f*ck is Mass Effect ?!

RTS games of 2014 [ENG] Part 1

Part 2: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rka0YNVUP4 Français: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=9usIxFgx5l0 List of games: 1) Wargame red dragon ...

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nice video, thanks for the insight.. But you should consider buying a better microphone
Too many talking

17 Xbox One Games We Already Know About

17 games confirmed for Xbox One. If you thought the Xbox One was some kind of VCR from the future for watching basketball, think again. It's actually a games ...

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Where is: Batman: Arkham Origins, Halo 5, Metal Gear Solid 5, Fable: Legends, Tom Clancy's: The Division, The Crew, TitanFall, Elder Scrolls Online, The Order: 1886, Dead Rising 3, Mad Max, Star Wars: Battlefront 3, The Witcher 3, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Mirror's Edge 2! And that's just off the top off my head! (wud I miss?)
2 many people are hating on cod...if it sucked...they wouldent have lasted as long as they are...or if thats your opinion..cool..but its just a fucking game...nobody gives two shits if you like it or not.....and before you call me a cod fag or whatever your pathetic comment is.. i game battlefield...enough said..
Ah true dat. However most of the games I listed had already been announced by May, with the exceptions of Mad Max, Mirror's Edge 2, the new Fable and I think Arkham Origins. My point is; they left out some extremely important titles in this list that should have been added.
sure, xone is good for gaming right now. but these consoles will last for TEN YEARS. In 5-6, people on pc will be using 1440p and 2160p, making these consoles look horrible. I'm not hating, but I don't think these consoles will be as good as they say they are
How is the new story not different? You're completely right about how everything else is the same (ffs they recycle like 60% of the weapons most of the time), but at least give them credit for changing the story up a little.
idk why your talking about horny 13 year old boys, and i was talking about how old you are faggot idk how you got that from what i said you got some issues man time to come out of the closet
There both better. Because the Xbox one and the ps4 are the same, reason why? Ps4 is the same as Xbox one there games are cool and on lines yes. 360 and ps3 games could play the new consoles
Bring back conker the squirrel. You guys have already got killer instinct coming. And a descent banjo-kazooie and perfect dark would be nice. But that squirrel is a legend.
Stupid bitch it's not just call of duty with a dog in it they worked hard to make that it's got girls dogs new characters story line new game modes and more so fuck u whore
Never go full retard. PC Gaming is cheaper. I could build a PC for$499 that could run games better than an Xbox One. At 1080p, on higher graphic settings, and at 60 fps!
it would be smart for cod to look at future solider and apply it to there game...but these ppl r close minded. cod:ghost is cod with a dog in it,lets move on lol.
and dont forget realistic shooting (what I mean is that if you shoot someone in the head it should be a one shot kill or at least a two shot)
Meet a launch day buyer. Quantum Break and Wolfenstein! 5:57 - dont want to hear that behind you on a dark stormy night, alone in that dark..
I am supremely angry these games should be on the Glorious PC but noo have to be on a shitty console whyyy, PC is the best nothing beats it.
Destiny seems to be the only remotely interesting one so far.. The other games are just freakin remakes with better graphics -.-
okay how do you now it is a ghost recon pathetic and ghost recon 1 sucked and there are plenty of other stealth games out there
From the creators of Halo and the company that brought you Call of Duty, we introduce to you: "Call of Halo".
Zzzzzzzzzzz...-_0 uh what!Did I hear PS4 sucks dick and Xbox One is going to get laid?!Thats what I thought.
its call of duty with a dog in it for now.. just like ps4 is better than xbox one.. until you play it
Xbox one has the better games at launch. I mean just look at Project Spark, no seriously look at it.
was confused on what playing platform I was gonna get first - this just made me life much easier
warning! the gameplay you are about to see is running on a pc with specs similar to xbox one!
Warning!! All the trailers you saw is showing by a PC with window seven not the actual Xbox.
Yes, Thief will come for PC. It has been on Steam as a pre-order for at least 2 weeks
whaaat. its trying to be like battlefield, and how can a game be gay :/ silly boy
fuck you. cod ghosts is alot more than that i was one of the makers of that game
I really don't get all the Call of Duty snobbery that's going on at the moment.
I'm stuck too.. I've always been an xbox guy so I might go for the xbox one
Batman: Arkham Origins is not a next gen game it is only on current gen.
have you seen the specs on the new consoles? they can do this with ease

TOP 10 Best Graphics Games 2013-2014 | HD

Top 10 Best PS3/Xbox 360/PC games until 2013 2014 best looking games graphics ever (Upcoming games don't count) HD Click here for more vids: ...

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Can I run crisis 3 I have a intel iAPX 432 cpu
+The Swegodelic Commenter ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) K
+jxk46 Not at anything crazy though.
+The Swegodelic Commenter ( ͠° ͟ʖ ͡°) Ok thanks!

Ultimate Gaming Preview of 2013 - First-person shooters

downloaded from gametrailers.com.

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Poisonsquid37, actually if you love something than no it doesn't suck. To say something sucks is your opinion. You CAN NOT possible think something sucks and love it at the same time. Quit trying to be a douche and allow others to think freely. You trying to take over obama's job????? Fuck off
They rush their game productions way to much, if they'd put time into their games for once, they might make something half decent which isn't exactly the same as all their predecessors, the only difference is their tiny campaigns and they occasionally release a new gun for online.
None of these games differ in any way.. It's basically complete the tiny campaign, then play the extremely repetitive multiplayer.. Occasionally they might add a new gun or a map or two, which again gets repetitive and boring, just like the rest of the CoD games.
Doesn't mean shit. The scumbags at Activision don't care enough for their fanbase to upgrade graphics for every sequel not just 1 in every 5. Your basically getting the same piece of shit twice for $120.
whoa whoa whoa, battlefield the most popular multiplayer with vehicles? these guys been paying attention for the last 12 years? I'm pretty sure thats the halo series.
Funny how crisis 1 from 2006 looks so much better than its console cousin 7 years later talk about holding things back hope the new 60£ graphics card helps next gen
ALL MILITARY GAMES to get dumb kids to join the army when they get out of school. I wonder how much government funding these assholes get to pusg this propaganda BS.
In June 9 is going to be E3 they will show call of duty ghosts 2 campaign missions it will have better grapchics then all call of duty games. Sorry for my English.
Well, I don't have millions a dollars or a game studio. And realizing that CoD is a piece of shit game doesn't make me a kid. Your the fucking kid, grow up.
What I mean is it's all a matter of opinion. Millions of people like Cod. Millions don't. That's all their choices.
Question: why would a company make a game like Infinite and not allow the player to map the Enter key for jumping?
So basically, it's only true for idiots that don't make the difference between a motherfucking game and reality.
Not in the slightest. The graphics are completely the same and the guns are the same just with different looks.
I have been playing counter-strike and many other shooters since i was 5 and my last thought is to go to army.
the game is completely different than the last everything from graphics sounds to guns and customization
The battlefield 3 story was much better then the CoD ones, you can literally complete them in a day..
Omg omg I'm almost 16 can't wait for the next COD gonna be so different from run and gun I'm sure. /
I'm so pissed off that xcom was changed to third person and now it's called xcom bureau declassified
isn t it normal to have better graphics then past games einstein? cod is getting old and retarded
Don't get your hopes up. The last 4 games have been pretty much the same thing.
They say that its an whole new story and people in the story are whole new....
Blegh, I dont like it, feels too much like Saints Row in gameplay mechanics.
Mw4 And Ghosts is Different i got both :3 but i deleted ghosts one idk why
I have already completed several of these. Metro Last Light was amazing.
Not true. I play battlefield 3 most of the time but I still love Cod.
Timesplitters is the best first person shooter series of all time.
Just one thing without shooting games what is good to play Mario?
So, just because you love it makes it not suck? Lol, not at all.
:F u said dumb kids But xD How much people died in cod 4 ?....
battlefield fanboys suck my duck all of you mother fuckers

Aliens versus Predator: Extinction - A4 - Bio-Engineeered Aliens

Aliens versus Predator: Extinction is a video game released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox. It is a real-time strategy game in which an Alien hive, a clan of ...

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como puedo descargarlo?? pasame un linck del juego 
+Ross Mahon i love aliens vs predator this name predqueen
Es para PlayStation 2 y Xbox
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