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Rzr xbox game Videos

RZR Latif [Viper] SSF4 Peaceful Jay's Lobby - Xbox Live - TRUE-HD [72 Game Win Streak]

72 Game win streak in Peaceful Jay's Lobby.. here are a few of the matches. 1. vs Sagat 2. vs Ken 3. vs Blanka 4. vs Abel 5. vs Viper 6. vs Bison.

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this is part of this game i guess no?one way or another,some players out there will deal better than the others when fighting against Viper/Latif or anyother Viper players, IT S natural!Viper has a determinated set of skills and of course some players will do against those skills better.Seems like you expect Latif to perform Gief move!Latif makes 5000PP players to look like they are just starting in SSF4.(in agreement with oShinAkumao).And of course playing with Viper isnt for 'any1'.
Latif is amazing and far better than I'll ever be, but I get the feeling watching the matches that he's a big fish in a small pond. Against equally-skilled players who actually know the matchup and how to block Viper's shenanigans, his random mixup tactics are far less effective. There's vids of him against FChamp and Hugo101 where he barely gets a few wins, and loses quite a lot. He's definitely on the rise tho, and I'm anxious to see how he'll do against the top dogs at Final Round
@DemonicDragonY93 That's his "angry scar" move, it makes his next tiger uppercut have the original big damage that it did in Vanilla [original SF4] at the cost of an ex bar of course... it only does 100 damage otherwise in SSF4... they did buff the TUppercut damage for Arcade Edition though, I'm not sure what the damage is exactly though.
@tubeplayboy you haven't seen the videos of him vs Flash Metroid, Wolfkrone, Double perfect on Rico Suave, Lamerboi, Alex Valle, Marn, K BRAD, etc...this guy beats 5000 PP players like they were 3000 PP players, he also placed at West Coast Warzone.
@DerEnglaenderJumper Bp dont mean shit dude, some people just dont play ranked. I know guys that dont even own this game that could get a round on Latif, it would prolly take a awhile though lol
@Ripsterrr Shin posted a video, Latif vs Air, and I believe Air is japanese, isn't he ? Anyway, very nice matches, Latif is awesome with his Viper, his Makoto isn't too bad either (AE)
She´s a good viper...but for her it´s not hard to get 72 wins in a row...playing against people who only have under 20000 Bp...
@0ShinAkuma0 I believe that the angry scar move also resets the opponents input correct? Or did I hear that wrong?
@DarkSaber22 lmao! i know you weren't, haha... but i agree though, i love watching Latif beating on people. :D
@Satmoche Air is Chinese-Canadian but lived in Japan for a few years (which is where he got so good at SF)
@DarkSaber22 "Watching Latif go to town on a bunch of guys" ...sounds like a gay porn description. LOL.
Having the Class Rank as "Grand Master" is freaking awesome. I wonder how many people reach that level?
Damn, my boi Abel got raped, hard. lol I liked how he dodged the flame kick with the roll though.
Watching Latif go to town on a bunch of guys never gets old. PS: Sagat looks FUGLY w/ hair lol
Man, I would like to meet whoever programmed that bot! ..lol.. Was Latif mad at someone? damn!

RZR Latif [Viper] SSF4 Endless Battle - Xbox Live - 03-04-11

Please note these games were a bit laggy, so nothing serious here, just casuals. 1. vs O50 CENT bUleTp [Bison] 2. vs SimplyPh33r [Rufus] 3. vs ZerRo I [Abel] 4.

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so i was playing this guy online and all of the sudden Latif joins. The guy then boots me because he doesnt want to take turns fighting Latif. Fucking asshole. i swore vengance on that guy... i'm gonna find him irl and beat the living shit out of him that douche. fuck that guy seriously
@ValicanX I love Latif, but I think Daigo would win based on the fact that Daigo knows the Viper match waaay too well... Daigo doesn't like Bison/Abel matchup, but then again, that's when he was with Ryu, so he might not really dislike any matchup now that he's with Yun. Lol.
@Grimmjow316 He's on my friends list, and as far as the american replay list, he has the best Juri along with WeirdoNeo... In fact, if you'd like to see another one of his matches, check out my second channel. I have a match uploaded of him vs Balrog.
@Grimmjow316 haha, it's not that i dislike him, i'm just not a big fan. :( Lol...but i do enjoy watching top zangief players, like Vangief, Itabashi, KOG, Cantona, etc, i respect them a lot, because i know it's not easy playing with Gief.
@0ShinAkuma0 I saw that match as well which is why I recognized him quick just wondered if he was active in the tournament scene, since I've rarely seen Juri players aside from Neo & Ed Ma.
@Zinkboy123 yes, I think so, a lot of top Japanese players are as scary and they are pretty much unknown to the international scene, so you will never know until you met them
@Grimmjow316 Gotcha, well he's not really known on the tournament scene like Neo and Ed Ma, but i think he definitely could be eventually if he keeps it up with his Juri.
yes, but does he do this in offline tournaments? with input latency, Viper's ambiguousness is scary, but does he do well in tourneys?
Can I get that picture of C. Viper in the intro without PJS Latif text in the middle of it? Looked fantastic, want it as my desktop.
wow never seen such a random bison player -.-' im ashamed seeng ppl playing bison this way :S (i play bison too :/ but not this way)
You left that "What a pain" remark in there when Viper was fighting Guile on purpose, didn't you? J Rose's Juri is great to watch.
interested to know how latif would do in an offline tourney, has he ever played in or won an offline tourney ?
Never get tired of watching Latif's Viper in action. Do you know if he's gonna compete in any tournaments?
I think Mr.Latif here deserves at least 14 years in prison, on account of being a serial rapist...
@babunnel word brother, word. but boui dat viper is tooo sick. h8 2 face any viper on a rainy day.

RZR Latif [Viper] vs lilsicx66 [Ken] FT10 - SSF4 Endless Battle - Xbox Live - TRUE-HD [Video 2/2]

VIDEO 2 OF 2 ... First to 10 ... Games 8-14 RZR Latif [Viper] vs lilsicx66 [Ken] **SPOILER** Final Score - RZR Latif [10] - lilsicx66 [4]

User Comments

@gemstony85 If you don't like him then why are you watching vids of him playing? lol. surely you have better things to do!? Being a Viper player, I am a big fan of Latif but i actually agree that he can be a *little* predictable when you watch lots of his vids (esp his EX seismo).. He did very well at Evo but i worry people will figure out his style, Fuudo seemed to read him very well in the final. Interesting to see what happens in future tournaments.
Latif is the better player. some of the baits were just insane. but this lilsic guy is fun to watch and he's really good. his cross-ups, hit confirms, combos, links, karas, footsies and reactions are all on point. but he plays at a constant 100mph. Latif just slowed him down. fun matches though, thanks for the uploads.
@mellouk78 It does? I sure hope that's the case... it's sad to see someone spamming DPs giving Latif trouble because of guessing whether he's mashing DP or not. Oh, and the fact that Ken's LP SRK is HARD to punish. I sure hope it gets nerfed.
@mxtra22 but the jab DP is fuckin insane lol. You know all of sf3 games as far as i know,when you throw a jab DP randomly like this guy your fucked. but not here in ssf4 :( and i agree with you, burning kicks are fucked up as well.
@Sshsho yeah but still. I mean an unpunishable jab DP is really all u have to complain about with Ken. Its not like its even used as an ultra setup. Theres plenty characters out with just as much bs if not more.
Thx for the spoiler, now I don't have to watch the whole 18:39 of PJS Latif's same shit over and over. (If I'm speaking too soon, someone point out for me in which match he changes up his game...)
I dont get why people are complaining about jab DP when burn kicks literally rapes everybody and is just as hard to punish. Get a life an stop begging for nerfs.
dayum look at latif's status ... grand master viper almost 7000PP like a BOSS!!! good to see
latif's viper must be one of charlie sheen's goddess, cuz she's full of WINNING!
@ocping i agree its so dumb how he can spam it at certain distances.
This is basically Viper reaffirming who the baddest fighter is.
a 20kbps ken chucking out out randon ultras what a DICK.com
ALRIGHT, I'm sold!.. I'm buying the Suit!!!!
11:30 YEAH! Show him how it's done LOL
too much random KEN Ultra.... LOL.....

RZR Latif [Viper] vs lilsicx66 [Ken] FT10 - SSF4 Endless Battle - Xbox Live - TRUE-HD [Video 1/2]

VIDEO 1 OF 2 ... First to 10 ... Games 1 - 7 RZR Latif [Viper] vs lilsicx66 [Ken] RZR Latif Playlist ...

User Comments

@0ShinAkuma0 I still really enjoyed his play, at times hes a bit extreme with psychic ultras but for the most part i think he plays it right, his ken has combos, crosses, safe jumps and most importantly a random factor. If viper atks recklessly, then so will ken. his dp beats out a lot of viper's bks so its hard for her to pressure. lilsicx will keep doing it until latif stops throwing out bks or lessens it. which he did at the end baiting out dps, then lilsicx slowed it down too, adaptation!
@SonofGenkai18 im talking about, till the end of the match, not just that round. he missed a few because they are random, and latiff got aware to this and started baiting. just watch the round from 9:43, and look at all those baited random dps. and a guess is random if u didnt know. the important thing is dont throw them out on every guess or people will just bait or wait. and sicx doesnt get clued to the fact they are now baiting
No need to bash lol I didn't know this set was going on youtube prior to fighting I was using this set to relearn the match,I've beatin latif in sets multiple times but I just didn't upload them to the net.but after me and latif playd this set we playd another and he won.I duno y he playd me but I was playing to learn a matchup so this is me learning as you can tell,thx for the uploads tho shin good bad or godlike I don't mind it
The Ken player did exactly what is needed sometimes against Viper. If a Viper gets comfortable enough doing feints and shit they'll walk all over you, eventually open your defense up, and you're done. The majority of the shoryukens you see are well thought out and meant to keep Viper from picking up any momentum. The only thing more useful than a quick invincible reversal in this matchup is the cr. mk to duck under burn kicks.
@yahoo1o1 not really random. 1 whiffed wake up DP which was a good guess because Latif does pressure a lot on wake up. the rest were well placed also. He missed a few but did them in good sense. Latif does a lot of mix ups after M TK so it was smart to try and DP it. Anyway, lilsicx is a good Ken player. I doubt any of his DPs are "random" just bad guesses once in a while.
Aholes like g9ambit and others are the reason there aren't many kens out there, the minute Ken starts doing SRK they outomatically think *mashing* or Ramdon, mofo, ever heard about BUILDING METER.. U aholeeee.... Viper stresss me to no end with them flame kicks .. So why aren't those consider ramdom or spamming? Fking Noob!
@TheChain89 I agree, i think that is lilsicx's biggest weakness, he guesses a bit too much, a little too risky, and it costs him a lot, especially vs someone like Latif...that being said, i still feel he's the best Ken right after Banana Ken, if lilsicx played a bit more safely, he'd probably be the best.
@MrRafie82 Yipes def. had a great Ken, but used Ken a loooong time ago, back in Vanilla, just like Ed Ma... He uses Abel and Bison now, when he actually does play SSF4... In reality, Yipes could care less about SSF4, he's a Marvel player at heart.
You can either reversal SRK after a knockdown or you can eat Viper pressure and keep trying to guess and keep getting knocked down. Enjoy getting perfected/dizzied as the momentum switches completely to his playstyle and pressure game.
the ken is good, but this sort of flowchart ken strategy is only effective online. if they were playing offline ken would have been blown up, the amount of random srk punishes available was crazy.
@0ShinAkuma0 He uses Adon now? Didn't know that. Well I have seen his Ken and it's dangerous. Even Sanford Kelly commented on how great his Ken is. Don't forget Yipes has a nice Ken as well.
Easymode mash bullshit that deals with every situation, great keep-away game, pretty much no flaws as a character... shitty players are drawn to him like moths to a flame, for good reason.
Hey shin, who are your favorite Viper and Ken players? I'm probably going to use Viper and Ken as subs to Sakura in AE. Thanks for all the grea HD uploads. You're the man!
@0ShinAkuma0 Nice. This Evo is going to be amazing. Considering how the long the game has bin out & how much everyone has leveled up & is familiar with the game.
I noticed when latif sjc from ex seismo, he does down forward to up forward motion. Is there an advantage to doing this rather than downback to up forward?
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