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YOUR DUNGEON MY DRAGON - Meet The Guardians - Episode 1

Meet the Guardians in episode one of Adam de la Peña's Your Dungeon My Dragon! Brought to you by the creator of Codemonkeys and Outlands, Your ...

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Well, I thought this was very funny. I admit the first half was a little difficult to watch, but the humor was fun and succeeded at making me laugh. I went into it with a fresh mind (didn't read descriptions or comments, haven't seen any of the other shows from the creator,etc), so my overall impression was that this is a show about a group of friends who are playing a simple D&D or similar game. The graphics are reminiscent of classic video games, which were themselves reminiscent of D&D-like games, so I think the clash of video game knowledge and table top knowledge worked well. I like that the story is simple and generic, I saw it as almost part of the punch line. All in all, I think the entire episode should be watched before any judgements are made; and it shouldn't be taken too seriously as it is a comedy that is basically poking fun at itself. My opinion is that this is a very good show if you're old enough to understand even some of the references, or mature enough to respect them. Don't expect a million dollar production with amazing voice acting and awesome special effects, though. But not everything has to be perfect to enjoy; that's half the fun of YouTube. I feel like we're kind of spoiled nowadays with all of the awesome content, we forget to appreciate the creativity of a thing if it's not presented how we expected. Anyway, I just wanted to give the comments section some love because I liked the show.
I like the jokes, but why are there no likeable characters in this? Makes it pretty hard to get invested in it.
Omgurd.. love this!!! ;-;

YOUR DUNGEON MY DRAGON - Outside of the Box - Episode 4

Here's episode four of Adam De La Peña's Your Dungeon My Dragon! Devious conjures a plan in an attempt to beat The Guardians at something. Will his ...

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Lol even as an elf, Todd still can't get what he wants but always get tramples

YOUR DUNGEON MY DRAGON - Battle of the Bands, Man - Episode 3

Here's episode three of Adam De La Peña's Your Dungeon My Dragon! The Devious Matthews Band fights The Sound Guardians in the ultimate showtime ...
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