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nissan titan a/c ac not blowing - vbc variable blower control module replacement EASY FIX DIY

nissan titan air conditioner stopped blowing suddenly, replaced the vbc, and now the a/c blows again. This repair cost about $68 and took five minutes. The titan ...

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I went 3 years without AC and without heat for 5 years. I only had heat on the drivers side while everyone else inside was cold, then my air got stuck on full blast and could not turn it down, then one day it stopped for 3 years now and blew like wind from a fart..... Barely. I saw this video this morning. The nissan dealership sold this part for $65.00, but it was over an hour from me so I settled for a part from local store for $99.00. With the gas I would've burned on a 2 hour trip, I feel I balanced out, I couldn't wait for it to come thru the mail so online ordering was not the answer. I connected the new part, now I have COLD AIR blowing with the controls working and I HAVE FULL HEAT all over my vehicle!!!!! The dealership told me to fix they would have to remove whole dash board and it would be $3,000 to fix. THANK GOD FOR THIS VIDEO!!!!! God is going to bless you thoroughly for posting this video my Friend!!!!!
Happy to hear that it worked out!
By the way..... My truck is a 2006 Titan and my $99.00 part has a life time warranty.
Just did it and it worked. If it weren't for your video I would not of had a clue how to fix it. My sincere thanks.
+big Mac you are welcome!

Replacing a Fuel Pump on 2003 Nissan Sentra GXE

It had a hard start that needed long cranking and wouldn't start after first key turn. 126000 miles . Removed and replaced new fuel pump for 2003 nissan gxe.

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I like how you humbly broke off the 6 mm. bolt. I know you did this on purpose. I can tell you've done too many of these fuel pumps by your professional procedures. Were you ever able to get the broken stud out ? Or does it still seal with (1) bolt missing ? If you get this message, I have (1) question. What is the difference between the Nissan update kit, and just replacing the fuel pump ? I understand that something in the Nissan update kit modifies the fuel pressure regulator.
I just found that my SE-R had no fuel pressure after the regulator in the fuel pump housing failed. Same exact symptoms, just ordered the fuel pump repair kit and waiting for it to be delivered. Sentra's are great cars, mine has been reliable since I bought it, but I'm hoping that this does the trick. It's made me a little wary in considering to install a fuel pressure gauge to actively monitor the fuel pressure just in case the problem reoccurs. Great video.
hi there, iam a dentist and i need ur help.im from Iraq and i have nissan sunny 2008 country of origin is Korea.. well the fuel pumb system is just u show in senatra but..... when u get to the screws the nissan does not have screws it has something looks like bottle cap. and i dont know how to open it ,, well i try but no progress.... please if u can help me even by a hint i'll be so grateful . my e-mail : [email protected] thanx for ur attention
A friend suggested that along with running the engine dry as you suggested, a clothes pin on the hose (not too tight), would help minimize mess. Also, I don't know if it would fit, but on other liquid-filled hoses a golf tee stuck into it often works (brake lines). Otherwise, great video, this is exactly the problem I'm having. Were you getting any engine codes? I'm getting EVAP and multi-cylinder mis-fire codes on top of the hard starting.
How long did it take to perform the entire repair? I have the '04 Sentra 1.8S and need to replace the Fuel Pressure Regulator ($45.00) located inside that Fuel Pump Kit. I just replaced the Crank Position Sensor ($33.00) recently with slight improvement but the poor start-up problem still persists. Nissan Recall Notice recommended changing both the Crank Position Sensor and Fuel Pressure Regulator.
I had my 03 Sentra engine light checked and it came back "bad fuel level sensor circuit" or something like that. What does that mean? The car reads the gas level okay. Sometimes I have to crank a couple times to start the car, acceleration is weak (worse some days), and bad gas mileage. (22-25 MPG overall, I drive city/highway 50 percent of the time, shouldn't be that bad).
Have a 2003 Nissan Sentra GXE that had same problem of hard to start. Eventually it completely stopped and would not start at all.I suggested to the mechanic the fuel pump.but he said it was not the fuel pump itself.But the computer was not sending electricity to the fuel pump.I still to this day disagree with him.Of course the fuel pump would not come on. IT was dead!!
Your fuel pump is soo easy to remove. I have a 1988 nissan sentra E whose fuel pump is under the backseat. the only difference is i have to remove the ENTIRE backseat to access it... the fuel lines are held on with metal clamps, and the inspection hole is not lined up with the fuel pump... some of the screws are off to the side under the metal. terrible time.
Thanks for the video. Will have to do this soon. Actually have an '03 SE-R, but should be about the same (and I have the service manual). This will be the second fuel pump replacement. First time was around 36k miles (just barely) under warranty. This time at 86k I'll have to pay for it. Horrible design, but that's what we're stuck with.
We had some fellas check the fuel pump a while back and they said the fuel pump was bad. I bought one, watched your video (which was great man) only to find that they over-torqued the freaking nuts. It was one hell of a time getting them out. Three of the nuts broke. It really ticked me off but it all turned out well. Thanks man.
Hey thanks alot for this video man, extremely helpful... but I got a quick question if you even check the comments on this anymore... lol... when you take the fuse out and try to start it like that does that depressurize the lines? Cause I'd really hate to have to disconnect the fuel lines from the throttlebody to do that.
Once again, thanks dddaan... was 2 months ago that you answered me but it turns out the car then blew a head gasket shortly after I replaced the fuel pump and the ignition coils.Thats what happens when people don't change their oil regularly and drive the shit out of it. So its been sent to a junk yard since then, lol.
u don't have to use a socket wrench, but its a really good idea to if u have one. U'll have more torque to loosen it easier, it'll be quicker, and you most likely won't strip the nut. If anything, the nut could be so rusted, u may break the head of the nut right off,(with the socket wrench) so be carful
dude, great DIY video! great tunage, great quality, brief, concise direction, leaves no questions. dare I say, I'm actually looking forward to replacing this stupid thing. I just finished with the alternator and that was a %[email protected]&! Anyway, thanks man. Keep up the great work!
@Devilgrin Removing the fuel pump fuse will release all the pressured fuel in the system so when u disconnect that one hose going to the fuel pump, it prevents a big mess a fuel shooting out. So yes to your question. U shouldn't have to touch your fuel lines
good one mate thanks now i know what im loking for and doing i have a 1994 nissan skyline there was no petrol coming through the fuel line before the filter so hopefully its the fuel pump that needs replacing.do you have any suggestions what it maybe dan?
You cannot really expect an answer based on the amount of fuel you placed into your resevoir and the time elapsed from filling said tank to empty. You need specifics. Give us total mileage that you got from the tank, driving conditions, etc.
not too sure about that one. I do know that a whining sound is normal operation for most fuel pumps. If u turn the Key On Engine Off, u should hear your fuel pump prime, Its a slight whine sound u can usually hear from under the car
I love you! I'm a girl and I can totally do this myself. Dealer (rip-off artists I know) told me $600. Found the part for under $150 and I can do this labor for free. Thanks for saving me a ton!!
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