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Epson lq universal driver Videos

Cara test print manual printer Epson LQ 2180

semoga bermanfaat. AAMIIN.

How To : Disassemble Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer Disassembly.

How To : Assemble Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer

Epson LQ-310 Dot Matrix Printer Assembly.

How to reduce the life of your print head by a week [Dot matrix]

I was playing around with Windows 98 drivers and found a combination of settings that printed the slowest, loudest, darkest black line I've ever seen this dot ...

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goin ol school

Printer-based ADV game (proof-of-concept)

Complete with typos! I wanted to try 3 things - ADV-style storyline scripts with branching, console mode, and realtime printer control without any fancy hardware ...

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Extremly Awesome! If this is your project, feel free to publish! Otherwise you gonna have to ask for permission
+Joel Robert Justiawan He clearly said it's his project. And who are you to tell him to "feel free to publish"?
Widescreen laptop and you're not even running it in widescreen?
The console is the standard 80x25 characters, so I wanted to make it as big as possible for the camcorder. Unfortunately, my laptop resolution only goes down to 800x600, though.
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