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How to know website platform Videos

How to find website platform Tutorial in telugu

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How to find website platform Hindi/Urdu

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How to find website Platform.

How to find website platform.

Choosing The Best Website Platform For Your Business (& my favorites!)

Squarespace has changed their pricing since I made this video and is now cheaper than I said it was...so yay! MY BLOG (through Squarespace): ...

User Comments

Hi Holly, I was checking your blog and it's possible to pay with PayPal. May I ask you how you you managed to enable Squarespace to accept it? Thanks
+Andy Britanny Hi Andy! Where are you seeing a place to pay for something on my blog? My shop is through Shopify - I don't have any products available on my blog.
Can you please expand on Weebly vs Shopify for e-commerce? I am stuck between the two. I feel like I have the technical knowledge to master Shopify eventually, but man are they expensive. My wife and I hope to launch an online store for her handmade jewelry. Right now its just the two of us but if things work out we plan to expand. We don't have a whole lot of money and don't want to spend more then $100/month total on the site. My biggest concern is search engine optimization and getting traffic. I love that Weebly is simply but do you think it has the power for a legitimate e-commerce site?
I see, thank you for your advice. 
+Vic Ants weebly would be a great place to start! it is legitimate, and it will get the job done, but honestly shopify is better. compare the costs and what you need it to do, and see what works for your budget.
Thank you so much Holly. This was very helpful information. I currently have GoDaddy and I'm so frustrated with it and getting no sales in my shop. I look forward to seeing more of your videos. Nice to meet you!
Thanks +Holly Marie Casto​. I need to find a new host in 2 weeks since my current plan expires. I'm looking for the easiest site possible!
+Melanie Ewert thanks for watching, Melanie! Happy to help. :)
Thanks so much for this! I'm at the crossroads of where to go and make my own website in addition to my Etsy shop. I too found Wordpress way out of my league, as far as my skills go trying to modify my needs so I've put it on the backburner. I've also checked Shopify, which looks promising but I wasn't sure how easy it was to use and navigate. Your Shopify shop looks absolutely gorgeous and I'm glad to hear that it's doable even for those of us who aren't programmers and coders! But I do have a couple quick questions for you: Do you have more sales on Etsy or Shopify? And which site provides you with a larger profit after all the backend costs? Thanks so much! :)
+Deb From DebbieDrawsFunny.com Thank you! :) I used to have more on Etsy, but I wanted to streamline everything so I started directing everyone to my website instead, and once I consistently had more sales on my website than on etsy, I shut down my Etsy shop. Hope that helped!
Thanks for the video! What about Etsy? How would you say it compares to Shopify?
+babs0824 My video on the pros and cons of etsy covers that pretty well! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6_95qiLdVec
Hi, Holly. Your website looks beautiful! Since you said you have little knowledge concerning HTML programming, were you able to create it all on your own, or did you have to get help along the way? Also, did you take your own product photographs or did you have them professionally done? They are excellent, as well. In fact, all of you "sites" look completely professional. Great job! Cheers.
+Open-minded Skeptic mostly myself, using themes and apps and countless google searches haha. thank you! :)
I currently use Weebly for my business.... they are continually adding features which is nice but there are negatives to their platform as well... I picked them because of the ease of use, it was the least overwhelming for me.
Yes, I agree - it's a great option for beginners! Plus very budget friendly. :)
Hi! I enjoyed your video. You are always very helpful. I was wondering if you designed your own website (blog)? If so, what theme is that on squarespace because it's beautiful!
+Jane from TheBeautifulVoices.com thanks Jane! Yes, I designed it from a theme called Galapagos
Thanks for an awesome video! All of your videos are helping me to start my own small business :) thank you!! 
So happy that it's helpful for you! Thank you for watching! :)

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