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Dell laptop fga module Videos


Hola chicos y chicas, espero y les gusten mis videos, ya saben aqui estamos para divertirnos. Si desean mas de este divertido juego, dejenmelo saber en sus ...

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Te la enviaron desde Kendall - Florida hasta tu pais ??
+Tadeo Martinez Chamaya claro que si ya veras!!!! 
+Theqbangirl Si de todas maneras !! ya llegara el dia =D
+Tadeo Martinez Chamaya ah caramba si que sufrimiento!!! Gracias por ver mis videos, la verdad estoy super contenta de como trabaja la laptop espero y pronto te la puedas comprar para que ma disfrutes también.
+Theqbangirl Si, tengo familia justo en miami, estoy viendo la manera de que ellos me hagan el favor de comprala, vi tus videos muy buenos y de hecho es una maquina muy buena, se que corre cualquier tipo de programa, puede hablar con los chicos de Dell pero creo que es muy complicado y aparte costoso para el envio, asi que mi mejor opcin es que mi familia cuando este de visita por Peru me la traiga, tengo que esperar que, sufrimiento jajaja suerte gracias por la sugerencia.
+Tadeo Martinez Chamaya Gracias, la verdad que si la compras no te vas a repentir,estoy jugando ya en ella y la verdad que esta buenisima,mira el video mio de Los Sims 4 y mira el grafico....no tienes familia aqui en estados unidos? que te la pueda comprar y mandar,y si vienes de visita por aqui tambien la puedes comprar en la tienda, la otra cosa que puedes hacer es llamar a Dell y dile la Alienware que tu quieres y si te la pueden mandar alla.
+Theqbangirl Ya me imaginaba, yo tambien quiero una pero no tengo idea de como traerla a Peru, Disfruta de tu nueva laptop esta muy buena (Y)
+Tadeo Martinez Chamaya yo vivo en maimi la compre en la internet, en Dell.com
ahora si QbanGirl, Felicidades en tu nueva laptop!!!
+psound sytem solamente trabajo duro y así puedo tener lo que tengo.
+psound sytem yo la conozco muy bien y te diría que ella trabaja duro por lo que ella quiere, es toda una guerrilla jaja
+Theqbankid Q ban girl ta forrada en plata o sera que tiene un novio reggeatonero tipo daddy yankee
+Theqbankid Siiiiiii ahora siiii hahahahaha

My Brand New Computer. (XPS 8700)

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Your processor is ok but it's not worth much... Your video card is pretty crappy it's worth 120$ which is outrageous for the price you paid!! The video card is the most important part of a gaming PC. But atleast it's dedicated video memory(I think) and your ram, kinda sucks cuz it's not DDR5 but what I would have done is just buy RAM, RAM is dirt cheap these days.. Anyways u paid over 1500$ for something worth less than 1000$...But the 32gb solid state is nice!
I like how everyone is really only posting "1st" "second" and stuff, And nobody commented on the computer! I personally like the computer, I don't like windows 8 myself I have a Hp Pavilion G6 laptop, It runs pretty good likes to over heat when I play minecraft on it though... I normally play on the xbox like you did sword, But now that you have this new computer you will more then likely be able to run minecraft!
I feel sorry for him too. You see, I got a Dell but it was the Dell XPS 8500. I got the $1300(£849) model after taxes which has an i7 3770, GTX 660, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD+32GB SSD Cache, Blu Ray Player Read/Write and Windows 8. That's over $500 less and more powerful and it was 3 days before it got discontinued. Maybe Dell's UK pricing was fair but I got a much fairer deal than the US got. I am uber happy with it.
That wasn't Andrew's question. He asked how many free SATA ports were on the mobo. There better be more than four or I'm ripping that mobo out of there. I can get a Gigabyte for under $100. I need to be able to move my current storage drives into this machine. I'm willing to spend another hundred bucks to upgrade this thing. From what I hear the motherboards go rather quickly.
my highly recommended advice DONT buy a dell build it your self theres PLENTY of vids showing how to build a pc. As you can see the comments on here dude got ripped off and payed 1800? I could of gotten a gtx 770/i5 haswell/8GB of ram/ssd for that cash along with other stuff dude really got ripped for that one. If you really wanna get into gaming BUILD IT YOUR SELF
The US gets really screwed over with this. In the UK, I got an XPS 8500 with an i7 3770, GTX 660, 8GB RAM, 2TB HDD, 32GB SSD, Blu Ray/DVD Read/Write Drive and Windows 8 for £849.99 which is $1300(tax included which is 20% VAT) FROM DELL!!! And that was a WEEK before this came out(I knew it was coming soon)
The computer u got in feb was better graphics card and the latest version 700-060ea I can get for cheaper prices and also now has i7 4770 and 16 gab ram and 2 terabytes 7200 rpm hard drive and sdd are quite cheap if u wanted it so over all it has better specs now and is way cheaper
It's nice, been waiting for mine to arrive FOREVER, I've had such a horrible run around from Dell with a bunch of broken promises. Dell claims that the XPS8700 will hold 4 hard drives, 3 x 3.5 and 1SSD drive, how many free sata ports do you see on the motherboard?
You do realize that there are different specs for the same model? I see that there at least 8 different XPS 8700, either with Windows 7 or Windows 8. Just because it has the same model, doesn't mean it has the same specs. Good effort though.
I probably got the better deal because Dell, like HP and the others, mega overcharge for the RAM and it is probably because his contained a Haswell i7. I don't really care, I saved $500 and got an overall better performing model :)
Congratulations! Have fun gaming, hope your Internet is fast. Can you do a play through of World of Tanks. It's is just something to play when you have nothing else to upload and I would really enjoy watching a commentary on it.
A GTX 650 Ti in a $1800 build? Couldn't pass it up? I'm sorry, but that's a pretty bad deal. Even with a prebuilt, you probably could've gotten something better. Ugh, such a waste of money.
i hate that dell made this just about 2x the amount of the xps 8500. the only difference is that the 8700 has a 4th gen processor while the 8500 has the 3rd gen. THATS ITTT!!! RIP OFF!
Hey Sword, i could set up a starting off for Operation Bedrock, and it would have iron tools and some house with starting gear. Just PM me when you want it for PC Minecraft
Your not the uploader so how would you know? I'm pretty sure it is.. The computer fallin,g dell xps. Almost seems like it, but fuck I know, I could be wrong
Does not. It's as simple as looking at a video. There are step by step instructions on building computers. Pretty hard to mess it up.
On another note:" The fan looks a little bit slanted." That made me laugh so hard. Dude, it's supposed to look like that. I promise.
And no SLI? I don't know. Good thing I have to wait until Tuesday to pick mine up from the courier. I'm having second thoughts.
You spent 1800 on this? Holy hell man, you pretty much got ripped off. You could custom build a beast PC for half that price.
U kidding me ? FOR fucking 1800$ u could get and i7 WITH FUCKING GTX 760 WTF x.x This GPU is crap too :/ poor you sword.
For 1800 dollars you could have got a built a top of the line computer that would run every game at least in 1080p.
I like how the first thing you do to your new computer is take it apart, but we shud play minecraft pc sometime
I've ordered the same computer. Congrats man. Mine is set to arrive next week. If Dell does not delay it.
Congrats sword! Im having a buddy of mine build me a computer for 900$ so hopefully it will be great :)
Your computer has all that stuff??? Well, my flash drive has 16GB!!! I'm technologically challenged :(
Why didn't ya get a better graphics card dude??? But hell can't wait to get my hands on one of these

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New Laptop (PC) Alienware Gaming!

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Now that's cool. Quite a laptop - none better for gaming.
No way! An Alienware system? Very jealous.....
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