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If laptop overheats Videos

How to Tell if Your PC is Overheating

Download link for HWmonitor: //www.cpuid.com/softwares/hwmonitor.html My CPU cooler if your curious: ...

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I need help, every time I turn on my PC I get sounds like some part in it (I think it's the fan) speeding up, or works really fast, then slows down, then speeds up again, and so on, I don't know what it is, and I never heard this sound before on my PC. HELP !
+Legend Gaming It's only when I play games tho, and it sounds like it's speeding up really fast, and stops, I don't think that's the problem but i'll check it out.
Look up*
I recently saw a video on that, look of pc fan start and stop
My procesor has 40-55c The gpu has 55-67c The motherboard has 41c The harddrive has max. 60c, but my case is VERY HOT! Can someone help me???
Then why my case is hot?
+Logan S No, 67 max is absolutely good, especially if it's a modern card. GPUs are allowed to get way hotter than CPUs. Also, a CPU that reaches a max of 55? That's even better, I'm happy when mine goes to a max of 70-75 under full stress, which is still good. I'd say CPU max: 75. GPU max: 80.
+Ezio Auditore my cpu is 80C 25-75%
+Logan S its not
+Logan S I hope you're wrong because my gpu is always 72 lol
67°C is too much for gpu??? 
+Ezio Auditore Gpu is overheating & hdd

How I fixed my overheating Gateway laptop

I show in a short video (with commentary) :) how I got my old laptop back into working condition. The symptoms my laptop had was everything seemed to work ...

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Thank you, you're a lifesaver, I've had the same laptop originally my dads we had it since early 2008 and your video helped.
good narration.good.information. thanks for the help fixing my old gateway/ win XP Vista. 

How to Stop Laptop Overheating Issues (Advanced Guide Part 2)

Hey everybody, here's the best way to solve your laptop overheating problems. You can find a how-to guide for this video on ...

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Question, I have a GS70, had it for about 7 months. This morning 10 min into playing a game my laptop just shuts down like it lost power completely. I've played this game before for over 3 hours without any issues. The laptop wasn't even hot. I tried plugging in the charger but the computers charging light won't come on meaning it's "dead" basically. Any ideas on what could cause this issue?
Yeah, I would bet it's a broken video card if it never turns on again. Here's a link to a video for when that problem happened to me. At first I did the oventrick, but I ended up swapping out the video card. After that, the laptop was back to normal. I fried my card by playing GTA IV while the laptop rested on a pillow. The pillow didn't allow the heat to dissipate fast enough, which caused a the video card to overheat. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xvdcq6WbX1g
You're welcome!

How To Prevent Overheating/Reduce Heat in Laptop/PC

This video will be showing you how to reduce heating in your laptop and PC, giving you the fullest potential life to your gaming life! If this doesn't help you there ...

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help mine only says system cooling active and nothing else
+The Ultimate God Of All The Doges aren't u 2 guys brothers (get it?) both of you have the same picture of same dog so ya bros
That's because the mailman sabotaged it.

Sony Laptop Computers : Why Your Sony Laptop Is Overheating

If a Sony laptop computer is overheating, there may be dust or something trapped in the vent area that is preventing air flow, or the fan may be broken. Replace ...

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A friend of mine works on computers, he swears Sony Vaios are badly designed for heat control, and another person I conferred with in a store said Sony uses cheap parts that are unreliable. Sadly, Sony is GOOD with other things, but not this VAIO series of computers. Mine was bought used, and I wanted to maintain use of it, but I have to consider Dell over Sony, which works extensively well, as has my newer dual core Acer, which does not over heat.
I actually had it break down once due to overheating. After a while it started getting hot again and this time I took matters in my own hands and opened it up. All it was was a dust 'screen' clogging up the heatpipe. Ran like a charm afterwards but my warrantee is out the window. I was really impressed btw by how the laptop was constructed, very good quality.
@OmegaDude22 Exhaust all manner of company service before attempting case openings, but plenty of people document doing things themselves. so the whole idea of NO USER SERVICEABLE PARTS INSIDE is bunk, I never understood any scare tactic to keep people from removing product screws. There are too many screws anyway, and support that is an insult!!!
Hello sir, Yes my dell inspiron 1525 laptop has now died... RIP well not quite it's kind of in a coma fans wont come on and its heating up... is there ANY possiblility that if I open this up and clean the fan out will it function again? Or IS IT DEFINATE that I need to replace the fan? Please reply anyone. :( Epic sad face.
My laptop fan make kinda funny voice when i turn it on but after a while it goes back to to normal sound. but still kinda heat up pretty fast, infact its pretty hot too. is tat mean i have to replace the fan? ive got the cooler pad thing but doesnt seems to work well on my ASUS F3Sc
Hi there, i have an Acer laptop 290, and my laptops sometimes turns off automatically. I had an idea this could be due to overheating, and really wanted to know why this is happening. However, if you can reply back kindfully on what i can do to fix this.
lovely laptop - horrible fan. sony says that they'll extend warranty for 48 months to fix any faulty fans cos the problems so rife. for models VGN-CS1xx, VGN-CS2xx, VGN-CS3xx VGN-BZ5xx visit their website i guess hope this helps
Well, now we all know that there's an inherent problem with the Vaio notebook. It does run hot and a firmware update has been released in an attempt to fix it. 6-30-2010 nyte_shade
@randomsha5211 I use wet paper towel and DO OPEN the casing, as dust collects on flat surfaces inside, as well, the fan blades covered in dust over time!
What did he mean with the air compresure like blow it out without opening it like pointing at the vents or opening it and doing that Help!?!?!?
I highly recommend don't use an air compressor.... Just used air duster in can.... Air compressor can damage your laptop fan....
Set your power plan and custumize performance to be 99% instead of 100%. No more fan noise. Try it :)).
@findtruth7 I have a Sony Vaio CA... I'm not finding that option anywhere.
My fan is so loud I couldn't here the majority of this...
My old one melts the whole table
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