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the best Laptop Core - 40

Watch What Goes Into Building Your Laptop

May 8 (Bloomberg) --- Ever wonder what the inside of your laptop looks like? Bloomberg visited Chinese computer maker Lenovo's U.S. manufacturing plant in ...

Alpine Swiss Oneida 15.6 Laptop Backpack With Tablet Sleeve Discount - black friday 2014

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Haha... What?... time to troll the hell out of this... AMG IT SO FAKE! BAH!
PFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFT yeah right not yet.
Okey, I just ordered one!

Mechanical Engineering a Good Major?

HVAC, Energy, oil, manufacturing & moreeeeeee I finally give a debrief on my own major! I just finished the 1st draft of my new book: New Grad Job Hacks.

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I'm Yinka a Single mother to a happy and driven 5 yr old girl. Please help my dream turn to reality. gofundme.com/2jc8s4us
+Adeyinka Fajingbesi Yinka my name is Jide and I'm looking for an African woman.
I just finished the 1st draft of my new book: New Grad Job Hacks. I'm working with Mango Media to get this published in stores. Sign up for the preview list to get Chapter 1: //engineeredtruth.com/book-preview-list/ 
+ENGINEERED TRUTH Cool. Thanks. Have been downloaded it already. Can't wait till Fall break to read it.
engineering or housewife???
+Yasmin azra azmi Both!!!!
How often do you use calculus and linear algebra for your engineering job?
+ENGINEERED TRUTH From what I understand it is important to know the theory behind what computers are doing. Differential equations is used in flow rate problems quite a lot.
+ENGINEERED TRUTH Oh god I'm trying to learn differentials right now and it's making me feel like an idiot... 
I joined the military straight out of high school. I'm sure I've forgotten most of my high school math courses I took. I have been in the military for 3 year and I have 3 years tell I get out. Do you think this will be a problem going forward in taking the math class required for college level math courses? Or any college courses in general?
+Smokey Adventures thanks for the info!
+Dx Dd usually for college they give you a math test called the accuplacer that basically tests how much math you know, if you don't meet the requirements for the course then you have to pay and take the math classes leading up to the one you need. But you have the GI bill so its not that big of a deal. maybe see if you can take some college courses online while your still enlisted
I am a seniorin high school this year and I am thinking about doing mechanical engineering but I am a guy that likes music and I was wondering if their is any correlation between both and have fun working as a mechanical engineer
+ruben navarro I'm currently a sophomore studying mech in the UK, assuming you're from the US, our programmes are probably a bit different. We are doing a lab in our design class, the objective is to design a draw bench, a machine used to compress/expand pipes. Our professor said such machines are often used to manufacture french horns, saxophones, and other instruments that involve metal pipes. I'm sure there are other applications of mech. engineering in music, like the production of strings. Also most schools I know offer additional classes outside your major during your first 2 or 3 years, so you can take a music class in addition to your mech degree. Hope this was helpful :)
I don't know if you can help me, but i finished my high school in Jordan (middle east) and i'm planning to study mechanical engineering in the u.s , i have an American passport, i was born in America, so technically am a citizen, so what should i do?
+Fawzi Sharayheh would you consider yourself wealthy?
I have a question. First off, I have two more semester at my current community college. I believe I recently posted on this page that I have already completed my General Chemistry and Calculus 1 course. So do you think it is smart for someone who is not really strong in math or physics to take all Calculus 1,2 and 3 separate from Physics? This semester I am taking Calculus 2 with two general education courses and next semester my plan was to just take Calculus 3 alone. However my coach told me to take it with Physics Engineering Mechanics and Wave Motion. I am not really strong in math or physics at all but at the same time I do not want to waste my time. So my question to you is would you take Calculus 3 with Physics Engineering Mechanics and Wave motion or would you take Calculus 3 alone?
+tallkekepink95 I also wasn't strong in math but got my ME degree. I took Calc II and Wave Physics at the same time and it was very difficult, but it was nice to work with vectors in math and then apply them to physics. As another recommendation, take differential equations right after calc II rather than waiting after calc III. I did calc I, II, and III, then summer break and by the time I did differential equations so much time had gone by since I had solved an integral by hand that I had a very hard time in differential equations.
I really enjoyed the first part of physics and I really like the chemistry and in both subjects did very well. therefore, I am debating on if I should do CHEme or ME. I know that as a CHEme im gonna have to take Orgo and biochemistry and I don't know how well im gonna like that but when I look at mechanical I seem to like all of it. so I don't know what is your opinion as a engineer??
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Basen the new Battery Mfg with the BEST 18650 I have ever used Review

This is the BEST 18650 battery I have ever used being a 7 year vaper. Model number is BS186Q For a Regulated Mod! They have not been tested yet for true ...

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PLEASE GUYS DO NOT BELIEVE THE RATINGS ON THESE Smokie, you should know better!! DO YOU WANT SOMEONE TO BLOW THEIR HAND OFF?!?!?! Here is actual independent test results: https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/2dqzth/test_basen_18650_2500_mah_35a_samsung_inr1865025r/ Smokie, you have truly disappointed me. Someone out there might actually believe these ratings and push them to the fake limits and get hurt.
+Miguel Estagle 18650*
+John Songer this isnt the same battery. and this is old. the new battery is a 18659 3100 mah with 40 amps
Perfect timing, Smokie! I've just started looking for some replacements for some batteries that are getting tired. Thanks, I will check them out.
I would be willing to test it. I only run 18650 batteries however, but seeing how most mods nowadays use the 18650, seems no brainer. Email me alex at [email protected]
+John Songer  if you like it , we can send free to you  test it .   the results can prove everthing ,  basen is a good battery , thanks!
I apologize, I didn't get that far. When I get me a IPV, might grab a set and try them out.
+John Songer So far I have not seen any testing on them. But they are great for regulated mods if anything. And my review was in a regulated mod. Plus I did put up a warning that they have not been tested for use in mec mods.
My bad posted wrong one. Let me get the link. [email protected] (VU user name) is the one who warned me away from them. I just find it very odd how a Chinese company known for rewrapping all a sudden goes legit. I think it was Tim at genuine cells who shot me that link. Let me get results on this one. Also, Smokie, you should know the rule of thumb, higher the mah the lower the amps. I will also see if jon has a test and shoot you that one on VU. That cool?
+John Songer Not the battery I was showing, and talking about! This is a new battery, so please show me the test on it? That was for those bats over a year ago.Test: Basen 18650 2500 mAh 35A (Samsung INR18650-25RREVIEW self.electronic_cigaretteSubmitted 1 year ago * by maximumlumens/R/BATTERY_TESTS/
plz dont believe these ratings, they are about like eNook batteries, 10+amps under what they claim. Independent test result here https://www.reddit.com/r/electronic_cigarette/comments/2dqzth/test_basen_18650_2500_mah_35a_samsung_inr1865025r/
just bought my first mod that needs batteries so im glad to see this.i will check them out thanks Smokie thumbs up.
+Tony Morien OK I will check them out.I have not yet bought any so thanks for the info.always nice to have some advice on something that is new to me.thanks again man.
+jayvids4u just get legit LG HG2 batteries. Don't mess around with re-wraps
smokie ya really should do some better "fact" checkin. basen have been out for well over a year now in vaping, last year they were rewrapping samsung 25r's these are probably doodoo brown lg hg2s
+Smokie Exactly....it's just a re-wrapped LG HG2...which in fact is a FANTASTIC battery...but nothing basen should get credit for.
+Joshua “Apathy” Miller Do not need fact checking when I can test the performance myself using them. Glade you knew about them from last year but they are new to most in the vaping industry. And as you stated they WERE re-wrapping. If you check some of the battery forums their testing of these had good results.

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