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Sony Vaio Flip Ultrabook Hands on, Review, Camera, Features, India Price and Overview HD

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Can we upgrade RAM and SSD ?

Sony VAIO Duo 13 Unveiled (13.3" 1080p, Core i7, Windows 8 PRO, Stylus, 10Hr Battery, SSD & NFC!)

Sony has revealed the VAIO Duo 13 Windows 8 PRO hybrid PC/Tablet featuring: a new carbon-fiber design, trackpad, thin bezel, 1080p IPS display, NFC, LTE, ...

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Nice review, I shall wait till the redesigned update of Vaio Duo 11 also in my experience of SONY, they will add slightly better CPU after a while. 2.0GHz or something. In my opinion, I like Vaio Pro more than Vaio Duo due to display viewing angle issues. But the Intel HD 5000 only available for Vaio Duo 13. So I should wait one month or so and see.
I have had this for almost 2 years now, and it's still amazing. I spent a lot of money for the highest end model and this thing still runs like a champ, battery life is still amazing, and the head-turning factor of it unique design is still going strong after 2 years. I doesn't feel outdated at all. 
only hybrid pc out i can find with Haswell so i guess ill take the i7 moddel i love the implementation of 4g cuss i already got a unlimited 4g service : ) its an insane price and will be the first and probably most expensive laptop i haw ever owned.
I own a duo 11 and i can open it with one hand but i would love this in white and that new hinge because every kid in my school try to open it from the front and a couple people were dedicated without me looking and shocked it hasn't broken yet
look at your profile picture lol Due 13 has Intel HD 5000 which is slightly better for gaming. SONY is more high quality than Samsung
I love it I love it I love it!! I was so close to get a vaio duo 11 but with this all my concerns are gone! Sony is epic
Hello can anyone help me please , my baterie no longer works. How can I get out baterie for test
Omg it looks great but i'm not sure if i'll get this one or the dell xps 12 haswell
Might look into it when it comes out, either this or the Asus Transformer Book Trio
Anybody can suggest me a hybrid laptop tgat doesnt include the notepad function?
I ordered this yesterday cost me €2100,00 configured can't wait to get it
better than asus taichi....asus taichi very easy broken display so suck
Sony Vaio Duo 13 vs samsung ATIV Smart PC Pro which is better?
im so Excited to have this week:)thaks Honey.I love you;*
i hope u like my profile picture lol what about Ative Q?
I like the pro 13 better. Cuz i want Intel core i7
I really dont know about it! Sony is better :)
Can somebody gibe me a link abut pro13, ynks
great product for me cant wait to have it
I need that shit! Like reaaaaally bad :D
i am going to get it this september
I like SONY this design 的 構造
My husband buy me this one!
This shit looks nice ....
the white is beautiful...
Sony esta duriiiiisima
Woww.. Awesome.. 
haw many thes vaio

Sony VAIO Pro 13 Review

Lisa Gade reviews the Sony Vaio Pro 13. This is one of the first Haswell Intel 4th generation Ultrabooks on the market. It's also currently the lightest 13" Ultrabook ...

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dont buy this laptop. i purchased it because it was the lightest on the market and the reviews were good. Boy was this a big mistake. I had so many problems with mine. Wifi issues keeps coming up. Wifi would at times lose connectivity and the only way to reestablish a connection is to reboot the machine. During those times i checked my wifi connection on my iphone and it was working, so definitely no issue with my router. I updated the drivers yet the problems are still there. I had an issue with my trackpad, the left click butten wasnt working properly and my speakers made a crackling noise. i returned it to the store that sold it to me and i asked for a refund or store credit but they said that they cant do it until they hear from the manufacturer due to the warranty. They sent it to Sony Australia to fix these issues so they replaced the speaker and trackpad but the wifi issue is still there. All this shit happened in less than 10 months use. I purchased extended warranty on this piece of shit so im stuck with it for a bit longer than i want. i have owned a Toshiba and Macbook in the past and have had less problems with those two laptops in 5 years than with this thing in 10 months.
Sorry to hear that.. My Vaio has worked flawlessly for me and I just installed a 250 GB SST that brings it up to date. Could be your ISP is to blame for your wifi issues?
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+Aussie Serb I have a vaio pro 13 and mine works like a charm, i've had a few problems with the software for the fist week but after a few updates it was fixed
+Vikingdescendent like i said my wifi was working fine on other devices but on the VAIO always encountered problems of signal dropping out for no reason. I heard Sony are not making laptops anymore. Good news i guess. Its a shame i really respect Japanese companies like Mitsubishi that make the most reliable Fridges in the world (5 year manufacturers warranty here in Australia). However other Jap companies have not done so well losing out big time to South Korean companies like LG and Samsung who dominate the TV market. TV industry is so flawed, you pay a couple of grand for a new state of the art ultra HD TV and they only offer you 12month warranty. All the companies do. If they stand behind their product for 12 months only they should be charging a few hundred dollars for tv's not thousands.
+Aussie Serb Don't necessarily blame the hardware. Windows could be the culprit or most likely it's your wifi hardware or setup. My wifi connects in about 2 seconds. Older wifi setups were a nightmare.
If Vaio was still around I would definitely get this over a MacBook Pro. 
+Chris Hira They still sell some of them on amazon (new), but at very steep prices. Ironically enough I bought one at a price that was 500 euros cheaper than 6 months before, due to some wifi complaints which my make was already 'cured' of.
Do you want to buy Sony Vaio pro 13 ? I think so the best Drone here >>> amzn.to/1HMXCms Click to get more reviews now It helps you choose the right product !!!
Why the fuck are sony quitting laptops and pc
+Hamza Plays Too expensive without the "prestige". I love Sony and their quality products but people rather just go with something made by Apple if it's up in that price range... such a shame.
Because of poor sale. They sold Vaio business to JIP and focus on Smartphone business. I am a fan of sony vaio.That news is fucking bad for me. hmmm.
Im not 100% sure but my guess is that they tend to sell high end laptops/pc's and its not making them enough money, Most people are content with the lower end laptops. Again im not sure if thats the reason, but thats my guess. 

Sony Vaio Flip Review- Price, Features, Specifications, Hardware, Software, Camera & User Modes

Sony Vaio Flip Review- Price, Features, Specifications, Hardware, Software, Camera & User Modes Connect with us on: Website- //www.intellectdigest.in/ ...


Guess the price of this Sony Vaio VGP-PRC1 laptop dock for sale on eBay & win REAL cash! *UPDATE*: This contest has ended but see more items like this on ...

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im already subbed:)

Review Sony Vaio SVE14123cn and SVE15123cn Detail Price Features

Latest Laptop of Sony Vaio launch new e series with diff. color white, black, pink SVE14123CN (14 (35.6 cms) VAIO E Series 14) and SVE15123CN (15.5 (39.37 ...

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nice video bud. i own white one too. may i knw where and how do u get that mouse pointer? pliz tell me the name of the software or the site in which i could get that mouse pointer too. it looks cool. thanks in advance.
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