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How to Wipe Your Hard Drive: a Geek Squad 2 Minute Miracle

Getting rid of your old computer and want to make sure your pictures, documents and data don't end up in someone else's hands? Join Geek Squad Agent Ron ...

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can i use a flash drive to boot the software?
you can if you find a software to install it onto your usbjust google "how to boot dban from usb"
so the windows on my pc has messed up, so when turn my pc on it tries to diagnose and fix the problem but it fails. so it takes me to the menu asking what i want to do like reseting, trying again etc, and i have tried all of them, but none of them work? this means i cannot physically reset my pc as it says theres an error,so i cant re install windows? so would this work if i downloaded it onto a USB or disk on aother pc, then booted it onto my broken one? or would i be able to download windows AGAIN onto the pc or would that fuck it up? thanks
you basically screwed up your entire computer. you needed a boot cd formated before you did those things
you need a boot cd dumb guy...
Best Buy has the worst customer service of any place I have ever visited and their Geek Squad is a joke.
+Casey28027 hey why are you getting so offensive and besides you are being too generic and the fact that you keep saying they are a ripoff and Geek Squad is a joke like seriously like I said you dumb fucking idiot use logic and think straight you fucking retard not all best buy local stores are bad compared to yours unlike my best buy local store they are fucking awesome and I live in the Bronx they are very friendly and very helpful even though they charge you a lot but it's worth it they are willing to help you to get things done you sir need to think twice before you start generalizing Best Buy for your stupid ass Petty emotional anger
+mazretin12 Believe what the hell you want to believe and I will know what I know. Best Buy is a rip off and their Geek squad is nothing but a joke and they are not above telling lies. 
+Casey28027                    that's not entirely true if that was the case every Best Buy would have had very bad negative feedback about their customer service like I said in my comment you cannot generalize it because not all Best Buy local stores are like that its not like that in my area do you understand I hate when people do that people like you don't use logic you end up using reason and opinion but a lot of people nowadays don't use logic  they base their thought by feelings / reason and opinion
+mazretin12 I have filed complaints and nothing has changed and it is their policies that have created poor customer service so yes it is all Best Buy stores. 
maybe in your area Best Buy customer service is the worst but don't generalize it because not all best buy local stores are like that for example Best Buy and Geek Squad in my area are so supportive and they are willing to help you to fix anything you want they won't act like a dick towards you they speak to me very nicely even Geek Squad is the shit in my area if you don't like their customer service you should seriously file a complaint to the company or to the manager if the manager is not a dick that does not work then you need to contact the company itself and complain about their customer service or their manager

Geek Squad 2MM: How to Extend the Life of a Laptop Battery

If you're travelling this holiday season, you may need to work off of a laptop. In this 2 Minute Miracle video, Geek Squad Agents Rashonda Ingram and Mickey ...

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#SQUAD Unboxing! (NEW Computer Case and Laptop for #MODGOD)

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (//www.youtube.com/editor)

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You guys look like kids on Christmas with the big smiles lol
We definitely were!!! Lmao much love man. Motherboard is probably gonna be this week :D

Unboxing iPhone 5s - LAPTOP RUMOR SQUAD

Brad Bixton, host of tech blog Laptop Rumor Squad, got his hands on the new iPhone 5s from a homeless man sleeping behind the Apple Store. Was his $50 ...
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