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Nissan sunny headlight bulb size Videos

How to Replace Headlight Bulb on 2013 Sentra Part 1 of 2

How to replace a headlight bulb on a Nissan Sentra 2013.

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i just subscribed man! your videos will come in handy when i get off work lol i just picked up a 2015 sentra and just got my lights in that i ordered... if by chance, could you do a fog light and interior dome and map light??!! thatd be awsome!! thanks for your vids!
You mention that the headlight can be removed entirely by just undoing those two top bolts. There's no bolts under or behind the bumper? If not, that'd be a first. I haven't looked at mine yet.
:D Ahhh.. So simple.. Unlike the Altima.

تغيير لمبة النور المنخفض لفانوس امامي لنيسان صني changing front head light lamp nissan sunny

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غلبت نفسك انت والطاقم الي معاك يا باشا,,, عندك طريقة ازاي افكر زيك
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