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How to play peter answers Videos

Peter Answers Secret (Virtual Tarot)

This video is to show people how to use peter answers and trick people.... so have fun pranking your friends with this!!!!! Please rate this video and SUBSCRIBE ...

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I definitely know how to do that i swear its just easy but it takes a long time so if u subscribe for me, i will make a video of how to do it with a brief explanation. I freaked my friends out when i showed them that trick. the funny thing is one of my friends gave me 5 bucks just to teach him how to do it to freak out his girlfriend.
@LadyFlippy ETER ??? let me tell u .. if u press .(DOt) , the letter that will exist is P.. now , when u hav P ,, type in whatver u want like Youtube .. now.. when u enter ur questiooon .. u will see the same thing that u hav type in petition . that how PeterAnswer do that !!! (SHIT) =] ( sorry to make u confuse )=]
well, peter is full of shit. i can tell. i asked him 10 questions, and he didn't answer back. he got under my friend's skin, telling him that he's kill himself, but i'm not that irritable. you tell me why this dibshit is avoiding me. he probably knows that i know his secret.
Ok People! I know like this person is like American and a period means a full stop. So what you do is type in P then you put a full stop like this . The full stop will come out as an E so this means P and then an E for PEter! (So much simpler!)
♥Yea it so didnt work for me someine help me plz!!!!! i type in (.) and P. showed up i deleted the (.) tpye in my anwser and this showed up Pblue, pleace answer: and soooo didnt work UGH i give up with peter!!!! =_(
put a period punctuation...then just simply type ur question..note: erase the last punctuation(semi-colon) at the end of your petition.then press enter..then type ur question..easy to trick your friends.
u just hv 2 press de . (period like the thing u put after a sentence) then type the answer tto the questin and hold the period in the petition box then ask the question in the question box
@TheThunder304 yep, to me it says Peter OR john, it never answers my question though. it says "try again" or "im to tired" or" the spirirtual connection is lacking" or watever
omg when i go on it it wont answer me but when my firend goes on it it works and i asked it why it wont answer me and it said im not the choesn one\
it works for me write at the petision box 1 dot then write what you want to be the answer then ask a qustion thats how to cheat peteranswers
oh . now i know . cause , when i type in the petition i type peter please answer and i asked a question . it says ask me later and etc -.-
idk y Emily but dude...it gets really bad if u make him angry........ the last answer to us was : "Emily answers: You should die too... "
@thedoomdominator Hmm. Riiiiight. English is not my native language, so that's why. I'm from Sweden. All I ever say is "dot" ^^
Peter answers never works it just say ''I don't know'' , ''Dont trust the person beside you'' and stuff like that... :L :L
i like how some people comment saying "ITS FAKE!" like no shit genius did you figure that out all by yourself...
@dream48758 no it's john answer no maybe bob oh no no no no no i mean mike or maybe donald answer lol
So this whole time my friend was messing with me lol. :) Some of my other friend's don't know either
I know u guys hate this but I think it is fine but I learned this on my own before I was even ten!
@MrNorwaywtf people sayits peters sister cause i guess he has a brother to ........ named John
He answer mi : Nvinvintguhnjtgvfnhdjcdnfbhgedhrfgedhjvdctfvgybuhndctfvgybh. What did i wrong?
if i didnt no the answer i used to rite in the petition saying i dont know dat....LOL
You people have too much time on your hands. Do something productive with your life.
iam doing exactly what ur saying but it dosent showing me the i accept or blah blah
My exgf pulled this off on me lol. I was like "wtf how does peter know?! ._."
it don't work for me "/ he said "eter please answer." what does that mean?
lol i thought this site knew everything, but i totally were deceived =(
lol did this at my school it told me every1s password to facebook:D

How To Use Peter Answers: Tutorial & Trick Revealed

Tutorial: When you enter your petition, do not type "Peter, please answer the following:", instead, press the period button. After that, type in your real answer.

How to use Peter Answers

This is a fun prank to pull on your friends with Peter Answers. It only works if you know the seceret so today im going to reveal the seceret...

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nice video i know what is the ticknik now i gonna prank my freinds thank you
Yo kapan mulai
nice thanks

Tutorial - How to use Peter Answers Revealed

07/Feb/2009 Edit: Wow, Thanks for the views ^_^ All of a sudden I started to get views on this. I had like 8000 views 3 months ago O.o 2011 Edit: lolwat, 369 000 ...

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@ice0cream0bunny4321 I mean did you follow along completely? In the Petition you are really typing the answer. First you ask your friend the question (Make sure it is something you know). Then type the (.) without the parenthesis. That will trigger it to cover up your answer with Peter, please answer: THEN you ask the question in the question box. If you don't get me, the video is even easier to understand. If so forget about it.
@ice0cream0bunny4321 Thats because you need to pres . Before writing the petetion which is basically your answer. It will write what needs to be writing but what you write is the answer to what you write in the question section and remember to end it with a : Then you write the question and remember to end it with a ? and what you wrote in the petetion (but it not shown) will come up as the answer.
before i watched this vid i watched another vid where they asked who will die today and the answer was whoeverwatchedthisvidwilldietoday (or something like that) and i freaked the fuck out cuz i didnt know it was a trick this is fuckin clever but whoever fuckin goes out of their way just to prank someone that they will die is a fuckin cunt
HAHA, a girl from my school did this to me this morning.. I closed the window, locked the door and removed the mirror just to make sure nobody was looking at me. Then I freaked out because I didn't find any logical solution. Damn it, I hate that girl xD She didn't tell me she did it the WHOLE day lol ;P -LIAD-
Fail. So, my friend's friend got tricked with this and she as like "GO CHECK OUT THE WEBSITE! AHARHAR!" So I thought it worked, and I was like "Wtf?! Fucking online 8-ball! D
@ice0cream0bunny4321 dude this is like a joke like if you have a friend right to you just right the (.) it ill right p then right the aswer like chris it ill write like peter please asnwer in the asnwer write you is with me it ill say chris
When my friend was showing me this, she was like he doesn't like you, it is only going to work on peeps he likes. So when I peeked somehow it knew I was peeking, It said f*** you im going to kill u and slit your throat. Explain that!!!!
my friend did this to me and he ask peter .,... it saids hes is next to me and going to haunt me in my sleep I FUCKING FREAKED OUT and couldn't sleep that night., then at the morning they told me it was a prank
@ice0cream0bunny4321 you must click dot(.). then you write your answer like : my name is mike.then youn must click dot(.) sometimes and then you make the answer: what is my name
my bf told me to go on it and i couldnt do it so i said peter please answer my question and then i said why the fuck do u keep touching my nipple? and it said tell me later
Petition:Peter, please answer the following question:Put your answer here Question:Where so i put my answer? Peter Answers:Put your answer here. New question
My friend scared me so bad by this that when she mad the computer say I'm in the shower and when i had to go to the bathroom I would cuz I was to scared!!!!!
man i agree with ice0cream0bunny4321 it kept saying not right now or you dont trust me and i saw this video now i know wt my bro did to me and my mom
yooooooooo my friend pranked my other friend and said who did he like and it said who he likes.....we thought it was rigged
hahahaha... ive been tried that for so many years.. and now ive watched ur vid. i got it thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank u so much
When i saw all these comments i didnt even watch 2 seconds of this video i paused it wrote this down and left
@ice0cream0bunny4321 it did 1 time creapy it said my exact information on where i live and stuff scary sh1t
haha .. actually i dnt really believe it ! but thank you for your info .. it really works ahaha ! lol :PP
@ice0cream0bunny4321 it's ironic you would ask that. I'm referring to your profile picture of the pyro.
i bet he deleted his history cause peter starts with a P so there are certain websites with P in them:D
thx dude that really helped i totally didnt know how it worked i pranked all my friends and family :)
Cause you typed Chris for Peter your answer came as Chris ...that's the prank if am not wrong ..
thanks to this video i can no longer trick my friends. never mind, it was good while it lasted.
i got so freaked out when my friends cousin pulled that prank on me my face turned blood red!
oooo. I watched all these videos and then I tried it and im like this shit doesnt work. lol
you made it very simple, the other websites made me confuse, what to do.........!!!
Sorry didn't mean to write that but does it have to be the same number of letters?

How to use Peter answers

It's Peter answers the ghost.

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Keep your camera still or get a screen recorder.
ur listening to jermy kyle
this didn't help at all
suck the camera
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