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How to play rtsp video in android Videos

How to stream videos in Android apps

How to stream videos in Android apps Subscribe To My Channel and Get More Great Tutorials ...

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very thanks but we need how to make mp3 player sound in project or app

VXG Mobile Video Player SDK - perfect for any RTSP solution!

Try VXG SDK: //www.videoexpertsgroup.com/vxg-video-sdk/ VXG Mobile Video Player SDKs for Android & iOS are designed for easy development of ...

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Nice framework, definitely worth it

[Alinking Video] - IP Cam Viewer for Android mobile phone

Alinking IP Camera Viewer - stream player supports functions on Android base smart phone, providing users with [Video Stream type] : live video RTSP stream ...

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Hello,I have some question to ask you about how you to put stream from your ip-camera to show on you application .... did you use socket programe like ? please guideline me how do you get do that because now i learn about how to get video from ip-camera to show on application.Could you help me ?

Stream network video to Android phone or tablet using XBMC

An update to a video I made next year covering how to stream video on your home network to your android phone or tablet. This method is much more reliable ...

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This is way more work then needed. As long as your Home Network Server is open to your network and accessible by your Desktop then you can access everything on your server using X-plore available in the Google Play Store. The setup is easy, simply select FTP, then select Scan. It should pick up your server as it did for me and after that you simply navigate to the file you want to stream and open it.
Hey buddy do you think you could help me, I've set up a home workgroup etc and shared files but on my phone when I select WORKGROUP in the Windows network (SMB) menu it reads the Error "Operation not permitted" do you know if there is anything is should change or look into in order to fix this error?
Hi, when I get to the workgroup and select my computer name it asks me for a username and password. I dont use a UN or Pass so it wont let me in like it seems to let you
At 1:25 he says "I'm assuming you know how to share a folder on your network" for those that don't, google "Xbmc SMB/Windows", this will show you how to do so.
I hav xbmc installed on my HTC one x and I watch live streamed football is there any way to air play this through my ps3
Aloha, Interesting, Amazed and Wonderfully surprised to see that I have a UK namesake! Live long and Prosper!
have you tried to watch vids on the go? or do you know how to set up stream when off network?
Can you stream Live TV with this App if Tv Tuner is installed on the PC?
Do your parents know you're using the computer? Go back to kindergarten.
Can't you just export/import the existing XBMC library in PC?
You didn't even explain how to stream on your Android device.
Thanks very much I didn't know you can get xbmc on Android
your acsent sound hella gay!!!
lol: If you're a bit cool.

RTSP - .3gp Video Format

This is a super brief description of how to get "RTSP" address for youtube videos. also see https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zatab for WAYS TO ...

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m doing the sane thing but after pasting the link address it doesnt shows in 3gp n neither in rtsp.... what should i do?
+Martez Florence so any other way by which i can see videos on rtsp in 3gp format????
+Atul Shinde Youtube got pissed off and changed the settings because of this video

☆ Stick It! How to watch multiple videos at once and multitask on an android device!

Help support our channel by purchasing from Amazon: US: //goo.gl/q9DGB7 UK: //goo.gl/yn58Wi ...

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Creative app but it's hard to "basically" follow your presentation. You would not sound like a child if you could remove the filler words (such as Like, Basically, Um, Uh; you get the idea) from your vocabulary. That's an easy video to script and my suggestion would make you sound as intelligent as it seems that you are (presuming you developed this software). Trying to help.
@pentapic why don't you take Samsung penis out your mouth... Doesn't matter if sales are up a million percent still a kang and that's the bottom line.. Look at certain features Samsung been coming out with.. Nothing original all mostly kanged from devs ..
"Pretty nice, pretty cool, pretty nice, pretty easy, pretty simple, look at that!" LOL :))))) Anyway, great app and all, unfortunately not very useful for smartphones, especially 4 inch or lower display ones...
"But you need 2.2 and higher which is highly recommended, mainly because it's going to lag if you don't have 2.2 or higher and that's why i think the feature is only for 2.2 and higher." 6:40
The installations of stick it were increased by 600% after the presentation !! So I bet the developers are pretty happy now. So learn the facts and don't talk shit!
@howtomen the sgs2 is also a good phone but once you have used the 5.3 inch screen of the note theres no going back every thing else looks so small and clutted
I'm new to the tablet world always been a cell phone guy (have a samsung Galaxy s2) but what's the best tablet u would recommend to buy?
I clicked on you worldstar link and when I play a vid Im not given a stick it option. I dpnt understand the put it in your browser part.
I love Samsung! And hate Apple because they try to monopolise the world. Drop their phones and u definitely will crack your screen.
Samsung the biggest kang yet! ... I hate Samsung stealing other devs work and claiming it's a exclusive feature of theirs
@marcovanto i wanted a gnote... but i was too excited for a new phone and i got the reg sgs2 -_-
Another one on the what-your-ipad-can't-do list :). Right next to cornerstone, and overskreen!
@DAJOEK3R sorry bro i just got caught with work but dont worry you will see it soon
@Zaluzazero yea its a pretty good phone :D but i like amaze 4g or htc rezound
you have the e.p.i.c mixtape. i just gained so much more respect for you
@howtomen What Htc Do you recommed me?BTW id HTC desire HD good?

Android playing youtube videos inside VideoView component

Just a quick test to play youtube videos inside the VideoView component by getting the rtsp streaming from a youtube url.

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Hi, Can you please share some steps, how to do that from eclipse...?
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