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How to play .tak file Videos

How to convert TAK file to Flac, WAV, MP3, etc?

The hardest part is finding a way to enjoy TAK on portable media devices, such as iPad, iPhone, iPod, Smart phone, Android devices and more. This video guide ...

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Does not work at all.

Mikelo - Eksplozja Muzyki Klubowej #1 Melbourne Bounce

Siemanko wariaty :D Oto pierwsza część seta z serii "Eksplozja Muzyki Klubowej".Tak więc zaczynamy z mocnymi uderzeniami czyli Melbourne Bounce !

Convert Motion Capture BVH data to 3DS Max Biped data

Here we look at how to convert a motion capture BVH file for use with 3DS Max's Biped Work Flow: Import BVH data to motionbuilder Set hips to root Name ...

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I exported the file from motionbuilder. as a .bvh fil, and I have a 3d model inside of 3DS max but when i select the model and go to the motion section as you did, I could not fin the Motion Capture part like what you did. Are you using 3DS Max 2013? I can import the 3D model and then drag and drop my animation (now an .FBX file) and it imports successfully, but it imports a brand new skeleton. Is there a way to attach it to my 3D model?
Thanks for the reply. One more question. I unparent the hip and delete the reference as you have done. But now, I have BVH:LHipJoint and BVH:RHipJoint, and when i drop those down, I now have LeftUpLeg and so on, which I rename like you said to do. but what do I do with the left and right HipJoints?
I don't use a 3d model in this example, I'm using a biped. You need to look at skinning (/watch?v=fpU1yqsT8_A) as that's how you attach a 3d model to a biped or bones. I think in this example it uses a biped but it's pretty much the exact same for bones.
Hiya, thanks for the tutorial but what did you use to record the motion capture? I was planning to use an xbox kinect for the motion capture. Do you recommend any free software?
I think in this case you don't need to unparent and delete the hips, you should have BVH:Hips:- BVH:LeftHip and BVH:RightHip, and BVH:Hips should not be parented to anything
Yes, you'll still want to convert each BVH file seperately, but then in 3DS max you can have 2 (or more) skinned characters
Is there a way to actually use the device kinect 1.0 to create BVH data.? it seems to only want to record as an FBX
Hi, is it possible import 2 different BHV in the same scene, because I have 2 characters in the same scene; Thx?
it's a seperate program, if you don't have it you can also open the BVH file in notepad to make the changes
does motion builder come with 3ds max or is it a seperate program?
Thanks a Lot for this tut you saved me ....
Cool, thanks man, appreciate it.
Nice vid! Thx alot

Samsung Galaxy Note - USB On The Go (OTG) Demo Using Pendrive Mouse

Use pen-drive, mouse, mass storage, hard-disk on microusb port using micro USB to USB cable and turn your Galaxy Note into a mini computer.

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hello can u help me please? i bought a wireless mini keyboard (favi mkh01) it doesnt says it has bluetooth but it comes with a dongle (so it shoud be the same) and my galaxy note doesnt find it on the bluetooth devices list. what can i do?
thanx for the video buddy.. just wanted to ask u whether there is any limitation on the capacity of pen drive or hard drive that can be connected to the phone, in terms of the storage capacity of the pen/hard drive..
Hi, please can you try usb gamepad (doesnt matter about type) and configurate it with PSXE or another emulator (NES, SNES, GNESOID etc). Thank you very much, it will be very pleasing. /Sry for my english :-)
I have galaxy note and i cant connect it to my 16 and 8 gb flash via otg.. But i connect it with my 2 gb flash... Do you have any idea why i cant connect it to16 and 8 gb flash?!
Hi what ROM are you using with your galaxy note? My stock gingerbread ROM did not work and just installed [Team Rocket ROM][open beta ICS v4.0.3][v1.5] which also did not work.
hey! nice! would this adapter work with a usb/ethernet adapter...so that i could run an ethernet cable into the galaxy nexus? has anyone tried this? curious.
@supercentrosa It seems that your keyboard needs to have a dongle to use. Please attach the dongle to phone using a micro usb to usb cable.
Galaxy note directly understands.. Mouse, pendrive, playstation gamepads.. Directly when connected no need of third party applications
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Whats wrong with his english? He was able to explain everything . WTF people like u are here?
It doesn't work on the AT&T Galaxy Note. Apperantly only on the international version :(
can you connect wireless mouse and keyboard AND simultaneously use hdmi video out?
I love my galaxy note its one of the best phone available in the global market
Do you know if this will work with the Galaxy player 5.0? Thanks in advance
Nice one. What file system should the pen drive be? Does NTFS work?
i live in chennai (india). Give a link of ebay, so that i could buy
A must have accessory.but can it read a 1tb external hard disk??.
@ashwin1365 Thanks ashwin, keep sharing. subscribe me for more.
mine aint showing OTG :( :( . . jelly bean cancelled it ??
What widget are you using for the clock and date? Thanks
Do you have to root/hack your phone to use this cable.
Can i connect a joystick with the help of this cable?
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