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How to play udyr aram Videos

League of Legends - ARAM - Udyr

As Udyr, I have the right to bear arms... Like the arms of a bear... which I will use to slap people in the face... what did you think I meant? (っ◕‿◕)っ Subscribe ...

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Don't know if i am alone in this but I do not really enjoy watching ARAM I like when you upload more high elo commentaries and 5v5 game plays. Also why do you never do 3v3's?
+TheAngryPi Count me in as someone who really enjoys his ARAM gameplay (which not enough people stream/record), and avoids his high elo commentaries (which EVERYONE streams and records). Though I'd certainly find it interesting to see Twigs do more 3v3s...

Udyr - ARAM - Full Match Commentary

Pentakill... for the win! Masteries used this game: //gameinfo.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/game-info/summoners/masteries/#1RBmOjrMT.4deiG0Jae.0.0 ...

League of Legends 5.8 - Udyr ARAM Guide - Part I

Subscribe for more Daily videos about GTA V, League of Legends, TDU, GTA 4 and much more! Download for free the Software i use to record: ...

ARAM Guide: GG I Got Udyr

This is a breakdown of the fundamentals of the All Random All Mid League of Legends gametype. All music is my own. All clips were taken using the League of ...

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udyr in aram too stronk. I'm not even joking just start emblem of valor dorans shield, rank 2 points into bear and 1 in turtle, never die the entire game and force random engages where you get out alive with full hp
"This is not a guide..." *Looks up to the title...reads guide...-.-' *
It's closer to a guide than a not-guide, hence "ARAM Guide".
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