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How to unlock bhpc luggage Videos

How to lock and re-unlock a TSA002 luggage lock with a paper clip

I accidentally left my key somewhere so i tried this.

User Comments

Thanks so much for this video. You just made my whole night. TSA locked mine and I had no idea where the key was.
thanks man you just saved me from buying a new suit case :D
thank you ! so much you safed my day
it did not work on mine any tips?

How to Reset your Combination Lock

Combination Lock Reset Opening Combination.

User Comments

I literally struggled trying to change password on new briefcase ordered (without instructions) and was getting fed up with trying to figure out how to change the original combination to the one I wanted. I cannot express my gratitude for the help given. I have now been able to set it correctly. Thanks so very much for posting this information!!! :)
Thank you I was about to brake my $100.00 original leather briefcase , because one of the locks didn't want to open combination changed by accident, and thanks to this video I was able to reset lock combination and open it again. Once again thank you very much for this video. ☺
I have a kenneth cole style briefcase, and it won't lock. Any number will open the lock. It closes and opens fine, its just than any combination of numbers opens it. any way to fix?
i got a old brief case for free one side can be unlocked but the other one cant and i whanted to set to a easy password and this worked so i am happy
except having this on the internet really negates having a combination at all, as the thief can just rest it and open it..:(
When 7 got the bag i accidentally set on 000
But @needaman you have to know the previous combo
thanks so much i was trying for ever 
heh well that worked! Thanks! :)
Very helpful thank you
thank you..Very helpfull..
did not work for me
Works like a charm
Thank You ! 
SWEET thanks!
Thanx :)

Change Pin

T-Gear Set of 3 PC+ABS Luggage security pin explanation and change pin.

Masterlock luggage cracking

brute forcing combinations on a simple masterlock luggage lock. 1)Set the last dial to 0 2) Randomly turn first 2 dials at the same time for about 10 seconds.

User Comments

Two comments: Thanks for showing me how to get the lock off my suitcase that's been on for 6 years. This trick worked GREAT! Second, thanks for opening my eyes to how useless something like this is to anyone who wants to get in to my suitcase!
thanks! this helped me open the lock, but what i thought was inside the locked container wasn't there. xP pointless for me, but it worked, so HUZZAH! :D ill remember this next time i actually need to get into something.
Some ignorant fool put one of those on his locker and I demonstrated how easily it can be opened. I used a similar technique but I pretty much just pulled the shackle and rotated each dial until it locked in....
Lol you can change it by putting your number to your combination lock code (0 0 0) and pressing the button on the side of it and pick the numbers you want XD
LOL! easy! i cracked mine in like 15 min... although i did mine more in a order type of way! mine was 128
Really?! Now I have to find that lock again, I moved in the past 2 months.
Hehe, nice, i've got such one from Yale but it's alot more difficult
Yh it realy works now i can open my luggage!!!!
It's not a "master"lock, it's a stupid lock.
the combo for my lock is 0 0 0, not kidding.
Thanks dude! Really helps me a lot!
i tried that, it sure does work!
It works :) mine is 345
Yh lol am not joking...
stupid and noob

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