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Battlefield 3 how to unlock fgm-148 javelin Videos

Battlefield 3 FGM-148 Javelin MASTER DOG-TAG

This is it! Unlocking the Master Dog-Tag for the FGM-148 Javelin!


ALL WEAPONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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All the dmrs/snipers sound the same
cause they're mostly all the same calibers.
if the HK-2002 was a all class or support i would have used it alot
looks like you agree with it
Right on dude
I miss BF3
+TheMerrie11 Am curious why you don't play BF3 no more?I too miss BF3 terribly
Is this 360
Xbox 360 graphics aren't this good
And the PREMIUM weapons????
+Peti Nagy f*ck premium. He shows only the manliest and that we don't have to buy (maybe) weapons.

Battlefield 3: FGM -128 Javelin Launcher Review

Give it a like :) Damage Values, credit given to: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rcqlym5ano.

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I dont understand why they need to ban people i got banned because i was from another country first 20 seconds in game got 5 kills then i got kicked pisses me off i play on pc.
Yea, RPG's give u like 7 if u hav Squad Explosives on. RPG: Free fire, less damage Javelin: More damage (Risk getting killed while locking on)
I prefer rpgs. If your a good shot, it only takes two shot in the back of a tank to destroy it. Plus it has like 5 rockets I think?
Omg haha thats a good Idea! I'll do that :P Ur comment is gonna appear in that first vid :)
make a series called sensei reviews!!!!

Battlefield 3 FGM-148 Javelin versus Helicopter

Battlefield 3 Premium Edition //www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL30j4UjzcbTCP3rlPKGKiiXmgONQrEVUK ...

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...most kapcsolok ^^ , szerintem valaki SOFLAMmal mérte közben...


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kkk nada mo video besta
Vlw pelo video!!
Muito Fraco !!

Battlefield 3 - all weapons - ENGINEER - Class + gadget

all the weapons in the classroom with wc, shower + Engineer widget 3000 - FIM-92 Stinger (US) 3000 - SA-18 IGLA (RU) 7000 - M15 AT Mine 14000 - SCAR-H ...

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@hanzimaster An EOD Bot (Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robot) is a small portable robot, usually mounted on tracks or An EOD Bot in real life. wheels, that is used for the safe disarming/disposal of explosives such as mines, Improvised Explosive Devices and other dangers that would threaten a soldier's life. They benefit from their small size, allowing them to access difficult locations, but often can find themselves slowed by difficult terrain.
This guy shoots far too much with guns that's the only bad thing about these videos that's what makes them boring but anyway this guy makes awesome vids
My friend, you reply'd faster to my comment than I to yours. Stop making yourself look even worse than you already have.
one does now simply tryith to write with intellectually correct grammar FUCK NUT GET bloXVJQPEIJDMCJROGJVQPWJTRGKVcked
Play as Engineer and get enough points. It is than unlocked and you equip it using the "customize" option in the menu.
Oh so you finely understand? By the way I wasn't trying to troll you. You just can't troll over the comment system.
Eod bot is just kill every one and winning and shit. I just like trolling with it by running teammates over
one does not simply sit over the message box and refresh till someone replays to his troll comments
Your are so bad at trolling i can't even tell you where to begin start here /watch?v=gkTb9GP9lVI
yes actually i was just killed the other day by one XD i was like WTF REPAIR TOOL!?!?!?!?!?haha
That can't help you with your shitty grammar. Your grammar is incorrect. Look at it. Fucknut.
@mishaal50 yes Real insert sounds into the game and performed the sound card SB X-FI Titanium
i like the g53,a-91, or g26c, the a-91 has the best rate of fire, with flash suppression
when do you get the Sg553? I got all the weapons for engineer and i don't have it :L
2 queastions please reply 1. What rank are you :D!? 2. is that the BF3 beta !?
@DarkwindowX2 just score it up like the other guns and gadgets of the class
its actually grammatically correct FuckNUT and it is a word dingle berry
Yes, repairing machinery - plamtuje M-COM soldier and a man killed ...
@1659Alexander1659 It is not a beta, this is a game full version ...

Battlefield 4 China Rising -- Bomber ► Unlocking the Cruise Missile

Is unlocking the bomber cruise missile worth it? Subscribe Get BF4 New Release PC Games for cheap Follow me Twitter: Facebook: More on Battlefield 4: How ...

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I feel you. I think the bomber should've been the AC130. I would take a large supply of flares and more health for less firepower, as long as you're not sitting in a UAV spotting people the whole 20 minutes, that's boring.
Damn son youre a serious dickhead
Why you tale it...

Battlefield 3: Air To Air Javelin

Battlefield 3 online multiplayer gameplay. The FGM-148 Javelin can fire on any laser designated target, including air vehicles.

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how u can shoot on air vehicle i cant on jets or helicopters :( only tanks

Battlefield 3 Javelin + SOFLAM (Like a boss.)

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Just think of it... I would clearly consider it as legal cheating. Everybody will use that method, if it's possible... glad it's not. But only one scout has to place a Soflam. Everybody else uses engineer with Javelin... and you have the same effect. I think it's unfair for helicopter pilots. If they fly too low, they have no chance to survive... but unfortunately they need to fly that low to stay in their effective combat-range for ground targets. So all what is left are air targets *yawn!*
Seriously: do you think Soflam + Javelin is fair play against jets and helicopters? I really hate it when I fly a helicopter. Always have a lock-on and every idiot can spam me with javelin missiles. ECM or Flares. Both are no real help. You can save yourself once... but the second one will definitely kill you! And finding the Soflam is almost impossible in the short time you have... and even if you kill the Soflam, there are still all the other Iglas and Stingers. Not a chance to survive...
That's funny, every time I bring out the soflam, there's never anybody using the designations. The same goes for when I use the CITV on the tanks. The lesson to be learned: Get a team-mate. Even better get a squad. Regarding extreme long distant headshots: I completely agree, those guys/girls are NOT helping your team.
I think that if a tank doesn't have reactive armor, the Javelin's top attack should destroy the tank in one hit. You can already disable a tank in one hit when it doesn't have reactive armor, so really the Laser Paint doesn't really help on a tank without reactive armor, except when firing from out-of-line sight.
Soflam can lock on with out controling it, javlins can only lock on to land veicles, javlins can take out an aircraft in one shot (helos are easier), and javlins can lock on to mortars and MAVs... Btw javlin can lock on to aircrafts with the help of the soflam (like it showed in the video).
l brought out the soflam and messaged one of my team mates who was using a stinger to switch and he did. That was the only time though. lf l do see someone with a stinger l usually switch to recon and either use a sniper or a PDW depending on the map and the situation in general.
Man I wish the ps3 gaves cheap headsets along with the console because online is so dead no one talks and communication is key in games like this. That way if everyone had headset everyone would be able to communicate and use items like the soflam in coordination with a javelin.
alright, if I understand that right. Just with Javelin you can only destroy target if you see it, right. And with SOFLAM all it takes is that SOFLAM can laze (and see, of course) the target, you can shoot Javelin from cover (mean you don't need to see the target), right?
In real life, Javelins send the missiles to 300 feet or higher, and then it comes down in a speeding boost. I am a fan of battlefield, but I am disappointed with the Javelin Physics. Overall, it's a wonderful game. I just thing MW3 did better Javelin shots.
the game is about teamwork. So your obviously going to need a decent squad aiming to PTFO not for just kills. Plus it would be overpowered if you didn't need a Soflam. Or you can just go to cod or some other game while others try to play a teamwork game.
hi the only way you can lock in to air crafts is with the help of the soflam(laser thing in friendly chopers/tanks) when it locks.. then it will produce a heat signal witch the javelin will then be able to track and destroy the target.. hope this helps!
Thanks dude this was really helpful. Like when I get in aircraft and when I get locked on I press the flares and I still hear the missile coming at me and I see my enemy had a javelin. I was pissed. Now I know how to take down aircraft with my javelin
Question: If I deploy equipment, eg soflam, mine...and switch kits, eg. to engineer if i was on recon, would the previous equipment stay there? So I could effectively singlehandedly use a javlin and soflam by myself? Thanks
every time i run engineer, no one on my team uses soflam, and every time i run recon, no one on my team uses javelin for some reason lol do they not get how effective it is, especially when we are getting raped by choppers?
see this is why I hate this game, you have to pick one class that has predetermined weapons so if you need a Javelin and a sodflam you fucking can't unless you have a party member or someone in WILLING to put out
Soflam it! recon kits Soflam Laser designator it basically laser paints Air vehicles so the FGM can lock onto them. im not sure about the other launchers as me and my buddy only use FGM not stingers or Iglas
@yeastori this isnt call of duty, there is no one man army bullshit. Battlefield encourages this thing called teamwork. which is a concept that is beyond your level of thinking so I wont explain what it is
Nice video, but i've a doubt; the javelin with the soflam or the laser designer always hit vehicles and aircrafts or it can still be disturbed by ir flares and countermeasures?
You have to have a team mate. Which sucks because most BF3 Recon's only care about sitting as far back from the objective as possible and going for 900meter headshots.
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