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How to unlock qtek 9100 Videos

HTC 8125 /dpod 838/MDA Vario/ QTEK 9100 games & apps (200mhz 64ram.)

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bothers me more excuses I could not find wanted how to download this that makes changes that he progama update (this rum) and would tanbem ionterresado us progamas please help me the model of my phone and The qtek 9100
Hola a todos, el telefono funciona de fabrica a 195mhz redondie un poquito jeje aunque cuando lo overclokeo lo hago a 232 masomenos para tirar mas fluido algun que otro jueguito. Saludos.
No estoy chillando solo q si me lo van a regalar quiero un buen producto no quiero q gasten dinero a lo wey, no crece el dinero en mi jardin hermano
jajaja que grande Juan carlos Batman! contá un poco como la overclokeaste a 200mhz pls! tengo la misma!! GRACIAS!
Just TOO cool! I wonder if there is a webpage with games for HTC Diamond Touch Pro :)
I really like the dopod u100, but i already have n 800, so ill be getting this!!!!
Hermano me regalaran la 8125 pero si sale buena? s me conviene esa? muchas gracias
where did you get that tomb raider game. i've been looking for it everywhere
onde vc baixo essa rom? podeiria me passar o link por favor, obrigado.
@wimpytattoo yes, with overclocking at 240 mhz
english please
plz give me

MDA Vario / QTEK 9100 / HTC Wizard

WM6.1 + SPB Phone Shell 2 + Battery Status + TomTom6 + IGO8 + Opera 9.5.

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what kind of memory card do you have inside? I mean the capacity of the card. I also have SPV M3000, but have a 2GB miniSD card. it is not to much. Do you know if there are bigger cards of this format. Or only if they are bigger they are mini SD HC and are not supported by this phone? the second question is, how does the navi works. because the procesor isn't to fast, so are there any problems with this?
hi, im looking at buying one of these, does it have the satnav device built in so i would just have to purcase the satnav software?, thanks, it might have it on there tho :D
pokud se telefon připojí přes wifi které má přístup k internetu tak opera mini by měla využivat toto připojeni. Opera 9,5 tak fungovala.
bro i have problems with the screen, i touch and not respond... no align notinhg. cant you help me please.
waar kun je dit downloaden, en waar kan ik een stappenpan vinden om dit erop te zetten, please help me :O
Best phone i ever had :)) .. Have a new Iphone 4S .. but this is far more better :))
How did you install this on the HTC Wizard phone? I'd love to do this to mine.
podasz mi swoje gg ? chcem pogadac o telefonie moj nr to 7523207
@francescagaffney lol at you thinking this is the best phone
How does TomTom work, this doesn't have a GPS chip does it?
nemas na tom ziadnu foliu? neposkrabe sa ti tak displej?
hiii i have this....xde...............com
where i can found rom for WM 6.1 ?
One of the best PDA's ever created :)
thank you 4 this review
@vance99 why is it so ?
I agree!

i mate k jam/htc wizard/qtek 9100 isnt working..

i tried to install on him windows mobile 6.5 and now when i try to start it, its doesnt work.. i tried to do hard reset but its always gives me the screen that you see ...

HTC unlock code, pocket pc unlocking simlock removal, qtek

//simlock.in/htc/ HTC Unlock code All pocket pc phones are supported: MDA Compact IV (HTC DIAMOND Touch), MDA Compact III (HTC Artemis) , MDA ...

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9 second video? you dont eve give ppl time to read... crap!
This fuckn film sucks, it doesn't help at all.
I Love that the film has been shortened!
do peeps a faver and do it for free
klevo )

Qtek 9100 actualização da ROM para TNT WM6.1

Vídeo que mostra todo o processo de actualização da ROM num Qtek 9100. A ROM utilizada foi TNT.19199.

WM6 Cube on Qtek 9100/MDA Vario (WM5)

One of my friend started to make an HTC Touch style for other WM5 and WM6 phones. It's the first useable version, but it will be better, enjoy it, and wait for ...

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One of my friend is making it. And It have a newer update, and I have a vid from that... But it's still a demo version
bro i have problems with the screen, i touch and not respond... no align notinhg. cant you help me please.
Where did you get the wm6 ROM?
how/where did you get it?
is this an app or a rom?
This is an application
thats trojan noob
THX for Byka

Qtek 9100

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