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How to unlock samsung genio qwerty Videos

unboxing samsung genio qwerty

Got another phone so thought I would share an unboxing with you. Guess who was gutted he didn`t get a yellow cover :( Check out my blog ...

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@UniversalLawl put card in phone then connect with the usb lead click on my computer and should see phone as another drive. open that one and will see a folder, then left click mouse button on mp3 or mp3 folder that want on card, hold down left mouse button and `drag` across from its location to the card location then take finger off button `drop` and after a few seconds mp3 will transfer. for further instructions or if still not sure go check out google and you tube, hope this helps
@UniversalLawl yes its really easy. Basically get a micro sd card and drag and drop your mp3s onto it. once card is in phone or if its already in just go into my files folder then down to memory card option and you can play music from there. If card is already in phone then connect to pc with usb and open up drive and drag and drop your music onto card. hope this helps
I think it was e2save.com who were doing a refurbished one for £12 but when I ordered it they ran out so offered me a brand new one for a similar price. I believe they were doing the brand new ones for £25 so still a bargain
Yes it is actually, I still use it as my main phone as it is nice and clear and is a wicked little mp3 player. Also looks like a blackberry so that is an added bonus. Thank you for your question
@malcybabes How do i ''drag and drop'' onto my micro sd card
Is this mobile phone a good option????
Do you know how to put music on itt??
O seu veio BRANCO que sorte sua :P
he doesnt turn it on cuz its so bad
3:48 its a charger mate
£12 where from!?!

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Samsung Genio Qwerty b3210

Its not the best descriptive video ever because its my first ever video :D.

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Dont be afraid to comment on it !!!
Nope sorry, you have to top up.
dus it av frree internet
this is shit

Samsung Genio Qwerty Review (HD)

Samsung Genio Qwerty

Review For Samsung Genio Qwerty!!

OLD Vid yeah but I liked it when I made it like a couple months back.... I'm uploading old vids I had on my old account so yeah,,, enjoy :)

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I've got it and it's awesome! but I was kind of hoping for some tips on how to use it properly, but thanks anyway:)
me n ma genios have been through a love storyy i love mmyyy phone ,, nn yh u can go on fbb
@LegendxGOD No, however you can inbox messages and update statuses, photo's etc :)
this isnt really a review is it?
@paviixox Can you facebook chat?
can you go on facebook on it?
@Townsieboy Okay thank's:)
@TeMpZxiiAliiVEz Yep
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