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How to unlock jazz in transformers wfc Videos

Jazz + Ion Displacer = Victory! Transformers War for Cybertron Scout Gameplay Commentary

WFC Multiplayer gameplay from Team Death Match on Rust with Sooo Mungry. Enjoy! Channels: //www.youtube.com/energontv ...

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its a good thing they him in fall of cybertron and WFC it makes me feel like hes still alive o and turns out theres gonna be a transformers 4 called rise of galvatron and in one of the trailers dont know if its true or my eyes are tricking me but i saw ironhide in it so theres a chance jazz will be in it in another one i saw a RED jazz it could be cliffjumper who wants 2 be reminded of his best friend so he gets jazz's vehicle in red
There is actually an Easter egg in the Kaon prison break mission just after optimus does the thing with the axe, if you go to the place where reinforcements come from in one of the cells you can see jazz doing press ups.
what i do as jazz is use the dash and mark target combo it makes scouts and jets one hit kills it hurts the crap outta tanks and leaders but it doesnt work in the onslaught body type
SoooMungry i saw a leader with a frag launcher i could tell this was XBOX because i saw RB next 2 ur abillities u said u had headphones couldnt u tell that guy 2 plz not 2
YOOO SOOO! Nice livestream the other day. Are you planning on doing that every week? Great Gameplay, I should start setting up soldiers to give me thier ion displacer. xD
hey i'm having trouble using the scatter shot i used be good with it but i haven't played the game in a while so now i forgot how to use the gun, any tips?
scout is one of my favourites cause of how quick he is, everyone dies! im liking the new channel so far, good work everyone! cant wait to see more vids!
Hey Soo a little tip, As far as I've seen if you take a energon repair ray to a ammo beacon it charges it fast as having 3 or 4 people next to it.
energon tv have you seen transformers prime if you have do you now why breakdown is like a tank or leader when he's supoused to be little
@bonechrusher1000 yeah these games take place before the G1 series since they are all on cybertron and it shows why they had to leave
@EnergonTV Actually, it takes place before Transformers: Prime. High Moon just styled it G1 in respect of the original series.
If your using the plasma cannon and your charging it and it's about to shoot u can reload otherwise the splash may damage you
@EnergonTV or mungry or turtle or edwrd jazz didn't die in g1 movie but in 2007 he did ut who voiced g1 jazz died
I hate melee ambushes from Scouts! Especially if you know they're there and you know it's coming...
good ol jazz when i saw the first movie jazz was my favorite i wish megatron didnt kill him
Yo mungry does your ps3 freeze when you play transformers war for cybertron online?
@fun2much990 yeah but on my channel most likely, i will stick to LPs on my channel
Keep up the good work guys! This was a really good Idea to start up this channel!
@AAAvideo97 i have a soldier tips video on my channel that might help you :)
@treydog98ify if i do a stream this weekend i got some big plans for it :)
did you copy it? yes hahahaha i just noticed at the end of the video lol
@bonechrusher1000 i know that sucked... Jazz has an awesome personality!
If any 1 dislikes, they must HATE tf and any robot-based game/movie etc
the soldier can just spawn it it or do you have to get it with kills
@Gearshifter09 mark target also doesn't work on silverbolts
@sooomungry that scout battle at the end was u vs me lololo
i knew this was so mungry's video before i clicked on it
r u going to be doing fall of cybertron campaign mungry
@EnergonTV agreed (WHY DID HE HAVE 2 DIE!?)
Dude the quality on your vids is sick!!

Video Update to Transformers WFC: Jazz and Arcee Locations

A video update to my previous two videos on TF: WFC (Now Confirmed as Jazz) and Arcee. I learned I wasn't the first to find them, and upon looking at ...

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lol "Hello Laserbeak. Screw you little basterd!"
is that on Xbox360 , PS3 , Wii , or PC
I am currently playing on Xbox360
You should have shot them

Unlocking Shockwave - Transformers: War for Cybertron

//www.collecticon.org I found it very confusing to get the unlocked character I was promised by pre-ordering at Gamestop. Luckily, a player online explained ...

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your the worst because its not hd no one whatchs videos that are not hd
+Kaya Willis It is HD.

Transformers War for Cybertron - 25 Kill Streak! - Awesome Jazz / Scout Gameplay HD

my highest kill streak is 29 and it was with the scientist, but unfortunately i wasn't recording... anyways, i hope you guys enjoy! and make sure you subscribe for ...

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daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang you got sooooooooo lucky, you got some almost blind, long range sniper kills, its was like u were just shooting and hitting everything, not even looking it happend so quick. you must be really good at sighting that null ray up, in no time flat, nice
You obviously have no idea how much harder it is in this game to get a 25 Killstreak, especially when you're using a sniper rifle! So your attempt at insulting this guy kinda fails!
omg dude u r so awesome 25 kill streak that con should have seen u he would have cloaked jumped off the bridge drove behind u and then took u for a ride. make a tip video plz.
@4znKnyt3 This game is really fun, but if you dont have it yet, I'd say wait for FOC and see how good that looks. I already have this though, so I'm waiting for FOC.
Just some advice use cloak for when you are trying to snipe then they wont see you and if you have surprise attack on it do double damage! BTW nice video
Lol for a second I was freaking out 'cause I thought this was FoC and I was like "HOLY CRAP did I miss a map pack??" :P But dude kick-ass streak!
10:20 well that would've just ruined you're day, wouldn't it? Concidering i can barely get a 5 kill streak...so...yeah. Props to you dude! :)
Man my best killstreak with Scout is 17-2 and this was before the game started glitching so much but I still play this game regardless.
Nice, Me and this guy against about 4, 5 or even 6 enemies beat em, I got a 24 kill streak non stop without no deaths.
can i maybe add you?? im pretty good with sniper and im making a montage please check it out i hope to hear from you!
add me im turbomead no caps no spaces just right a message saying that its you from the jazz gameplay or something
@transformers27years i really need tips on using the sniper rifle like you do and can you throw in tips for soldier
at 8:57 i was like "really"! an stoppable menace, he must have craped his pants, freak him out doin that! omglol
U can add me on ps3 my gametag is legendkiller2099 & I getting that game soon so please add me I new new friend
Its awesome how u can do all of this wicked killin, but you are not equipping Cloaking as 1 of ur abilities
i wasnt ps3's are awesome same with xbox i hate how pple like u get into all the pointless consle war crap
I have noticed that if you get about 15 kills (and more) in a row in this game, people start chasing you.
i am Prime Mode level 25 all classes, and my highest kill streak was 13, it was so hard to make it...
wow rape nice vid bro that takes skill im good at this game too i cant wait for the new one this fall
I dont try for high killstreak but most Ive got with scout so far is 37 kill streak. QuickScope rulez
how come i've never seen you before...you must of stopped playing a long time ago...psn is Hiptonia
my highest was a 31 kill streak, and my team couldn't get 9 kills, and we lost the game :'(
splendid can you tell me some of your tips or do a video tutorial please thank you
@PeapodmanPrime are you kidding me transformers WFC is awesome but FOC is awesomer
Dang...you've got a good eye. a guy could learn a thing or 2 from you. great job
Hahah one random time I got a 70+ score, 48 kills and zero deaths using leader
...why? most shooters have that. what button do you want it be? is circle ok?
lol bro ypu got lucky only a bunch of scouts and scientists on the other team
my name is on the ps3 Raecher39176 lets play Transformers war for cybertron
My highest killstreak was 30 with the Soldier in Countdown to Extiniction.

Unlocking Zeta Prime+other characters on Transformers War for Cybertron PC

Hello veiwers. I am going to show you how to unlock Zeta Prime, Optimus Prime (For decepticons) and Slipstream and Arcee without having to unlock through ...

Transformers: War for Cybertron Best Buy Pre-Order Exclusive -- Jazz - CollectionDX

Transformers: War for Cybertron Best Buy Pre-Order Exclusive -- Jazz.

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@LightningBlade311 if ur an autobot fan get jazz (i am) but if ur a decepticon fan get demolisher.. i think theres more decepticon bots than autobots so jazz would be a great help i guess and did u see that sweet transformation? lol c'mon
@RDBlade It's far from just Hasbro doing this exclusive preorder bs... happening with more and more games, and a VERY bad idea, IMO. Just makes money for ebay scalpers and annoys paying customers who buy "collector's editions" etc.
So, are we supposed to pre-order the game twice to get both Shockwave and Jazz? I appreciate the thought, but fuck you, War For Cybertron. Unless you're releasing these characters later down the line, what the hell. Seriously.
@LightningBlade311 I preordered for Shockwave, because I always loved him in the Marvel comics. Liked Jazz in the cartoon, but Shockers has to win out. Never even heard of Demolisher!
and i though it's a figure, but instead it's a character in the game.... i do notice the back of jazz looks like Eva unit 2's pillars when it is in beast mode from the second movie.
Um I know Im a little late but if anyone else have a spare jazz and shockwave or just jazz code I have been looking everywhere so I'll really appreciate it.
@shazaam555 I wasted money on the past 2 TF games. Shit like this won't convince me buy WFC. All this exclusive BS is making me hate Hasbro.
@RageTreb Im willing to bet all of them will be available to get online sometime down the road, but if not, then I agree. Fuck them.
Plzzz someone give me a code fr shockwave i'd like another scientist class fr decipticons plzz give me it
so the pre-ordered characters can only be used in escalation mode? no deathmatch or any of the other multiplayer modes?
I love how he Breakdances to transform! I got to cancel my Gamestop Pre-order so I can get this at Best Buy!
damn im planning to get this but gamestop is giving out shockwave but then best buy is giving out jazz :(
ive got a shockwave code(xbox) and i will trade it for a demolisher code msg me if you want to trade
Oh that's bullcrap, I preordered at Gamestop to get Shockwave. He better be DLC down the line.
@LightningBlade311 get shockwave for sure. Or get demolisher jazz kinda looses in comparison.
I want Jazz & Demolisher on 360 so bad! >.< Anyone have a spare code for ether of them?
Hold on never mind I got the map pack that came with him so you don't need too
I seriously don't know if I should get jazz or shockwave. HEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!
I'll give u 50$ for a shockwave or a jazz code seriously I will
@BanjoOz demolisher is a decepticon from transformers armada
any news about the altform of Grimlock???0-0!!
i pre-ordered from amazon i get demolisher =)
@dungeonmaster16 get shockwave or demolishor
PC will propably get Jazz for free (I hope)
If Anybody Has Jazz Im Willing To Buy Him
sean long 2 u have a ps3 or a xbox 360
I'm pre-ordering this. -r78
look on ebay they have some
@robo5obionicgamer ok
@TimeRazor i will

Transformers War for Cybertron Jazz Trailer [HD]

Enjoyed the video? Click the like button and subscribe to Machinima for daily content: goo.gl/6SPPwe Want to watch more videos? Check our newest content ...

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I Have this game its good but not anything very special. anyways The Campaign is fun I hate Escalation Mode and I'm more of a Multiplayer type of player, I mostly just play team deathmatch, but I gotta say the High Moon Studios and The Activision online server in this game sucks it lags very badly. I'm not going to buy any new upcoming DLC's for this game unless they fix the multiplayer servers first. overall its okay in cybertron but I cant wait for the second game as it might be on earth.
WHy do they do such offer preorder shit? Ive preordered the game on gamestop...in germany >< # They didnt even knew or care about this. Are those special figures at least going to be available on the ps store? THIS better be so. Europe only gets whats not solod on other countries Fuck -Bass_049-
Yeah this game needs more multiplayer bonuses to me it gets boring doing the same thing over, and over, and over i mean u cant even customize your guns or unlock new ones. Not to mention the severs but escalation is a different story i think they did great on that part.
@SlashSeven7 You have to select his Model, like you got bumble bee and optimus models, his is in the some were. cuz i saw a couple of shockwaves in team deathmatch, and they weren't dark purple and black, so im guessing you can just select their chasis
if you want those other pre order charecters they tossed all over the place go on to their site and leave feedback asking for them to be given to all thumb up a few times so everyone can see it and know how to get jazz and demolisher and shockwave
@bennyvx08 revenge of the fallen had more acion but didnt have a story and did u notice that optimus sucked balss fighting megatron in the first one and in the second one he took megatron starscream and grindor by himself!
@Oblivion28694 yeah along with 4 new maps, 2 for multiplayer and 2 for escalation, love escalation but i HATE the fact that they only released it with 2 maps, if anyone wants to do escalation with me, GT: Docta L0v3
This game is great, but its horribly incomplete. There just isnt enough on the multiplayer end. There arent enough chassis, or weapons, or colour options. Disappointing as hell. I hope there will be more DLC's.
@PITviper217 unless you didn't know they made a game on the wii the same character models but completely different game.it's mare like a on-rails shooter and it's called transformers cybertron adventures
Only problem I have with Jazz is they used Bumblebee's quotes for him. I wish they at least got a Scatman Crothers sound alike or the guy from Transformers animated. Otherwise Jazz is pretty awesome.
I hated that he died in the movie also, he was 1 of the few g1 autobots that survived until the golden age of cybertron was restored and here they kill him off first in the michael bay movie!!!
Am I the only one that noticed that this game loves decepticons? It seems for every 1 autobot they release they release 2 decepticons. Not to mention the color scheme issues in multiplayer mode.
@PillarOfChrist but if you have the pre-order code his Character model is in the Customization thing, so you can make him if you wanted to play with him in Team death match and the other modes
@DVKNIGHT000 haha i kno wut u mean.on ebay i saw one for jazz the startin price was 5.00 and people were bidding as high as $40.it's kinda retarded cus thts almost as high as the game itself
you know what is the point of exclusives if they put it in a dlc package so everyone who buys dlc can get it too?! ok yes i got this guy but so will u too in like a month or two. wtf
@ThatGuyNamedKevin if you're sure about it then thanks a million ... thats a relief cause i haven't preorder any . i really hate this sale strategy ... a big fail IMHO
yeah jazz is awesome x) i never could get through it thought. i had the hardest time flying the plane through the blades and dodging fire, i died everytime o_O ??
The 19 dislikes are decepticons...or people who got sore assholes about crapping when they saw their gamestop preorder didn't yield this BAMF of a robot.
jazz is in the game (autobots campaine) he is one of the autobot prisoners in Kaon. just try find him in one of the prison cells, his doing push ups
@superjoe96 jazz isnt crappy, he's just a scout(i think) you don't use scout class, then i feel sorry for you, you must like to use scientists then
@pinoyboy98 yah dood me too, i cant find where to put that code at i try to find sum place, but no luck, hit me up if u find a way doing so thanx
anyone notice that a colorswapped jazz is in the multiplayer class trailer...weird. does this mean that he is creatible in multyplayer
War for Cybertron is absolutely awesome. But I'd like to see a "sequel" of when they're on Earth as their earth vehicle/other forms.
wait soooo if I want jazz and soundwave im going to have to preorder two copys?!?!?!?!? one froem best buy and one from Gamestop?
oi the only reason it lags for u is coz u hav a shit oxfam connection, or your just one of those stupid people who buy a ps3
Jazz is my favorite autobot but i wasnt able to pre order at best buy does anyone mind sharing a share for jazz on the ps3?
1) He looks really cool in robot form 2) The car he transforms into is HOT I think he'll be a popular choice in Esculation
i want him in the game. i don't want to order him. he should be a character in the game. not someone to unlock or order
@Primus1985 oh haha okay. I've actually had people try to tell me Jazz is still alive in the live action series. Sorry
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