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How to multiply (x y)^3 Videos

Pokemon X/Y - How to Clone Pokemon

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTION! Hey guys. So this is a tutorial showing you guys how to clone your Pokemon in Pokemon X/Y. Because the process is kinda ...

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anybody got a genesect my friend code is 0903-2894-0225
+Scotty B add me please 0533-8155-9567
In case newer viewers wanted to know, I tried out this method with my Pokemon X and Pokemon AS and it worked, I have like 5 extra shiny Eevees now! Just make sure to go to your 3DS Settings>downloadable content> and delete all updates for your Pokemon games. Hoped this helped!
+L Bosma I have a bunch of shiny legends... would you clone them to me? Julian: 2680 - 8972 - 3973
My god, people using clones is just sickening to me. I admit that I have cloned Pokemon before, but for 2 reasons 1. Someone asked me to do it. 2. To be able to keep 2 different sets of Pokemon in my games so I can do battles and stuff. I don't think people understand that cloning devalues the event/shiny Pokemon. Nintendo and Gamefreak have these special events to promote their games, movies, and other events. These special events have rare Pokemon, which can only be obtained by attending said event. The idea that you received a special prize for attending a once in a lifetime Nintendo event or whatever is what makes these shinies and legendaries so trophy-worthy. Of course, with cloning, it takes away that value. It'd be like me winning a soccer game and I am awarded a Platinum trophy for being the best player. Then, someone turns around and awards the losing team Platinum trophies for doing a good job. Now, my trophy absolutely means nothing because the losing team also has trophies. My point with this analogy is that cloning takes away the value and also ruins the trading experience. That's the point of trading in Pokemon: so you'd be able to obtain guys from other games to add to your game's collection. Cloning just defeats this purpose.
Then what do you said to the people who live in the middle of no where, drive two hours out of their way to the nearest game stop on the day the Diancie codes came out as soon as school let out only up find they ran out.
+Gaming With Balance Why is it that our reasons for wanting to clone are frowned upon by people like you? You have your reasons for wanting to clone, so why is it a big deal when we want to do it for ours? I don't exactly see why this is such a big deal to you, and I don't really care. One person having a rant on a video in the YouTube comment section isn't going to change the way everyone behaves, so there's really no need to keep complaining about it. You've certainly not changed my mind.
+Zeldatheism What? What does climate change and overpopulation have to do with anything? Event pokemon, just like pre-order bonuses and promo items, are rewarded to those who attended a real life event, purchase a booster pack or something, or whatever. Event pokemon were such a rarity back then because the only way to get a legit Mew or Celebi was by attending a Nintendo event. If you have a Mew in your Red and Blue cartridge, then you most likely used a Gameshark or glitch.Nowadays, with Mystery Gift, Wi-Fi, and of course, the Internet, it is extremely easy to get an event Pokemon. People don't have any excuse to miss out on a TRU exclusive Regigigas or Gamestop exclusive Celebi because those pokemon could be obtained just by going to a local retail store. Event exclusive Pokemon have been made obtainable by Game Freak and Nintendo, but the lazy assholes who think they are entitled to everything, use hacks and clone glitches to get these Pokemon without effort. There is a reason why we have a trading feature in Pokemon, fuck's sake. By trading, you get the Pokemon you want/need. What's the point of having trade options when you are just going to hack your game anyway? It takes the fun out of the game, ruins it for those who want to play it the legit way, and just make the effort that is used to put the Nintendo events together meaningless.
+Gaming With Balance Sadly, rarity was lost a long time ago...The beggars and the hackers ruined Pokemon rarity back in 4th gen....n
+Gaming With Balance who cares I don't want it for rarity i want it cause they look cool. Get over yourself it's not real currency...meanwhile i'm sure climate change and overpopulation doesnt make you bat an eyelid. and youre stressed cause some people want a white gengar...
Is it bad if i clone my legit shiny eevee so i don't have to choose between evolutions??
+Gaming With Balance yeah ive never really been a big fan of cloning, but never really gotten that lucky trying to trade my exadrill for a celebi yet. I'm guessing without the cloning technique I should probably kiss that hope goodbye. lol.
+Aman Disini That's why trading exists, lol.
+Gaming With Balance Im not gonna blame you for the problem arises from all these cloning. But I have to stop you there, I live in a third world country and in no way are considered "rich" in my country. Just to attend these events would cost us like 1k of our currency which is not really worth the money for attending the events and its benefits. So to us, clones pokemon are the only way we can obtain and play with our friends. Want to change that? Tell Nintendo to braoded its horizons to other countries other than the big first world countries.
Who would have 2 3ds's and 2 Pokemon x thingy things?
+Runa Fangu (ルナファング) what if your lonely? ;3 :( leik dis commant if yu crei evry teim....
People with siblings, or you could borrow a friend's one...

❤² Solving Systems of Equations... Elimination Method (mathbff)

MIT grad shows how to use the elimination method to solve a system of linear equations (aka. simultaneous equations). To skip ahead: 1) For a BASIC example ...

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I really like your videos but I want you to explain Calculus 1 from the book Thomas if you can and I am sure that you will have lots of fans
+Hesham Qaba Same.
+Hesham Qaba I follow that book too. That would be great.
Your videos are so concise. Sometimes I get frustrated when teachers take too long to explain something, which never happens with your videos. Great work.
+Robert Nooney I think the benefit with a video is you can prepare for the proper explanation and then do it once or repeat it over and that's that. Its out there for ever. With teachers they might be lazy and not keep good notes for explaining so they just forget half the important things they should explain and it just comes out half arsed. Its more the teachers fault thought really because teaching mathematics isn't that hard, especially if you keep good notes that help explain to other people what its all about.
How do I eliminate the equations to your heart? :)
+Unlimited Blade Works by stop being thirsty XD
+Unlimited Blade Works gotta eliminate it
+Unlimited Blade Works Shoot an arrow through it
+Unlimited Blade Works Im guessing its very complex

Algebra 2 - Applying the rules of exponents when multiplying two rational expressions

//www.freemathvideos.com In this video series I will show you how to multiply rational expressions. When multiplying rational expressions it is important ...

How to Multiply Negative Numbers , Intermediate Algebra , Lesson 3

This tutorial explains how to multiply negative numbers. Need More Algebra Help? I highly recommend this book. //amzn.to/1EApcPp Donate ...

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please get rid of the ads before the video... total drag
Thanks...it made sense...
Thank you for your help

8 Multiplication Table - Song & Dance - JiJi Multipli-Cake-Dance

Get the Code for this game on our website //littlecodeninja.com/2015/07/31/falling-in-love-with-numbers-using-programming/ A fun program in scratch with ...

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Kedar you are Awesome!!!!. A brilliant way to make Maths exciting. I also learned the beauty of maths from Kedar... starting from 8 how we go to 1 the reverse way.. You make us all proud .. Keep it up Kedar..
Awesome. A 6 Year old boy doing such a programming with musical note under Scratch Utility to teach 8 Tables.
That is a very creative way of teaching 8 tables. Keep it up Ninja

ALGEBRA: Multiplying and Dividing Rational Expressions in Filipino

GET BOOK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/power-flipped-classroom/id1048431489?ls=1&mt=11 Aralin tungkol sa pag-multiply at pag-divide ng mga rational ...

Matrix Multiplication: Example 3 (3x3 by 3x1)

Matrix Multiplication: Example 3 (3x3 by 3x1)

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@HippieLongHaired The educational books these days are retarded. They try to add a bunch of extra crap in order to justify the ridiculously high prices.
Why did it have to take you half the video to give the method..I'm sorry i hope i don''t sound rude, but at approx 1.36 you started giving the method
Thank you *very* much! You explained in 3 minutes and 1 second what 200 pages of reading couldn't !
Videos like this make me pass exams after starting with studying the night before (A)
thank you..... thank you..... thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu
thank you very much for this, very clear explanataion.
Thaannks alot, you helped me with my discrete math :#
great refresher for my differential equations final
you are azn! am i right?
You and me both.
thanks so much
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