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How to multiply aquarium plants Videos

How to grow Red Tiger Lotus: Tiger Style: , Species Sunday.

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I Just stuck 5 "banana plants" into a shallow (8") high-light tank and these look like they behave a lot like those babies. It looks great in your tank, but I wonder if it'd be much cooler if the lilies could actually reach the surface. I always see people putting their lilies in tanks that are super deep. In a shallower tank, when they're able to be much more natural, they look like a totally different plant. The bottoms of the leaves turn dark purple and the tops get tons of pores to suck up goodies right out of the air. Regardless your tank looks like it's bumpen! Keep up the videos. They're great
Will it work with ADA soil
haha awesome intro

How To Trim Aquarium Plants: Stem Plants

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im new i just subbed your channel . i got baby painted turtles in 75gal . i wanna mix up the diets a lil i know they will dig them up and eatt them . i got a pretty good green thumb. ive did hydroponics and soil veggie gardens inside and outside. but aquarium plants are new to me . i would love to keep a small tank of live plants and take cuttings to my 75 for my lil guys to snack on and use for hiding to catch fish. so if u could find the time please let me know what to look for .thanks
put a video up if thats a live stream ur talking about. man i want ur plants but my damn mom wont go out and get dirt idk when she will o yeah with crypts dude theres a way to separating them with out up rooting, i found a way. pull on a leaf and if u feel like its loose slowly pull it up and the rest of the plant should not move only those few leaves show. u should see the roots and the seed thing idk what its called. thats hiw u trim or separate my crypts (sorry for long comment)
haha its funny i have a 20 gal with no dirt and it has hair grass no co2 only light from the sun its facing east and the hair grass is going nuts i think for hairgrass its probubly the only plant that does well in gravel i stick it in my dirt tank and it dies and never comes back
@MrSilent937 I've got no clue on turtles to be honest...you might put some elodea in the tank with the turles I know it is native to the usa maybe some moss? I appreciate teh sub, but sadly, i know what I know...plants, but the diet of a turtle is not my game...hope that helps.
hey i probs sound like a massive newbie but i was just wondering how i should trim my anubias? should i just cut off the discoloured leaves themselves or cut off their whole stem or what? thanks man
@Dustinsfishtanks I'll try that friday when I do a water change I have just been cutting it back to a few inches under the water level need to cut it twice a week it grows about 3 inch a day
I got my hair grass carpet to grow without hevy co2.... but i do have good lighting.. check it our if you have a chance .... i talk step by step about how to grow hairgrass
My aquatic planted water turn greenish when the plants started to grow , what could be the possible problem and any solution to bring water to clear condition.
Dustin check out my new vid of my tank, refurbed it with plants! Look at my sword it's got a big shoot, should I pinch them off and stick them in the gravel?
whats the temp range for the plants can they survive cooler water? im asking cause i have a fancy goldfish tank and may turn it in to a planted tank one day.
On anubius it is that bar like piece that the leaves come out of and the roots come down from. Check out Dustin's video" How to propogate Aquarium plants"
hey dustin how can I trim my vallisneria (not sure exact species) it's almost reached the top my tank growing about an inch per day
Hi how do I get moneywort to grow faster than usual, it's for a school project please help I don't know anything about plants
Like the good info.. but forcing ads everywhere is not good for the customer. People don't like that... and i'm one of them.
@Galaxy1423 how ever you want. its a hardy plant. I'd cut below the root and make a new, separate plant and re plant..
hairgrass in my tank grows well no co2 berly 1 watt per gallon and flourite gravel maybe your waters not right
Anubius you cut on the rhizome, and plant the new one. (make sure it has awesome roots on the new cutting.
What? I got hair grass to grow in just gravel,very low lighting and no co2 and I got a nice carpet.
hey men i got some plants but idk how to trim them. there in my vid can you check it out n tell me

How to Grow Aquarium Plants

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Love the informational video Izzy!!!!! Keep them coming
Awesome video great tips 
Tanks looking good izabella
Nice video. Love the fish room. I didn't realize you had that many tanks. Also Angels look sweeeeet
yeah i got quite a few!
I use the marineland lights also and beamsworks has a nice one I use on the 90 gallon
yeah they nice !
Great video

Aquarium Plant Discussion About Floating Plants Frogbit, Salvinia Natans and Dwarf Water Lettuce

In this video I talk about the 3 types of floating plants I have in my tanks and the benefits of having them. If you have never tried using floating plants hopefully you ...

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Hey! I want to set up a small 10 gallon tank. I want to set it up with dirt and some black gravel to cap it off. I Love the look of plants but i am just horrible with remembering plant names..... I don't want java fern or moss or any anubias. I like stem plants and plenty of other plants. I really want to go towards the fast growing plants. I saw this cool green plant in a local stream that looks a lot like grass but it is completely submerged. If I get it what should I do to prepare it?
hello, just a question., I have some Water lettuce in my 35 gallon tank and it was growing fine before I left to vacation for 6 weeks. No one changed the water and my Dwarf water lettuce and Jungle Val was affected. Jungle Val completely gone which I missed a lot because my Chinese algae eater pull away all the roots. Dwarf water lettuce is still there but the leaves are very tiny and mostly stuck in the filter. Please advise what should I do to water lettuce so it can bushy again.
I was thinking about putting some floating plants in with my 2 adult Oscars. As they are very messy fish, I think both the fish and the plants would benefit greatly from it being in the tank. I don't really want to try rooted plants because Oscars are cichlids, and cichlids are infamous for digging up plants and rearranging their tanks. Any suggestions?
I have dwarf water lettuce in my 5 gallon tank (60 l), and from just 3 small plants, I can pretty much get the entire tank surface covered in about 3-5 weeks, with root structures more than a foot long. I've found that under lower lighting their growth is much more reasonable, and they're a good addition to even small low light tanks
I ordered some Salvinia natans a few days ago. I used to have some a few years ago. I always had to pull handfuls of it off the tank every week. It did a great job of taking out nitrates. I'm hoping that my tiny order will take off again. At the price of the stuff, I must have chucked a few quid every week. lol
can you use any of the three mentioned above to feed gold fish or Tilapia? I'm working on an aquaponics system and would love to hear what you might recommend? I live in California, and yes I do know all about duckweed. I was excited to learn that their might be more plants that they can feast on.
I love these as well as duck weed, asian watergrass and floating fern. they Flourish overtime i but them... But only for a short while. They grow and reproduce so quickly that within a month they have used up all the nutrients in the water and then they start to rot...
I have 11 fish in the tank and dose some API CO2 booster with 20W florescent light. I really love to hove a bushy dwarf water lettuce cover up the tank surface. Should I add more fish so it can have more natural fertz?? any helpful advise will be appreciated.
you didn't mention duckweed, that stuff is a pain in the rear. Hard to control and gets all over you when working on the tank. Have you ever tried azolla? It looks pretty cool on the surface, but is pretty small so controlling it can be tricky.
Thank you for such a succinct comparison. I love the look of roots trailing down and have gotten so many different recommendations. I think choosing plants for an aquarium is very specific for each aquarium and the look you're after.
Thank you. Very informative. This video was helpful, as I am considering floating plants in my tank. I like the frogbit best too, because I like the way it looks both above and below the surface.
Fantastic video, very useful to see all three floating plants in action. You have stopped me making the mistake of getting S. natans in my external tank too, Ill stick to the others!
Many thanks for the excellent description of the most popular tropical floating plants. Has helped me create the best aquarium I've had in 30+ years of tropical fish keeping!
Thanks for doing this video. I've been researching floaters for my 5 gal low flow betta setup. I'm guessing the Savinia Natans out of these might be a good choice?
Very helpful as I am trying to decide what to plant in a tank of North American Cichlids (who love the taste of plants). Need to put something in to handle nitrates...
nice informative video, good stuff. ive got loads of the frog bit and only got a tiny piece originally when i bought some shrimps. i should really try some others!
having floating plants is cool but my water flow in the tank is too strong, and everything is on low setting. Too bad I cant have anything floating ...
aquabid.com dude. ive actually found many people in my own state that are giving it away for free. check your local aquarist forums.
I love the floating plants but they grow so quickly and crowd out the light to everything else under them. Like super sized duck weed

How To Propagate Your Lucky Bamboo

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man! people NEVER appreciates... He is taking his time to show us and many people just complaining.... Big mouth ppl!!
what if i cut the root of the big bamboo? can new ones come out? or this only works in little ones
sry but all i know is YES u can lightly trim it. i dont kno if it will grow back
Thank you, I used to use butter on the fresh cut bamboo after removing the yellow part. I had no idea what else to do. I'm glad I found your videos. Take care, and thank you again.
+Gabriella Tepper-Doran Well yes, that kind of butter. Have a good day yourself, too, and take care. D.
+ddojna ohh ok i thought u meant like butter for human consumption like the butter u put on toast haha thanks, have a good day
+Gabriella Tepper-Doran Simple: I cut a small cube of butter that is meant just for the bamboos. I rub the cut end of the bamboo into it, and try also to pick with it some butter so that the edges are well covered. If is needed I add some with my finger and tap it. With the wax you just dip it in. The difference is the butter is cold, from the fridge, but the wax is boiling.
u said u use butter?? how do u apply it?
Thanks for the video and the information..it could have been a lot shorter though...I don't think you need to say to use a sharp knife or to use a cutting board to protect your counter top Have all the stuff you need for your video ready..have the cutting board out on the counter, have the bamboo unbundled, etc. Just some suggestions! Your video had all the information I needed, which you could have delivered in about 3 minutes. :)
+Val Foster could not have said it better i mean come on i like the information but be prepared to deliver next time.
Is waxing the bamboo really necessary ?
+ChrisMum thank you for ur valuable advise, i wil do that . In my area they r selling those pants without waxing.. 
+Vijay Katakdaunde Yes, otherwise as he explained it will rot when the air gets to it.
seriously with the cheerios in the sink...
+ChrisMum Cheerios.......
+Lainabaina  Ha, ha! I wondered what was in the sink.....yuk! Could've cleaned the sink out first surely.......
Thank you so much c: my sister got me a couple and I got myself a couple so I have 4 but two are in my fish tank and I don't wanna buy anymore cause they're kind of expensive. If candle wax actually works then I'll go ahead and do this! 
+SamLesCreations i used candle wax about 7 months ago on my bamboo :) it is still healtly and nothing changed! it is a succes! i must give just a little advice : dont put to warm wax...

AQUARIUM PLANT: How To Tips: DUCK WEED Best Floating Plant

ONLINE STORE LINK: //www.ebay.com/usr/waynesfishwolrd growing duckweed tips and care guide duckweed is an easy plant to grow, it really thrives in ...

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Duckweed is definitely great for nutrient levels, but it becomes very annoying fast when it grows completely out of hand or constantly clogs your filter intakes. I have lots of flow in my tanks and this stuff once it gets in the current it is all over the place. Out in a pond I could see the benefits of it and like ya said feeding those types of fish. Good video
yeah buddy i have all shorts of plants listed on my store by next week i should have rotalals ludwigia and more java moss ready to go right now i have lilys and swords and crypts duckweed and lots more ready click the link and check it out buddy
haha i killed duckweed, i dont even bother with live plants these days because i have a black thumb and murder all the plants. The fish/water was fine just not enough light for my tank haha
does duckweed oxygenate the water? Finding conflicting views on that. In short, in a duckweed setup will fish die or survive alright (with no artificial aeration source)?
I'm trying to grow duckweed in my tank but when ever I put it in my fish just start to eat it. So now I have it growng in a container. What can I do?
well how much are you putting in and how big is your tank, the more you put in there the more its going to have time to grow and populate
i commented as always nice video keep them pumping do up date please on saltwater thanks for all the help over the past month's :)
My tinfoil barbs ate all of my duckweed covering 3/4 of my 75 gallon in 2 days. I guess they just really wanted a midnight snack
I may try that in my turtle tank. Does light penetrate through the layer of duckweed well enough to light an aquarium?
dude be careful duckweed (multi duckweed species)isn't the same everywhere. you can really mess up the ecosystem.
no problem man, yeah you guys will like the new salt water video its been on my camera for about a week now
i've got duckweed in my aquarium no clue how it got there unless someone shipped it with the plants.
In the Philippines, you can have more than that and all you have to do is ask for some /:)
Duck weed isn't legal to sell in most states. Heads up is all, love the vids man!
If I want this in my aquarium could I just go to a pond and grab some?
I grow mine in a small vase by my window, can't beat free fish food.
What is the minimum tank size for plants and 2 adult angelfish
yes it does check it out i have a couple different prices
42 views and no a single comment......that's a record

Control the snail population in aquarium - the "mechanical way", alternative to "chemical solutions"

All planted aquarium owners experience snail problem. It's almost impossible to have planted aquarium without common snails! You buy some plants at the ...

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Can I ask how you keep your water so clean?
+HunterLo25 Hi, check this out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i1wSL0-qu6k for more info about this aquarium
I have this but can never seem to catch very many the best thing was the pellet it came with it attracts snails like crazy any idea what it was?
It's JBL NovoFect (//bit.ly/1M4V3Nu). As I mentioned below, try to collect the snails from the trap in the morning, before the moment when the tank lights start. You will see that the trap will be full of snails.
I have sand snails. This is a safe way to get rid of at least the majority. I will now shop for one of these and use it in my over snail populated tanks. Thanks.
+dpaqua Thank you!!!!!!! 
For optimal results, I recommend to collect the snails from the trap in the morning, before the moment when the tank lights start. Good luck!
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