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How to multiply lucky bamboo plants Videos

Lucky Bamboo Propagation Tutorial

Tutorial on Propagation of Lucky Bamboo (Dracaena braunii) plants.

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I would love a follow up video to see the results. This video was enlightening.
+Jenine Engers So Sorry that I haven't made the follow up video...I'll get it scheduled and I think you will be happy to see how everything has developed.... Thanks So Much for the comment...
Nice video I have two questions.... What happens if u just cut the small side Armand not cut the big stock? And what would happen if u don't wax it after?
+Amanda Chadwick 
Don't think you should use Hot wax to seal the plants. They are alive. You may kill the plant by sealing them. The plants will seal themselves after cutting. Do not use Hot wax.
paradoxically it may be the safest and efficient way to seal - it cools right away since its just a dip or two.  And you do not necessarily have to dip the cut end in 'hot' wax.
I love this video... Please, can you write for me what is the two circles white that you used? Y do not speak english and is very difficult for me listen you... (I listen kellogg's watts) jajaja. Thank you very much!
Hola Julio, si, el bamboo original brotará de nuevo... no te preocupes.. Lo que debes hacer es cortarlo prolijo en el corte y echarle la vela derretida... Yo tengo muchas que estaban muyyy largas y feas e hice eso; la corté y piqué en trozos el resto (de unos 12 cms) y la original y las estaquitas están brotando. Suerte!
+Dislex07 disulpa una consulta, mis sobrinos rompieron uno de mis brotes y murió, quisiera saber si el bambu original dará otro brote o tengo que cortar entre los nodos y sellarlo?
Muchas gracias por aclararme esa duda Juan...! Saludos...
son restos de cera de velas k va a calendar en el microondas... candle wax... :)

Lucky Bamboo Care

This video is about Lucky Bamboo plants. I'll talk about some basic information about lucky bamboos, how to set them up, and how to take care of them. Enjoy.

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Bottled water often has added salts for flavor and can actually be worse for plants than tap water. If you have really horrible tap water, you could do a half tap / half distilled water. Also-if chlolrine is bad for these plants, you can leave it out for 24 hours and the chlorine will no longer be a problem.
American drawl. What rock have you being living under you inbred hick? Drawl is used for deep south accents, not this nerdy voice that this guy possesses. I advise you to go drown yourself - and your lucky bamboo as the plant isn't meant to cure stupidity.
The Lucky Bamboo Plants need to be planted in soil you have healthy orange roots. "Dasani" has added minerals and salts for flavor I would not recommend using that water but distilled water. What is the ruler for really?, it's not that serious.. lol :-)
do not use bottled water because during the transport the water warms up witch makes the bottle warm and then it releases toxic chemicals that are very harmful for us and for the plants. I recommend using distilled water :)
So I went on vacation.. Sis didnt water my bamboo... now some leaves have died but most of the plant looks ok... Do I have to cut those leaves off or will they fall on theyre own? Is my plant going to die or can it recover?
I just bought one online. I'm sure you should remove the gel if you haven't already. I believe it is there to protect the roots. I have watched many videos on this and have never seen lucky bamboo stuck in gel.
@missanna208 there's chloramines and some heavy metals that don't dissipate so you need chemicals to rid of those tho, however i'm not sure how harmful they are to plants but they're not good for fish
should i use water from the sink (tap water), bottled water, or can I also use mineral water to keep my lucky bamboo alive and hydrated
What do I do if my Bamboo has 3 really short roots? I did buy the Bamboo itself about a third of the size of yours, but still.
my lucky bamboo came in gel. Should I take it out of that? The reason I am asking is 'cause you said to rinse once a week.
I'm also the one I own I want to know how to multiply and whether I can reproduce one another??
Dude you sound nervus, and lucky bamboo has to be in soil it will rot in water.
I love Lucky bamboo! I believe lucky bamboo brings much luck.....
distilled water doesn't have much nutrients for the plants.
The stoned American drawl made me doze off in 38 seconds.
thanks for the info!!! and love your american drawl!
Song : Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On 
wow RINSE the bamboo, stones, and glass? rly?
Great video. Good outline. And nice review!
the only good in this video is the song
you are sweet. Keep up the good work.
@wildnichole99 then dont watch it!
Distilled Water = pure water.
what is the ruler for?... lol
He should have made a script
What a nat smart video
@LuckyBambooExpert LOL
can u talk any slower
yes you lazy cunt
Nice music :)

How to set your Lucky Bamboo Cutting

How to set your Lucky Bamboo Cutting.

User Comments

Okay question: I propagate mu lucky bamboo nd I put the sm stock In a separate glass but I out the main stock in with another bamboo is that Ok to do
Thank you for the video. Is there a way to promote the offshoot growing from the stem?
why don't you just put the stalk into the bottle?
Can you just put it into the normal vase?
How long till the roots grow.
no comments but good vid

How to Grow or Propagate Lucky Bamboo - Part 3

How to Grow or Propagate Lucky Bamboo - Part 3.
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