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How to multiply water lilies Videos

How to Shop for Pond Plants

Sign up for a newsletter and get a Free Leap Start Fertilizer Packet! //www.mcshanesnursery.com/ Hey Rusty here at McShane's in the water plant ...

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@drychalice mayba a deficency of some sort. this video makes them seen easyer to keep then they actually are not all people cant lookafter and provide the right things for them, i suggest getting a water lilly that is potted in mirecal grow
Those lilly plant i could get it at the river pond or park pond anywhere that wildlife live free just dont do nothing stupid to wildlife fish or youll get a big tecket fined 
Hyacinth clog my filter last summer non-stop!!! Trying water lettuce this year, I also just bought a potted corkscrew rush.
hello, what are the best plants for a pond container in a mostly shaded area??

Water Garden Variegated Four Leaf Clover, Marsilea mutica, pond clover 4leaf

Buy POND PLANTS at //www.PondMegastore.com "Plant just below the surface to 8 inches deep in a 3 or 4 inch pot with heavy topsoil or clay. This will help ...

Multiplication by Lexi, Lily, Ashi

Student stop motion video showing multiplication strategies.


HOW TO REPOT AND DIVIDE A COBRA LILY CARNIVOROUS PLANT Please Share, Thumbs Up, Comment, Subscribe & all that Jazz :) Want more Brads ...

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With winter approaching I'm worried about rotting out my first cobra lilies. How damp should they be during the winter? Some pitchers are developing brown spots so I need to recheck I didn't plant it incorrectly. It does have new growth coming out that seems healthy though, It's around fifteen years old and came with a 24 inch pitcher on it.
Make sure the media is moist and not soaking wet. In other words, no water should drip out when you press on it. Don't let the media dry out. I usually mist the media everyday to keep it cool.
I liked the repotting though I dont have any cobra lili or any other carniverous plant and got tempted to get one carniverous plant. I like the cute pitchery ones but this is looking good too! what do you recommend for a beginner to grow along my orchids?
Nepenthes Ventrata. Easy and forgiving plants. Also able to tolerate indirect sunlight and low humidity. It is also a tropical plant that grows vigorously all year round.
What he said ^^Cobra lilies have perhaps the most complex and perfectly designed traps but are tricky to grow.
+MaryG Orchids Depends what kind of plant you are looking for. If u want a plant like the cobra lilies in the video, a good beginner would be a venus flytrap or a hybrid Sarracenia such as Daina's Delight or Judith Hindle. If you prefer the tropical ones, Drosera capensis, Pinguicula moranensis, Nepenthes ventrata, sanguinea, or Miranda are great beginner carnivorous plants

Weekend Vlog: Rob's got Chills! Plus Matalan Haul

Rob's got chills -no, they're not multiplying ;) and he's not looooosing controool...! That tune should be in your head right about now, you're welcome! Everyone is ...

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It's a good job you're not sick, mums can't get sick! The Christmas duvet set is so cute!
+The Wilky Ways nope! I've got to keep going an eat well. thanks, I thought so :)
Laughter absolutely is the best medicine, followed closely by chocolate. Here's a tip: Next time you're at dollar store, or pound shop, pick up a few denture brushes for scrubbing and cleaning. They are much stronger and more effective than toothbrushes. I'm really enjoying your vlogs, you have a great sense of humor and Rob is hilarious. :)
+DSherman50 Oh thanks I will have a look. The toothbrushes are effective but takes a bit of effort and now the bristles are wearing away. Absolutely agree, laughter and chocolate have amazing effects :) Thanks, we both have a silly sense of humour :)
Hope you're all feeling better soon. Last weekend was definitely a cold one. Did you get the laundry basket online or in store? Really like it, but couldn't find any in Matalan store.
+ThePartyofNine I am pleased to say everyone is better, hooray! I bought both in store and initially wanted the one with "Laundry" printed on it but couldn't find it so got the plain one, but I must have got lucky as it was in stock about a month later. Hopefully you get your hands on one :)
Awww poor kiddies :( , homemade chicken nuggets looked delicious. shut up rob
+Kira Hutt All good now thankfully. Thanks, very moreish :) x

The Arsenal - Ep. 2 / Lana Steele feat. Superwoman

Finding Mr. X's Butler isn't going to be easy. Lana may need to enlist a little help from… the Arsenal! Tell us your favorite product from Lana's Episode 2 ...

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she's obviously acting for a show
lilly's hair doe
Where is the makeup list
My mom has the same mascara lol
I have the exact same mascara Lol.
+i love makeup. can someone pls tell me what is that song while she was doing her makeup???
+NoNameRGameR ;) We love hearing that
To be honest I didn't know how I would feel about this but I love it! The whole idea is so creative and I love how the transformations and makeup tutorials blend so well into the actually show without sounding weird or out of place. The first episode was like random but I see now where it all falls into place. Plus Lilly's acting is amazing! She is so mysterious and so bad ass that it's hard not to love her character. Oh and I think Quinn is awesome! 
It's still a little weird but kind cool

PEACE LILY - How To Care Indoor House Plant Spathiphyllum - Best Indoor Houseplant

Peace Lilies are very common houseplants because they are easy to grow. They can grow up to 16 inches, but larger ones can often reach 6 feet tall. Peace ...

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Check this out this from allexperts... google for "House Plants: Peace Lily flowers turning brown, peace lily" There are a couple of possibilities here. First, check your water quality. If your tap water is on the hard side, then use filtered or distilled water. Excess mineral salts in hard water can cause flower discoloration. Second, check for roots hanging outside the drain holes of the nursery (inner) pot. If you find any, then trim them off with scissors.
Stephen, you must re-pot your Peace Lily in a pot with holes for good drainage in the bottom. The Peace Lily will have brown edge leaves & even turn yellow if it is over watered (which a pot without holes in the bottom is causing). A good rule of thumb, The Peace Lily will tell you when it is thirsty by its wilting leaves. When you see that, give her a good drink of water & within an hour or so she should perk right back up. Good Luck!!!
I like my peace lily plants(2) because i get to water them more often than my other plants, if my white flowers droops down then it's a sign to water it and it so much fun to monitor it based on that, the others plants i have to really check the soil before watering them :):).
I grow my peace lilly in a bowl of water. It's not the water that damages the peace lilly, but usually the chlorine and other additives in the water. Let your water sit for 24-48 hours to let any chlorine evaporate before watering your peace lilly. I use distilled water.
So sorry De anna about your son my daughter passed away also.. but we got one just recently win my mother in law passed and I want to keep it in her memory so this video really help us on what to do Thanks for sharing
I grow peace lilly in my garden in Southern India where the weather is warm and humid. I find the growth very slow and hardly any flowers. Is it because it needs manuring? I water the plants daily - am I over watering?
Great tips... I too have a little browning on the tip of my leaves... I water from the bottom but will try you method and must them as I did not realize they like higher humidity levels.
The leaves have Powdery Mildew Syndrome. That's the white spots that form from over- spraying water on the leaves. It is still a very beautiful plant. Where did you purchase it?
Thank you so much . You helped my husband and I save our plant. It was a gift when our daughter passed away and we had no clue on how to keep it a live. God bless you. 
Yes, but only if you give them proper fertilizer. Water doesn't naturally have things such as nitrogen. Mine has been growing in water for about three years now.
Yes. That's the perfect way to water Peace Lily. They will give you sign when they need water. Over water will cause the tip of leaves to turn brown.
Wow, great Peace Lily. Mine has just developed brown spots on one of it's flowers - what's that ? I've only had it two weeks and I'm really worried.
My Peace Lily blooms all year round. It's now winter and I have 5 new blooms already. Each bloom lasts for 1 month at least.
i am getting my new baby peace lily tomorrow so this info will help me very much! very informative .
what am I doing wrong when the leaves turn brown on the tips and then the edges? Not enough light?

Photoshop Makeup: Eyes (Part 4 of 4)

Learn how to apply eye makeup easily in Photoshop. Part 4 of 4 in the Photoshop Makeup series, this video will teach you how to apply realistic eyebrows, eye ...
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