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How to enable mms on iphone 6 Videos

UPDATED FOR IPHONE 6 AND 6+ !! MMS and Data fix for Straight Talk for iPhone 6+/6/5S/5/4S/4

DATA: APN: att.mvno Username: Password: MMS: APN: att.mvno Username: Password: MMSC: //mmsc.cingular.com Proxy: Leave the rest ...

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Wow it is a lot to make something work. I am on sim card #3. I got the one from ST and it was not micro. I cut it down and it would have workd great but there are no TM towers where I live. ST does not sell AT&T sims so I got one on Ebay. $44. Ouch. Signal is ok but data and mms was not. In order to follow this tutorial I used the old sim from ST which works on TMobile towers. It worked fine. I have iPhone 4. It is much slower than what you show but I don't have 4G. It all works! You ROCK!
Hi Marcie, this is Sara with Straight Talk. My apologies for the inconvenience this has caused you. Please be informed that iPhone 5 takes a Nano SIM card for it to work. When you activate your phone with the Straight Talk's Bring Your Own Phone program, it is a must to update the phone's APN settings to enable data service. Thanks! To better assist you, simply send us an email to [email protected] Awaiting your response.
Something freaky is going on. My phone was able to send and receive text pics/mms all this time (thanks to this video). Today a 'carrier update' message appeared/flashed on my phone. I didn't think much of it. But the last MMS message I got was yesterday. Now when I try to send messages I get "message failure" and I'm not getting any messages, either. GRRR.
Hi, I have an at&t iphon 4. I used the swim swap method..I got my picture messaging to work, but no internet stil...??? when I try to browse the web, it says "Could not activate cellular data network" You are unsubscribed to a cellular data service"!! What else can i do to get my internet to work??? I'll appreciate all the help i can get, thanks!!
Hey hi Buddy...I am able to get only 3G , Not 4G. Transferred my number from Verizon to straight talk , When talk to straight talk customer care - they are telling when transfer the number from another company straight talk will use T-Mobile network. So i am able to get only 3G , Not 4G. I tried all those but didnt work..?
a better way to do this is if you go to the website ht tp://ww w. unlockit. co. nz/ on the iphone and just use wifi, once you get to the website on the iphone click create apn, click straight talk for carrier, hit the button create apn and then it should switch you to settings and click install and it works!
I just subscribed!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! I have been trying to get this to work forever on my Iphone 4s IOS 6.0.1 jailbroken/Cydia/tetherme. Edited the settings didnt need the tmobile sim as jailbreaking allowed me to change the cellular settings. Give email address i want to donate thru Paypal.
Can someone do me a HUGE favor and tell me EXACTLY (possibly even link me to) which SIM card to buy from Amazon or Ebay? I know some people just say "unactivated" but I see a lot of comments on videos of people saying "It didn't work!". I want to order with confidence. I have a ATAT 4S
This worked and PERFECTLY! Ordered a T-Mobile SIM card from ebay for $4.00 (shipping included), followed your instructions and then tested it sending and receiving pic messages with friends (all on different carriers). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!
I took your idea and did it but with the settings given to me by straight talk on an "apn settings" email they sent me. It worked! I am so thankful. I also used a simple mobile sim. Those would give you the "cellular data" settings also.
Do you have your phone jailbreak? if yes. then go to cydia. Download TetherMe So that you can put info into your cellular data network. and if you don't have jailbreak This Video Fixed my friend phone. Video Is Rock Thanks buddy.
I thought I was the only one but then I found out there are 3 different APN's this website helps SOOO much! Not spam i promise! smartphonematters(dot)com/guides/how-to-setup-straighttalk-wireless-data-and-mms-for-ios-6/2/
Hey did you have to activate the t-mobile sim? Or was it just a normal unactivated one? I have an old t-mobile sim because I used to have a tmobile phone, but I don't know if it 'll work with an inactive t-mobile sim.
I got one on ebay for $4 from a seller with the ID of ipis0509. Ebay strips links so just do a search. The card arrived less than a week after I ordered it. He/she is now offering them now for $3.89 and free shipping.
Did not work on my iPhone 5. Sending pictures to iMessage quit working on cellular network also. My phone still has the "Cellular Data Network" tab even after rebooting the phone with the Straight Talk SIM inserted.
Worked like a charm, But i didnt need to go to notes and take out sim card again. I just put in T-Mobile sim then went to cellular menu then took it out and put in Straight Talk and added the APN settings and boom!
i did this n it didnt work, i also did jailbroke it n did tether me and that didnt work either, i have a 3gs i have tried everything n im pretty much ready to say FUCK iphone n go back to my android i know works
My new iPhone 6 won't receive MMS from Android phones. Everything else works correctly. Are the settings in your video up to date since its a year old? I see "tfdata" everywhere instead of att.mvno
Now everything works perfectly.iMessage,MMS,text message. The only thing what makes me said is the Straight Talk will not work in my country while I will be in Europe.. My only hope is T-Mobile.
I have an iPhone 4 running ios 7 on straight talk and I was having issue with my data and mms not working and all I did was update the phone to ios 7.0.3 and now it works perfect.
Hi Shanel980, I am Sara from Straight Talk Wireless. Let us help you get your question be addressed. Please email us at [email protected] Thank you.

Internet i MMS postavke za iPhone 6 i iPhone 6 Plus

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Spomenuli su ali naglašavam: nakon unosa MMS postavki potreban je RESTART iPhone-a, inače MMS neće proraditi.

Ultra Mobile iPhone 5 MMS

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Great Thank you!
+dnavy300 awesome , for more info and unlock services visit us at https://www.itechunlimited.com/
Worked great on a iPhone 5s.. Can now send MMS.. Thank you
+Nathalie Lemus You are welcome!
Thank u so much I did it.
It worked for me

iPhone 6: How to Enable / Disable MMS Text Messages

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