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How to enable graphics card in bios Videos

GPU BIOS Flash - Alternate Method

So i was to lazy to make a DOS boot thumb drive. I came up with this idea as an alternate method to recover a dead video card. Note that i have only tested this ...

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This guys teq dont work.. he got lucky... 3 fuckin days of messing with this guys bullshit method. i got lucky after i bricked mine. i went into asrock bios and set to apu onboard gfx. switched of some othr stuff. after a fresh install of the same os i used to brick it . i then got a few crashes and win 8.1 bsod.. then i got a windows auto refix... rebooted and got to desktop. ran win atiflash and it ran this time.. all the other time it just bsod'd windows.. so i had 3 bios saves. could not remember which was the correct one. luckly id took a screen grab with gpuz just before i bricked it. showing me some numbers that matched one of my gpu bio.s and THANK GOD AFTER 3 DAYS SOLID TRYING IT WORKED.. I THOUGHT ID FUCKED IT AND REFLASHED THE APU BY MISTAKE. SWITCHED IT OF and held my breath. took the hdmi out of the apu slot and put it into my R7250x.. got nothing... just a few loud crackles from my sound card then BOOM ITS BOOTED.. THANK GOD.. lesson learnt.. never mess with the dark arts unless you had good training. i was gona do it with dos and a Usb stick in the morning.. no need now... arrrr. i feel better.. thank god.. This guys method only works on his system. lucky i had a asrock and APU or id of been screwd... one happy gamer from the UK. ALSO IN GPUZ MY CARD REPORTS ITS A hd 7700. its supposed to be a hd7770 im sending it back.
I BRICKED. a supposed sapphire r7 250x. on gpu-x readout it does not read as a r7 it reads as a HD 7700. have i been ripped of ? I know the cards where made from old gpus. but surely they would read as the correct name. Saffire aint hackers. any thoughts dude. im trying to figure whats going on now.. I NEED TO GET IT BACK.. OBviously iv flashed with correct bios. but the the card aint correct... this is for my kids xmas present.. Iv been buying bits at a time.. im fuming..ebay con artists. though he did say he would exchange it if i wanted a better bigger card fir starwars bf.. maybe he dont know there bogus, maybe ???? lucky i kept the old bios. but i cant seem to get it to boot with the r7 in and 8 pin..iv tried every way i can think of.
Hi friend! I was trying to make something out of my old HD radeon,and ended up in shit. So i did as you did for some stupid reason i changed the gpu speed and saved it,and i have done smart thing before that and extracted original BIOS from card. Programed the changed BIOS,restarted and it found my card like STANDARD VGA,the AtiWinFlash is not detecting any ATI hardware,in atiflash it says (no adapter found)... And it works,actualy i have integrated intel G41 and my ati radeon HD 6770 VTX3D DDR5 - 1gb is inside computer,but detected as standard vga. :/ What can i do to revert it back to original state,and how to do it? I now have original bios but no adapter found to flash it...
I have an HIS radeon hd 6950 and I tried to unlock it to a 6970, I used the HIS 6970 bios and flashed it, no problem at all, untill I needed to reboot my system.. I rebooted and geuss what? nothing happend. black screen all the way. I tried to run it with another video card, wich didnt work.. I tried to run it with my onboard video controller wich didnt work. however, when I pull the 6950 out the slot, it will boot with the onboard gpu. I have an backup of the standard bios how can I recover?ty
@mus3f0rliv3 Try and change the boot settings in the BIOS. This may work. But as i stated in my video, it will only work with that old "legacy" PCI slots. So you may need an older card to get this to work properly. Then lust follow the steps in the vid. Feel Free to pm me. I will try my best to help you out. I will say that i am out of town right now, and my responses may be a little slow. But i will do my best for ya!
hello i have a bricked radeon 6850 and i dont have extra gpu but theres no display anywhere but if i let my pc boot and i connect to it through teamviewer or logmein i can see the desktop and my motherboard recoginzes the card but when i go to open atiflash it says i 800x600 res required and its stuck on 640x480 is there any other tools that i can use to flash it from desktop?
+Tony Jones R7 250x is the same card as HD 7700 just rebranded. You probably flashed onto your card bios that was for R7 250. R7 250 isnt based on any old chip. So in fact r7 250x (HD 7700) and r7 250 are very different. They have less common then for example r7 250 and r7 260, becouse as i said earlier r7 250x is based on an old chip.
You are very welcome! I take joy knowing that this video is working for people. Even a year after I posted it. What video card were you trying to flash, and what card did you use to recover your system? Have you tried to flash again now that you know you can successfully recover? Tenha um bom dia! (I know some Portu).
Apologies! I did not get an email for your comment, and i never check the comments on my video unless i have a email informing me. To belated answer your question. I honestly do not know. I think you may have found the answer to your question since it has been a year though. Again, apologies.
i keep getting a bsod eveytime win 8.1 64 gets almost to the desktop. so friggin annoying.... uoi never mention your 6 pin power plugs.. will boot with no 6 pin. soon as a plug in the 6. no boot. un less i have bios set to boot from pci.. im still stuck..
lmao. dam it does hurt tho. what if i hard brick it not soft brick it. i had an extra hd 6770 that i could of tried this on but sold it only a few days ago. lmao. oh well i guess until the day i get donated a gpu
thank you very much, I used my onboard card and changed my bios settings to use both my 6950 and my onboard card. then I booted and flashed it back to it's old bios! Thanks once again!
Thanks for the video it will sure help someone someday. Keep the video up as it willhelp someone in the future. I think I saw somebody brick one on bitcoin forums so i will point here.
hey i have a question. i have an xfx gpu no voltage unlock. my question is can i flash a asus bios which has voltage unlock. its a hd 7770 .and i found an unlocked bios for asus.
you probably disable on board graphics on your motherboard hence the reason black screen when boot. but boots up with gpu out of the slot it enables onboard gpu with it out.
Dude! I love you! i tried blindflashing and all that bios flashing crap! but in the end thats the thing that worked for me! Thx for saving my GPU! Greetings from Brazil!
hi thnx for the vid.. by the way can work flashing video card bios using the onboard video..because i do not have a pci video card the old one..thnx..
@9Br3ak3r You can go to piratebay and search for ultimate boot disk. It can load Windows, DOS and other cleaning things in case of booting emergency.
The cool thing is... with this method, it can't hurt to try (i assume). Because if it does not work, you can always reflash.

How to flash Bios for Graphics Card Sapphire HD 7850-Jak flashovat Bios

Zde je návod jak flashovat Grafickou kartu Sapphire HD 7850 2GB, pro přesnější návod piště do komentářů. Děkuji (Here is how to flash your graphics card ...

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hi i have 2 gtx 570's with the newest drivers but different bioses i hurd it was okay to have different ones but when i start up my game like fallout new vegas and other games it starts to flash green on my screen plz help asap thx..
bios download please?
Bios download here

EVGA Double BIOS Graphics Cards

A look at the benefits you get with an EVGA Double BIOS graphics card. See which cards have Double BIOS and learn more at //www.evga.com/doublebios.

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Does the normal version of the EVGA 770, have double bios? eu.evga.com/products/moreinfo.asp?pn=02G-P4-2770-KR this ----- That one.
So people uncomfortable with overclocking won't have to worry about ruining their card.
Does EVGA do AMD Graphics cards like the the new R9 290x?
nope unfortunately not. if they did theyd be the best.
Why would you ever need to be in the "limited" bios?
so in over all go for a double bios instead?
This is for warranty purposes
This is good for enthusiasts.
evga is for nvidia only haha
For retarded people? :D
No, nvidia only

Nvidia graphic card bios update and heat issue

bios update using nibitor,NV flash win 7 64 . save over clocked bios file including fan speed increase from factory based.

How to Update the MARSII BIOS with GPU Tweak

JJ from ASUS demonstrated how to update your BIOS with GPU Tweak on the recently released ASUS MARS II Graphics Card.

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G'Day JJ. Thank you for some nice informative video about ASUS R.O.G MARS II (as I have with number 380/999). What I don't understand is while you have this video demonstration, not one of your web pages have the ASUS ROG GPU Tweak Utility or the BIOS for MARS II graphic card, either it is asus.com or rog.asus.com. The equation makes me really perplexed. Best Regards, Bengt "WOLF" Johansson.
When are you going to change the 12 centimeter Radius Arrow to a Diameter Arrow (or change the radius to 6 cm instead of 12 cm as for now) on the web pages for ASUS ROG MARS II? As it shows now you point out that ASUS MARS II have two 24 centimeter (240mm) fans and that is even to BIG for ASUS ROG MARS II. Sincerely, Bengt "WOLF" Johansson.
@BenWoJoh Hi, I have number 381/999 actually ;) And you make a good point, I have not either found where the tweaks/ info can be DL/ Read from..
It doesnt work, been trying to update for weeks to AS15. This damn utilty tells me I'm up to date on AS13 which isnt so!
I get a black screen whenever I install any of this stuff for my asus radion 7870

XFX R9 280X BIOS update

How to update the BIOS of your XFX R9 280X GPU-Z: //www.techpowerup.com/downloads/2317/techpowerup-gpu-z-v0-7-5/ XFX R9 280X BIOS versions: ...

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hey man... ive been having problem with my 280x in cs ive been getting *atiumdag.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x546e9f85* crashes.... it sais it has something to do with the drivers... but idk.. i reinstalled drivers and havent found a fix and was wondering if you did anything to fix this... thx for reading!
+WoWkiddymage You guys have to make yourself a bootable usb with dos on it go back into your atiwinflash.exe and flash back your backup .rom file to fix it. I had same prob with mine had to reflash with my backup
hello i have saphire r9 280x toxic. I have a lot of flickering problems so i flash new bios. Now my card dont work. I switch dual bios buton bot nothing is changed, only black screen. :(((
+MrPsykran did you find a solution? Or your card is broken?

[How to] Flash nVidia Graphics Card BIOS (Greek)

Πολλές φορές, ο ψαγμένος χρήστης θα χρειαστεί να αναβαθμίσει το bios της κάρτας γραφικών του, είτε διότι πρέπε...

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Δυστυχώς δεν έχουμε κάποια γραφικών ATi προς το παρόν για να σας δείξουμε πως γίνεται και στις ATi. Παρόλα αυτά υπάρχουν αρκετά βίντεο και οδηγοί στο internet που λένε αναλυτικά πως θα το κάνετε.
Αν θέλεις κάνε μια εγγραφή στο forum μας ώστε να τα συζητήσουμε από εκεί και να έχεις περισσότερες γνώμες / απόψεις. Αν πάλι δεν θέλεις, στείλε μας ένα προσωπικό μήνυμα εδώ στο YouTube.
αυτην την στιγμη ειναι ιδια στο μελλον τα windows 8 θα ειναι πολυ μπροστα στα παιχνιδια
για οσες δεν υπαρχουν εχουν σταματησει!και σημαινει οτι εχεται τα τελεταια Bios
Αν έχεις γνήσια Windows 7 ή άλλο λειτουργικό η αναβάθμιση είναι σχετικά φτηνή ;)
Gia sas exo tin zotac GTS 450 ECO Edition 2GB pia apola ta bios na katevaso giati den exei kan auti ti karta ala oute kai 2GB?
Μεσαία αλλά θα σου πρότεινα να τα βάλεις όπως σε βολεύουν καλύτερα.
Στείλε μας προσωπικό μήνυμα να δούμε τι μπορούμε να κάνουμε.
Η οθόνη σου τι ανάλυση έχει και ποια κάρτα γραφικών έχεις ;
einai ligo xazh erotisi alla thelo na rotiso ta eikonidia sto desktop ta exeis mikra i mesea probolh?
Μόλις τώρα τα δοκίμασα και είναι μια χαρά.
exw palit 550 gtx egw, kai den to briskw, idio me ton Hassassin
Ευχαριστώ με βοήθησες πολύ +1 like
Στείλε μας pm να σε βοηθήσουμε.
ta link sto channel sas den doulevoun :/
tha kanete kai gia ati kanena video
nvidia geforce gt 545 dn exei e?
i wish this was in english...:(
windows 8 pro

Sapphire HD 6950 2GB Dual-Bios Graphics Card Review - Battlefield 3 Scavenger Mode

Many people have been asking about my graphics card so here is a test on BF3! PythonGB: //www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2C5F32DA70AB796B ...
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