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How to enable laptop camera Videos

How to enable the Acers laptop camera

Being sick + fast talking + crappy far away laptop microphone = nearly incomprehensible audio. So heres really the only things you need to know in this 5 min ...

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The link is dead! Please, help meee! I have a acer E1-470 and my camera web doesn´t work!
+Johnnysw4  Suggested this link in a comment, I haven't checked it out, just relaying the info//www.freedownloadscenter.com/Multimedia_and_Graphics/Video_and_Animation_Tools/Debut_Video_Capture_Software_Download.html

how to turn off built in camera on laptop

This video shows how to turn off the built in camera of your laptop. Works on Windows 7 - the video is for Windows 7.

How to Disable the Webcam in Windows 7 by Nicholas Lee Fagan

This video will show you how to disable a built-in camera (webcam) in your laptop. --- Visit our website! //www.OrlandoPCRepair.biz --- Follow us on Twitter!

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omggg..thank you so much! if you didnt post this video i don't know what happen to my webcam now
im thinking about breaking this cam thing. Like sticking a fork in or something
OMG thanx dude ! i just wanted to turn it off and i didnt know how..THANX !
it did wrok but it said i have to restart the computer
Thumbs up if you use it for omegle ;)
thanks for the tutorial friend.
I will not see you camera buggy
Can it be re-enabled?
Thanks a great help!
thank you ;)

How to turn Webcam ON. Windows 7. 2 options. Any laptop brand

2 Easy ways to turn your laptop's webcam ON. Windows 7. 1st option, 4 clicks. After searching all over the internet with no luck, I found my own easy way.

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It does the news when i got the microsoft thing Please help me!
Okay Thanks
+CoolAJLover 101 You must be running Windows 7... If you have Windows 7, Movie Maker comes in it !
tnx man you helped me a lot!
You are welcome Teo, please feel free to share this video if you think it can help others !!
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