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How to enable macros in xlsx Videos

Microsoft Excel 2010 - Compiling All Macros - Automating Report 4 of 4

This video shows how to put all the macros together from the previous videos in order to automate report. Sub TransferData() ' ' TransferData Macro ...

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hi I'm a noob. but i wanna ask. soo testfile is just there to get some data from a workbook and then create a public report readonly file. is that it? what's the purpose for this?

How to Turn PDF into Excel (XLSX, XLS Formats) on Mac OS X?

Don't know how to turn PDF documents into Excel XLSX / XLS formtas on Mac directly? Here is the best way for you: Turn PDF into Excel for Mac & Windows: ...

How to make a button, and assign a macro to it in Excel (Excel tips #1)

How to make a button, and assign a macro to it in Excel | Looking for a full training course on Excel? Go to Excel University //goo.gl/ewDyvf Follow me on ...

Set Field Properties for an Access Database Table

Set Field Properties for an Access Database Table. data for the database: //www.ralphphillips.com/youtube/raw-data-for-databases.xlsx.

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Do you have a video explaining how to create a login and switchboard for access 2007?

Record and Edit an Excel Advanced Filter Macro

//www.contextures.com/xladvfilter01.html Use an Excel Advanced Filter to copy specific items from a list, to a new location. The extracted data will not update ...

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What if, in the macro, I want it to filter for more than one value. For instance, I have a list containing data for 62 cities (criterion) and need data copied weekly from each city. How could I copy the advanced filter in the macro for those 62 criterion. Each time I've tried, the macro records all my scrolling through the data and it's tough to find which part of the HTML is the filter. I want to delete the excess as Contextures did in the video. PS: I'm an excel newbie and an HTML dummy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Hey Guys i found the solution to error Run time error 40036 (application defined or object defined error) I have given the macro name TopOrders and also the sheet name is TopOrders. I have changed the name of macro and tried again. Now its working for me.. Thank you again for sharing this video.
Thank you for the video..Its working fine if we record it... after making changes like current region.. adding the sheet name TopOrders, the code is giving error like Run time error 40036 application defined or object defined error. Any help on this will be great. Thank you.
after I change type in CurrentRegion and I got everything like yours but there's this error 1004 that says my extract file region is wrong or something like that. don't know what to do
SO Helpful, I was using dynamic formulas to auto extract, and with 20,000 records it was a big slow workbook! Now its very lean and quick, thank you so much!
Hi there if are using share folder. Any ways we could find out last person edit?
You are good but need to slow down a little :)
Chrystal clear, as always ;) Thx, Debra ;)
Excellent Video ...thanks a ton
Very good video. Keep it up.

New workbook 1. New file 2. Page layout 3. Quick Access toolbar 4. View settings 5....

New workbook 1. New file 2. Page layout 3. Quick Access toolbar 4. View settings 5. Import data 6. Enter data in cells 7. Cell area 8. Data validation 9. Hyperlink ...

How To Use Excel XLS and XLSX To DBF Converter Software

To download, please go to //www.sobolsoft.com/excelxlsdbf/

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Useless without sound
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