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How to beat dark void smeargle Videos

HEART SWAP SMEARGLE AT WORLDS!?! CRAZY TEAM from Pokemon World Championships 2015

Edit* I didn't watch all of the battles (Recording Fan Friday) but Lucario had Rock Tomb, not heal pulse! Kotaro Nakagome is a LEGEND in my books! Bringing ...

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I think he uses Lucario because of Inner Focus (immune to flinch, thus ignoring fake out)
+Wallace Leung Ooh... now THAT'S clever.
+Wallace Leung OH SNAP
why not form a team that counters those teams that were all the same???
+Rix Dyas Good luck. The best counters are already on those identical teams.
I didn't like the guy that won tbh. Arrogant and disrespectful. *Opponent gets fully paralyzed after using prankster T-Wave* *Celebrates like he just won the lottery*
+Zac Winter if it's the penultimate turn & you see a single opportunity for victory that relies on a single crit, you don't give up & select your moves & that slim chance you found miraculously leads to a result wouldn't you celebrate? Respect & understand the RNG. If you get a full para on a key turn that you calculated for successfully manipulating the RNG in your favor why shouldn't you celebrate it same as the crit?
What's the point of bring a super common OP pokemon in worlds? I want someone to bring a creative and original team. I want to see a person (might be me) to bring Typlosion in worlds! Congrats for the world champion of VGC 2015, I like his personality, but not his team. When I go to worlds, I will bring a creative team, I don't care if I win or not, just wanted to show my creativity. Se Jun Park and Kotaro Nakagome are the best examples of creative teams
+Kevin Fetters That kind of shit is dragging our community down, man. Have a little fun once in a while.
+cynda wu The point is to try and win, and the standard Pokemon are there because they can win.
The one thing that disappointed me about worlds is the sheer amount of Landorus Therians I saw. Sure it's an amazing Pokemon and all, but personally I was craving some more creativity with teams. Not mention Heatran and Cresselia. I guess I'm just a hipster.
aurorus is insane 
Aurorus isn't really seen that often in Showdown. Must be a trade secret
Then aurorus came out of nowhere

Good Strategy!!! # 1 - Smeargle

Salve a tutti ragazzi e benvenuti in questa nuova serie in cui vi mostro delle strategie utilizzabili nei vari formati di lotta!!! Oggi vi mostro una strategia molto ...

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handling Smeargle

While Smeargle is one of the frailest fully evolved Pokemon, it can also be one of the most dangerous. Having both of your leads get hit with Dark Void is just ...

PRANKSTER Smeargle! - SqishyRina Battle Spot Doubles #10

Someone manages to set up a pretty nasty Dark Void Smeargle, but I still keep my calm, and deal with the whole thing pretty effectively.

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lol i ran that at london finals last year except i took meowstics prankster from my opponent
Was kinda, sorta expecting the skill swap on heatran. But great video :)

DP Wi-Fi #7 VS phalanx (PokemonWorld Vs ONM JAW R1) [Narrated]

Pokemon X and Y Wifi Battle: VGC Prep. #068 - I Shall Not Be Out Stalled!

65 Likes? SUBSCRIZZLE! Leave a LIKE and COMMENT :) What is going Ovation Nation and welcome to another episode of VGC Prep! In this episode of VGC ...
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