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1995 jeep wrangler transmission mount Videos

360 Video: 19005.06-Transmission Mount; 93-95 Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ, Automatic, 4.0L

Your transmission mount secures the engine and transmission to your Jeep and absorbs the road-shocks and engine vibrations so that the driver does not feel ...

96 ZJ bad transmission mount (I'd say it's shot.)

TDI 4Runner Build Pt 2 - Transmission Lift Mount

Here I built a simple lift block for the transmission mount. I lifted the body and transmission 2" so the TDI's oil pan would clear the front differential. Build blog can ...

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Would a normal body lift kit eliminate the need for a custom transmission mount?
+Stephen Englund Don't know. I did not put a level on my engine. I lifted the body 2" & the transmission 2", so that stays the same as it were factory. I then made my engine mounts to allow for everything to fit around the firewall, the oil pan to clear the differential, and for the factory hood to close. It ended up being pretty close to level in the end. Also keep in mind drivetrain angles if you plan on lifting the suspension, etc. Just get started and work with it.
Okay thanks. This is probably a super dumb follow up question,but I'm going to ask it anyways. Do you want the engine completely flat? As if I were to use a leveler the bubble is in the middle type flat. Or is there a certain degree of variance I could have? The reason i ask is out of all the builds I've read, you're the only one to raise the transmission. And if I'm going to do this I want to do it right the first time.
+Stephen Englund I did use a normal (off the shelf) aftermarket body lift. I needed to lift the engine for oil pan clearance, so I had to lift the transmission as well to keep it level.
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