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How to make dogs yawn Videos

The Science of Yawns, Dogs and Empathy

Swedish scientists show that dogs empathize with humans.

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Yawning is part of canine body language. Yawning is a calming behavior- a behavior canines display when feeling anxious or trying to calm themselves or if they are just generally uncomfortable or unsure of a situation. Other calming signals that often appear along with yawning are panting, ears back, whale eye, etc. If a dog "copies" your yawn, it's probably just reciprocating the calming gesture back to you.
I was about to suggest this, but you did it perfectly. When my dog gets a little frantic, instead of petting and telling him, "It's ok," (which in fact can encourage a dog to repeat the behavior since you think it's 'ok') I just yawn and put my hand on his head. It shows him that I am calm and that he should be too; it works great.
Uhh dogs can learn to yawn on command very fast that when you look at it , yawn, then have any positive reaction when they yawn back. Eye contact for some dogs has a higher reinforcement value than most people, or terrible researchers think. This looks like a terrible study that finds nothing, in my opinion.
you're making an awful lot of assumptions based on a one minute and thirty second video.
Why did I yawn 5 times. Even typing yawning makes me yawn
Honeybadger don't give a shit.... about yawning I mean...
am i the only one who yawned when watching this :D
Little Charlie? Hahah what a special little guy.
it works 69% of the time. Thats what she said.
Haha, "cats couldn't care less", as usual!: )
I can sneeze without blinking.
I yawned while watching this.
Just yawned like 5 times .-.
Aww..yawwwnnn. Growl, bark!
I love this story. :)
I just yawned.
1:17 lol
cool :-)

What Dogs Are Actually Thinking

Ever wonder what dogs could be thinking? Us, too. GMM #602! Good Mythical MORE: //youtu.be/WfqrbQRG1bo SUBSCRIBE for daily episodes: ...

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When i'm sad or I cry my dog always comes over and sits next to me. It's really cute other than the fact that i'm crying while she is sitting next to me.
I love my dogs! :3
I have a dog she is a whippet pit bull her name is Bailey and she's three!
Don't look into a dogs eyes they will bite you
It's the opposite. If you see a stray dog or one you don't know and it start to growl and be defensive towards you, you should look it straight in the eye, make yourself big, (puff out that chest), make a loud noise and bang your foot or similar. Almost all dogs, will back down. Failing that if it runs at you, kick it between its front two legs hard. Not say you should, as a dog lover and owner, I love dogs, but if some wild dog is running at you, you gotta do what you gotta do.
Cats make eye contact
He said unlike most animals
+Yuri Danylko right??
My cat makes direct eye contact with me.

Sneezing and yawning cats and dogs - Funny and cute animal compilation

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that dog at 1:05 is possessed!
+animals347 It's just a glitch with cameras. That's why you see people with red eyes.
Who yawned while watching this?

How to train your dog to "yawn", "smile" and 100 different tricks (capturing a behaviour)

Here I demonstrate how to get some very novel tricks on cue, it's easy to do and the best bit is that your dog makes up some brand new tricks all of its own! go ...

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@AmericanPitbulls1 His name`s Alasdair Bunyan, an expert on cattle dogs and rehabilitates all breeds,,.The "Staff Bull`s jaws were definitely locked,,people were hitting the animal with poles,,The owner begun pulling at his dog`s testicles in order for the dog to let go,,it had no effect,the dog grabbed on harder,.A man stuck a plank of wood in between it`s jaws,,they unlocked..Murphy,my dog.He went into shock.I had him neutered last month. I own two Border Collie`s.My plan was to breed them,,.
I taught my puppy to shimmy by capturing the behavior of when she is wet. She shakes when she is wet, so it looks like she is shimming, so every time she was wet I would click and treat, but that took a very long time, so I sped up the process. every time i washed my hands, I would flick the little bit of water off my hands at her (i know it sounds a little mean, but its just water), when the water would get on her face, she would shake it off, i would click and treat, & then i added "shimmy"!
@AmericanPitbulls1 He gets loads of exercise and walked for a few hours per day.Around two years ago,he was attacked by a staff bull,.The dogs jaw`s were locked onto his chest for a good ten minutes.The attack had a large affect on him,.My "schedule can be unpredictable,but,my dog remains priority.Today,he had a visit from a dog whisperer,the session went really well,he wants to start going out walks with us in order to rehabilitate him,he said neutering does nothing for behavioral issues..
@Honeybowtie if I may ask is this "dog whisperer"'s name Vladamir or something like that and yes it does have a affect and NO DOG BREED ON THE EARTH HAS LOCKING JAWS yes they can be powerful but most large dogs have a powerful mouth they did live in the wild in early earth years but I understand and if he say neutering has no affect it does not unless done at a early age to prevent this problem cause if you wait they build up testosterone and if not giving a female to breed with.
From AmericanPitbulls1 Re: Reply to your comment on: How to train your dog to "yawn", "smile" and 100 different tricks (capturing a behaviour) Who said I didn't speak english and no most experts will tell you that they don't other than the corrective and abusing trainers and me and my boyfriends where in the middle of sex so thanks for being so rude go look it up simple there ya go. Sent to: Honeybowtie block user mark as spam Reply Reply All Delete 07/13/12 AmericanPitbulls1
@pitbullmaniac11 this is the big problem with this method of training, you have to keep your eye out for things that your dog often does or you won't be able to catch it, I get so many messages asking how I trained Holly to smile, but it's just an expression she makes when she's playing and I captured it. all I can suggest it that you look out for some other cute behaviours that your dog does and work on getting those on cue... sorry not to be of more help :(
I love your videos, and Mabel and Holly are so cute! I adopted an 8 or 9 month old tri-colored border collie from my local shelter last month -- she's very quick with clicker training, and one of the only things I'm still having trouble with in terms of behavior training is teaching her not to mouth/herd me and the cat. As soon as I bring out the treats and clicker she stops the mouthing behavior because she's more interested in the food. Any suggestions?
@dogglks I'm afraid it's just one of the things she offers in play, I can't really see how you would tempt a dog to do it if it wasn't something that they would just offer, she does it a lot when she plays with Mabel too. This is the frustrating thing about capturing, you won't necessarily get the trick you choose but you will get the behaviours that your dog offers, I bet there is something VERY awesome that your dog does that you could capture :-)
Videos such as this help make Youtube fun. I normally laugh my ass off. However most people today are incrementally KILLING their dogs! The shit they use into pet food triggers cancer and tends to make pet dogs die early. I came to understand the difficult way. My dog passed away at 5. In order to save your pet's life it's vital to have a look at Double Life Dog Diet (Try looking in Google.)
@zsianz1 @pitbullmaniac11 Smile can also be taught by holding a treat very close to their nose and waiting until they "smile," then clicking and rewarding. For sneeze, you can tickle your dog's nose until they sneeze, or (ONLY if they're okay with it!) let them smell something spicy. (Don't do that unless you know it won't bother them.)
This was fun to watch, and got me thinking about what I could capture with my dogs. I was having a frustrating walk with sadie where all she wanted to do was sniff, so I put that on cue (she got it right away) and she loves it! Now she doesn't seem to want to sniff until I say so! Weird! But she seems happy about the whole thing!
@zsianz1 Haha yeah I noticed that video shortly after but the comment was there and done so whatever haha. I have taught my cat to "hop" using this method of training simply by dangling a string out of her paws reach it was too cute I should make a vid as a response to this okay maybe tomorrow k bye have a good day.
@Rickyagility oh I know mabs doesn't get in half the videos she should, I think that Mabel thinks that EVERY video should be all about her! hehe! ah, the praying was a nice surprise that she offered just today, I was very pleased with it considering that I was filming a capturing video! haha! it's like she knew!!!
@tehrenberg tracy you are always so lovely and your comments always make my day! I put the camera on to film some stuff for the capturing video and she came up with the praying thing! it's like she knew the kind of video I wanted! haha! ooooo, I LOVE your latest video! make more tutorials please!! :D xxx
the smile looks like an aggressive gesture lol! instead, if i had a guard/big dog ex. rottweiler, german shepherd, pittie, etc, etc, i would make the cue word "grr" and say "rufus, grr" and he would bare his teeth!! that wud be enough (i think) to scare away anyone threatning
ita a clicker, its used as a positive reinforcement device, the click basically means 'you did something like', they then get reinforcementso of a treat, toy or fuss. They then leanr that the click means yes :D look up what is clicker training, either on here or google it :D
In my experience it is about getting them invested and interested. It might take longer but repetition of praise and the offering of treats works for my dog, I guess if you are worried about being able to find a behaviour you could take him/her outside and encourage play?
great vid..i love where mabels tongue is hanging out..cute:)) I love capturing behaviours...it becomes such an addiction...like having your camera ever ready. Once you start you become more and more aware of offered behaviours that you can capture...such fun:))
Great video!! =D That "pray" was very cute!!! I think I'm going to try to capture "Itch" from Jasmine- since she's offering that a lot right now due to allergies! ;) But then once she gets started, I'll have to start clicking to capture "STOP itching!!!" lol
Fabulous video Sian!! I love seeing Mabs as the main attraction, she is so darn cute! So good that you mention to say the cue word whenever they do the behavior, makes it easy for anyone to capture a fun trick! 'Pray' is wonderful. xxx
i got ready to practice the technique using upbeat words, no clicker,... so i looked over at my dog...... and i find myself saying, licking your ass?? he stopped licking his ass cuz he knows the words stop licking your ass DOG.
My Border Collie`s recently turned into the dog from hell I`m at my wit`s end with him.He`s being referred to an expert but,in the mean time,If anyone has tips on preventing Border Collie`s aggression,,please,please note back!!
@Honeybowtie You probably have not given him enough exercise an not properly socialized at young age as well as getting him neutered would help when have you been seeing this problem and what is your and his schedule?
Oh wow i loved this video, All of the tricks were Brilliant! Mabel was so cute offering the new behavior I loved it, Such a new trick trick! Thanks for posting Sian helps a lot for training my Border Collie Chase :)
@MultiAnimalcrackers oh I know it's such fun! I think it's a really cool way to train :) haha mabel has her tongue hanging out the whole time, she can't keep it in her mouth half the time! haha :-)
Very cute, and very informative as well! A friend of mine trained her cat like that and I didn't really understand how it worked. You explain it well! Thanks for the video.
i know someone that does this with horses and she has taught her loads and she also taught her horse to have it's ear forward most of the time and to suck her belly in xD
Great video Sian:)! Mabel saying her prayers was too cute:p! Capturing is one of our favorite ways to teach tricks. Capturing comes in close second to free shaping:).

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Before I watch,1 is Mishka,now brb gotta watch full video
Ah well,she is atleast on the list
it's bon-a-bo, not bo-no-bo
+Lynne the Trendy Tetraodontiforme shrugs it just bothers me, nothing to worry about I just do things without thinking☺
+Emma Hamilton Different people pronounce things differently depending on region or even just the way they were raised.If you understand what they mean, specifics aren't a big deal.
that ape ripped that womens face and ate it in 2010
Really hahahahaha?!?!?!??????
When my cat is alone he says "hello" like he is looking for us
Afterwards does it say "Is it me your lookin' for?"
actually...the elephant said lay down... i think..
becuase elephant in korean is ko kee ree

Why Do Puppies Yawn?

A yawning puppy can tell us a lot about how a dog's mind works. It turns out dogs are more like people than we first thought. Anthony Carboni has all the cute ...

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Damn, I yawned
Aw there so cute

Funny Dog's amusing yawn

This is a candid clip of Shadow my mini schnauzer, stretching & bowing while making a funny yawning sound. He sometimes vocalise in this way, especially ...
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