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How to lower jack stand Videos

How to Change Your Own Oil : How to Lower Your Car onto Jack Stands

Put your car on jack stands by lowering it down on to them when changing your oil. Our expert car mechanic explains how in this free auto-maintenance video ...

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freakin crazy dude, this vid is total RAD!!!
I have seen that kind of stand collapse.
this guy was on shark tank!!!
this is why i just use ramps!
this guy is slightly autistic
this video is shit

Auto: Safe Jacking Procedures

How to do-it-yourself instructional on safe jacking procedures using a standard bottle jack and axle stands. Transcript provided for the hearing impaired: OK the ...

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My jack tilted forward and dropped the car without the tire on
+Repairs101 I'm not sure yet but when I drive it there is no shaking and there was a tiny guard beneath my rotor? To keep it from hitting the ground but yeah...I still need to have it looked at
+Bry Yo - Dang. Much Damage?
No mention of where on the car to place the bottle jack or the jackstands. It LOOKS like on the frame from the few seconds that actually shows where the jack or stands contact the vehicle. It would be good to hear that clarified and also mention if okay or not to jack or stand the vehicle at axles, suspension, wheel shafts, differential, etc. Can anyone chime in about that? Also, could someone mention why good to have plywood under the stands "to spread the load on"? Why not just have the weight spread from the stands to the concrete or earth (much bigger than the piece of plywood)? Thanks!
+Repairs101 Thanks much, again, Repairs101.Sorry, my vehicle is 1988 Jeep Cherokee 4x4 inline-6cyl 4.0L. I just looked that up at the link you sent (thanks for that!) and saw various books for that vehicle. I'll find time at some point to research those various books to see which is best. I'll also try to find a good service manual for my girlfriend's rare, beloved, durable 1983 4x4 Toyota Tercel wagon. 1983 4x4 that gets 30mpg?!?! True!As for mechanics, I am good friends with one that is a) a GREAT guy with a beautiful complete full-service auto shop and b) highly acclaimed from various friends, Yelp and newspaper polls, and STILL every now and then my girlfriend or I will take our money pits to him, only to hear either a "not worth it to fix" or an expensive diagnosis, then we'll turn around and find someone on CraigsList who fixes it in 2 hours in my driveway with limited tools and for very little money. I have another auto shop 2 blocks away, highly acclaimed by neighbors, Yelp and tow truck drivers - for YEARS - and same thing. If two fantastic mechanics like that are giving those types of experiences, I guess it's time I learned to replace my own U-Joints and the like. That's my rant :-) (NOTE: I still happily have them service my vehicle every now and then - but I unfortunately have to be on my toes)Thanks again!
You still haven't told me what kind of car you're working on.Haynes Manuals have some greatness to them but only contain a fraction of what you will find in the manufacturer's service manual. You can order yours through www.faxonautoliterature.com - I have ordered books from them for +20years. And no they don't pay me but they should. I trust you don't know of a friendly mechanic you can ask advice from (we do exist). Have you tried an online forum for your car ? You'll find guys there are knowledgeable about your vehicle (they own one) and happy to share. And you may end up on a live chat with someone instead of waiting until tomorrow to hear from me. FYI: The pinch welds are on certain body types only. They are found where the body meets the floor ahead of the rear wheels and behind the front ones. Ask someone to show you. Wrong placement may cause damage. Either end of a RWD axel AOK - you can jack under the differential with a floor jack (trolley jack) then block the axel ends.Generally behind the front wheels and  ahead of the rear wheels are safe balance point places on the frame if you know what the frame looks like. Good luck..
+Repairs101  Thanks for your reply, Repairs101!Where would I find frame or axel pinch welds, what do they look like? I did look at my owners manual and the Haynes or Chilton manual (which just is a photocopy of what is in the owner's manual), and it is very vague. It definitely doesn't say, or clearly show, whether the jacks and stands are on the frame, suspension, axle or what.Thanks!
Admittedly, this video was made some time ago (2010) when I knew a lot less about filmmaking than I do today. Mostly thanks to guys like you who call me out on where I swung and missed. Sounds like you already know a fair bit but want confirmation. As far as stand placement goes, you want frame or axel or specially designated pinch welds. Avoid areas like the oil pan, transmission, driveshaft and suspension. Look at your owners manual or the vehicles service manual. I keep the plywood squares as part of my "lift kit" to protect floors - some floors can be marked (or worse) by the stand's feet which dig right into the wood which increases surface contact with the floor making it less likely to slip.Stands on bare earth would be unstable and should be considered unsafe for any period of time.
what's the optimized height if I want to work under the car? Say I want to change transmission fluid.
+Eugene Von Most mechanics like hoists because they can walk under. So I guess your own height is optimum. In a less than optimum world you lift as high as you can / want to with consideration to variables like equipment available and time allowed. 
Thanks, very basic and informative. I'm planning to replace front sway bar bushings on my 2001 Mercedes C-Class and it's the first time I've done this kind of work on my car (most advanced thing I've done myself is changing air filters...). Is there any disadvantage to using a bottle jack? At my local auto store they sell bottle jacks for nearly half the price of trolley jacks (30 vs 60 NZ dollars)
+Fishfingers232 Bottle jacks don't self-center.  If you are lifting a long way you must do it in stages as not to tip the bottle jack over while loaded. Good luck!

easy way to lower a jack stand

Powerbuilt Triple Lift Floor Jack Video - Pep Boys

Pep Boys introduces Powerbuilt Triple Lift, the revolutionary new floor jack from All Trade Tools. It's the one and only floor jack that can easily lift cars, ...

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got one, bought at canadian tire, paid around 100$ on special, holds 4000 lbs, great product ,lifted the front end of a GMC yukon truck clear off the ground easy, only problem with it is that the rubber pads came unglued, nothing that a bit of silicon couldn't solve, love it
That part of Jack stands they never got... is how they are supposed to be stationary. How about some drive up jack-able wheel stands where you drive up into a V-Groove, set the parking brakes and lift and then at a set height, put a locking pin in.
What a great idea... but still, for a big touring Harley, the narrow track width would be sort of precarious to lift a 860 pound bike on.
change wheels/tires, to work on front forks and rear shock, bring the bike up so you don't have to hunch over the whole time...
what do you need to lift a motorcycyle lift for anyway? what can't you get to already that's underneath?
Doesn't fit under my 2013 Wide Glide, have to put the bike on blocks first... thanks for nothing.
I have a road king classic, would this be good for my ride. good idea but....
Jack stands cannot roll away. So no, this thing doesn't replace jackstands.
ehhhh idk, I tend to like my jack stands in the numerous places they are.
...so how much can it hold? (not same as lift im awsuming)
way too tall to lift MANY cars!
Nothing replaces jack stands.

How To Raise or Lift Your Car onto Jack Stands--AutoHow.TV

//www.autohow.tv/node/6 Follow this link for a higher quality version of the video and a detailed parts list. From the AutoHow.TV site: "Many repairs and ...

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Great Video! Can you please tell me what kind of Jack you are using. I have a mustang and want to buy a good floor jack. Thank you very much.
+AndyJames05 I would look for a low-profile aluminum jack. This was a standard jack available at places like Wal-Mart, but I later upgraded to a Craftsman version that lifts the car much quicker and fit under shorter cars like the S2000.
This video is made by Dr. Steve Brule.
+Ryan Rizzio for your health!
A hunk?
"Well, you are a typical hunk, who thinks he knows everything about everything."

How to Lower a Sportbike by Yourself - Suzuki GSXR

Quick video on how I lowered my sportbike using a jack stand. Was easier than I expected and will go much smoother if I need to do this again in the future.

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How much does this lower the bike?
+nejiman111 Lot of links are adjustable now so it would vary.
Are you kidding me? It's that simple? I thought it's a whole lot more work than that. That's less than an afternoons work. Now just to get some nice lowering links. Want to drop mine nice and low!
should take about an hour or two.instead of putting the jack under the exhaust put it under the bottom of the shock.and as the poster of the vid had issues pulling the bolt out adjust the stand and it will slide out and back in with no issues.
did the exhaust get bent from jacking it up like that?
+ecnav uzihsoy No issues with that at all. I've see other professional mechanics use this method as well. Every bike is different though.
nice vid! i always wanted to raise mine back up but was always scared too... still am actually 
It also would had been more stable if I used my Craftsmen motorcycle jackbut was too lazy to pull it out from the storage shack lol.
Yea, the bike was leaning way over on the kickstand when it was on the top notch. I always felt like I was going to drop the bike when I put it down on the kickstand. I think it is closer to stock height now but not sure. If it wasn't for that problem I probably would had never bothered with learning how to do this but it was fairly quick and easy.

Where How To Place Floor Jack and Safety Jack Stands Support Ford Focus

//www.1aauto.com In this video 1A Auto shows you where to raise and support a Ford Focus. This applies to model years 98, 99, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04, and 05.

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Mike i have the ztw station wagon model 2003 what about the rear cross member is it ok to put a jack there? I did it a few months ago when I changed my fuel filter
Wow! A video on floor jack / jack stand placement where you can actually see under the car! You guys are geniuses! Thanks!
This video will show you some of the safe points to jack up your Ford Focus. 1aauto.com 888-844-3393
Thanks for watching. Have a great day! 1aauto.com 888-844-3393
very helpful thanks alot!
Thanks for this video!
thanks !

01 - Oil change - CO vent, Jack stands, Rhino ramps

UPDATE, 4/30/13: To protect concrete from the floor jack wheels, put down some cardboard - use a broken up box, or a pizza box, it might not be a bad idea to ...

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Haha really there backwards and i didnt no toy cars put out exhaust fumes
All cars put out carbon monoxide.  This was when I was first looking into how to do an oil change.  I had seen them use some kind of hose like this at an auto repair place in the winter a while back, maybe at the dealer's.  I think it was rubber.  It seemed like this dryer vent would work, but now, I think not, the CO would not be contained.  I was paranoid about breathing in the CO.  This car (the Honda Insight) is high tech, it gets 48 mpg.  It used to get 52, but I think it went down due to more ethanol being put in today's gasoline.

Car Maintenance: Valve Adjustment : Lower a Vehicle With a Car Jack

After car maintenance, a mechanic lowers the vehicle off the jack stand with a car jack. Watch an automotive service excellence (ASE) certified master mechanic ...
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