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How to vote republican primary Videos

Republican Extremists Out-Republican Each Other For Primary Votes

"Sen. John Cornyn's (R-TX) re-election campaign is straight out mocking Rep. Steve Stockman's (R-TX) accusation that the incumbent senator is a "liberal.

Vote 2014: Corporation Commission Republican Primary Debate

Join us as the Republican candidates running for Corporation Commission debate the issues relevant to the office.

Vote Republican!!

Hello Youtube my name is Harold Moijueh. I graduated from NYU and got my masters at Harvard University. Currently dating Christine Freys an intern at Beth ...

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Sorry. No one in their right of mind should vote for a fascist republican that spreads hate speech, and Obama bashing as their only future for America.

VoteInTN.com - Stand with Lamar, Vote in the Republican Primary

How Are Delegates Counted in 2012's Republican Primaries?

In the race for the Republican nomination, delegate counts differ depending on who is counting. Why are delegates tallied differently by different news ...

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Why does CNN show Romney with 14 Delegates Ron Paul with 10 , on their website ,yet on NH Election night , they showed Romney as high as 28 and Paul as low as 3? When they gave Him 7 in Iowa ,by CNN's own Numbers. They even showed 50 Delegates awareded at one point ,when there are only 40 MAX Possible after the 2 elections. This is Criminal Fraud , Bias ,Propaganda and a type of Subliminal Messaging , to make it look Like romney is Crushing everyone else, Showing Paul with Less to look"hopeless"
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im an australian and we dont have delegates here,your system seems very confusing and im thinking do you really need delegates, why not just go with the popular vote ? after all its the people who decide who is their candidate right, now im not knocking your system at all just saying that from a different perspective it all looks confusing..here we just vote for a political parties representative...:)..BTW i like ron paul, can we have him here as our Prime Minister plz
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