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How to zip two files in unix Videos

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Ultimate Doom: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5) UV max run in 13:13 (1/2 - E1M1 in 6:52)

WARNING: This is a two-part video. For Part 2, go to //www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaXEjPG3hzI. WAD Title: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5) Filename: ...

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Could have been better if the weapons, door and dead sounds weren't voice clips.
In all seriousness, this could have been a nutcase's WAD file right here....
Hah! This entirely sums up the decade I grew up in! The 90s in a nutshell!
My dad had one where all the cacodemons were giant Bill Clinton heads
"You just keep your... bloody greedy hands off our medicare!!!" XDDD

Ultimate Doom: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5) UV max run in 13:13 (2/2 - E1M2 in 6:21)

WARNING: This is a two-part video. For Part 1, go to //www.youtube.com/watch?v=1WZfKIhhi28. WAD Title: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5) Filename: ...

Why Busybox Is Essential For Rooted Android Device

What is Busybox and why we need it? BusyBox is a collection of powerful command-line tools. After rooting android device we need to install busybox binary to ...

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am having sony xperia m dual (C2004) phone... m trying to install busybox after installation my device gets reboot an after that the device is unable to start... am triying sony pc companian also but am unable to start my phone.. please help me to resolve it.
+sumit gk Reboot into recovery and factory reset your phone
what a language ???? nothing understand !!!!!!!
hindi (dhoti)
why is it not in english. what kind of language is this. dont understand a bit. make it in english or tamil. 
+Thiyagu Shanmugam​ oh I was confused by your comment because I made a wrong assumption that as a Tamil speaker you're from India and thus should be fairly unlikely to not recognize at a minimum, some words of Hindi... Still looks like you're joking by mentioning the odd phrase "any country where Tamil has official status" and just happens you excludeit's original country. What an unusual criterion to assume your travels have met and assuming you have familiarity with all their spoken language to definitively state you've never once heard this.Either way no Hindi is unrelated to Tamil north Indian language seem to originate outside of India
+Thiyagu Shanmugam its Hindi dude, second most used language in the world... 100 crore people in India speaks it. And ofcourse he mother tongue of India :)
+Sarvesh Kumar Google it... Nice advice... Just tell him its Hindi.. If he doesn't know what language is it, so just tell him..why you guys are stretching the topic
+Thiyagu Shanmugam just Google!! three most speaking language of the world!!
Ya man. I seriously don't recognize. Is this language closely related to tamil. But I never heard this language in any country where tamil has official status like Singapore sri Lanka Malaysia etc..,
you know tamil but don't recognize this language?
Please read captions on video and description of video which are in English
Kya supersu bhi busy box jaisa hi kam kar ta hai!!!!!!!!
+firdosh qamar haan
To kya supersu or busy box dono ek hi system me chal Sakta hai.
firdosh qamar, ek jaise kaam ke liye do alag-alag applications ki kya jaroorat? Android os mein root (android os ki security layer ko breach/break) karne ke baad security ki jimmedari android os  se user ke haath mein aa jati hai aur user iske liye apna chokidaar os ke ander bitha deta hai (Yaani supersu ya superuser) jo ki user se poochhkar entry (root permission) deta hai..

Ultimate Doom: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5) UV speed run in 1:23

WAD Title: Disgruntled Former Employee (v.5) Filename: DISGRUN5.WAD and DISGSPR.WAD Level(s): E1M1 and E1M2 Author: Larry Mulcahy Year: 1995 ...
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