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How to improve rom after tkr Videos

Increasing Range Of Motion after total knee replacement

Recovery and rehab can be a frustrating experience. Using your knee flexing machine quickly brings you to your upper limit beyond which each additional ...

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@shallforesthill I have no catch on one knee but the other knee sometimes does and with just enough pain to be annoying. It seems around the knee cap. I feel it on the lower outer region. It usually goes away after a few hours. My reference book says "painless clicking is nothing to worry about", and "ignore even occasional painful clicking". A persistent painful clicking you should check. Clicking may last up to a year." May be scar tissue snapping over edge of bone..will eventually go away"
@shallforesthill I may get a catch the day after I have done a lot of strength exercising with the leg. You might try applying a hot pad to loosen muscles in the area and note if the catching is relieved. There was a time when it really did hurt at physical therapy. For this I took a piece of flat elastic Theraband, wrapped it tightly around the knee area. Locating the exact pain spot with my finger, I placed a marble under the Theraband over the pain spot. This relieved the pain a lot. Try.
Lortab=hydrocodone+aspirin Use Lortab to reduce pain during flex so you can push into it more. Everyone is different with meds. Find you own dose level. There really is no time frame unless you find it to be addicting. I did not. It is rather constipating so you will need to take Miralax daily to counter that. Pain slows recovery. I used Lortab (about 5mg) three or four times a day before each flex work out. At 4 months PO you are as far along as you're going to be. You are doing great!
@shallforesthill My blood clot was more painful and more frustrating than having both my knees done. Be sure you continue some kind of anti-clotting treatment for at least four months post op. would be my advice. I understand about morning stiffness. I liked trying anti-inflammatories for that. For example taking a couple of Aleve's an hour before I was going to get up (in addition to the percocet or lortabs for pain). That may not be appropriate for you however. I also used DMSO gel.
I have used this recommendation the minute I saw it. I figured I had nothing to lose since i was so miserable. It helped me and I was thrilled. I am three months post op and sometimes I still do it. It helps keep my knee in the morning lose. Sometimes I wear the wrap during the day also. I t works for me and I thank you so much. There are still nights I have problems. If I have a long day and come home with pain I cream my leg and on goes the Saran Wrap. I even told my Doctor.
You are doing great! 115 is wonderful, just don't let it slip at this stage. Time progression is fine. The stairs are awkward but will force knee flex. The bike thing also forces flex. Pain meds (Lortab) also help progress. Lortabs and NSAIDs will also reduce inflammation. Take periodic breaks for a few days from the steps. I got my biggest gains that way. I am really proud of you at 115...awesome !. Now I need you to touch 120 within the next thirty days. Great! Great! Great!
Well, there's a lot I don't know about him such as his age, what his goal for flexion is, and his lifestyle, and most importantly what kind of knee replacement he had (eg. partial or full). If he is like me and wants to return to sports for enjoyment then he is in big trouble. But if he is older, and more sedentary then...hmmm...I guess he's still in trouble at 70deg. The only option I know of would be where they put him back under anesthesia and the surgeon forces flexion. :(
I am sure the saran will work but vary with other tecniques like the leg cast,etc. The pebble has nothing to do with night pain. The pebble is for ligament pain,usually when exercising. It's an acute type of pain below the knee. Runners get this often.Anyway you place a flexible strap around the leg below the knee and place a pebble, marble, etc between the strap and the exact location of pain. This puts pressure against that area for support. Remove strap after exercising.
@shallforesthill Hi Sandy, Yes, this is truly a journey. I will try to help you along the way as best as I can. Remember that what may work for me may not always work for someone else but I do understand the frustration. How is your range of motion? Did you finish with the automatic flexing machine? This is the time to really work on that painful item of flexing. Do you have a lot of pain from the knee inflammation when you get up? The Therabands can help that. Ben
Really sorry...they should never have let it go this long. Scar tissue is bad. He needs 90 deg just to walk up and down steps and put his pants on. 110 deg to be active. If it were me I would inquire about the surgeon assisted scar breakup. If that's not an option I personally would try to rent the home machine for four weeks...load up on pain pills and laxatives... and push through the scarring with or without machine. Talk with surgeon about limits.
@shallforesthill I really don't have but I have heard that can be normal and will go away in time. Sometimes I do get a clicking in the morning but that seems to be from the leg position during the night. I try to sleep with a pillow between my legs because I sleep on my side and the leg needs to be level. Do you still have the long plastic leg support the hospital gave you? Sometimes I would sleep with that to insure my leg was straight. Glad to help.
@Stormbash I wish you the best and always be alert to possible blood clots even several weeks after a TKA. I got femoral deep vein clots about 4 months after my last TKA. It may or may not be due to the TKA...but if you even think you feel upper thigh or calf pain get a doppler done. I waited two or three weeks while unsure of my pain's origin...now I have a permanent blood clot and will be on coumadin for life. It's a life changer for sure.
@mazdasheetal Thanks for the kind response. Great success for you! I hope others will also benefit from that advice. Still, the first four months are a struggle. I also used stairs a lot for flexion...first one step at a time then two at a time...holding a few seconds at each step. Do whatever works best. Remember whatever flexion you reach in the first few months will be what you will own from then on. Good luck.

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I need to do this I just got knee surgery last Tuesday and need physical therapy and its hard to bend my leg with extreme pain 
Thank you for sharing! This video helps my mom after her knee surgery. :)
Just had ACl surgery a week ago - this is really helping me!
Is this better than using your hands to push down?

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I had TKR about 2 1/2 mos ago, and these are great exercises. Thanks for putting these videos together. I learned a few tips!
Awesome! Thank you for watching and keeping motivated to continue to produce more rehab exercise videos :-)
Find your video to be more helpful than many others I have viewed. Thanks!
That's amazing! Keep it up and thanks for watching :-)
Thank You!

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I can't straighten my knee when I do the kicks what does that mean? I partially dislocated my knee cap about three months ago

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I'm so glad I found this. I've had moderate knee issues since the early 90's. One of my main concerns has been the idea that I might need a knee manipulation. I once broke several fingers and had to have them manipulated to restore full flexion and that hurt a great deal. I don't want to imagine what it would be like with a knee replacement. I'm glad this is out there for when I need to take this next step.
The X10 knee therapy machine is a new class of rehabilitation tool called PMKR. It is used for ACL, MCL, and Total Knee Replacement Recovery. The therapy is based on how much Pressure your knee is exerting making it gentle, fast and just about pain-free. Learn more here: www.x10therapy.com.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bxrFQ7csy-0 Another good video for additional details avoiding an MUA. Definitely want the X10 right after the surgery, but the X10 can help avoid the MUA.
This is a very useful interview. Another great one from X10 Therapy is about Don who avoided a Manipulation... //www.x10therapy.com/knee-replacement-revision-success/
Wow. Wish I had this when I had my ACL replaced!! I had no choice but to undergo an MUA. And then had start rehab all over again from the beginning.
Thank God there is something new. I agree - that CPM is painful and unhelpful! Hallelujah X10!
Great story- so grateful for the X10!

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I love this lady and her attitude. Thank God there is relief and help for people who need it. My experience with doctors lately has been nothing but negative so knowing there is post op therapy out there that works is gratifying.
The X10 makes getting my freedom back- look easy. This is so comforting!! So happy for her great recovery.

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Does it work for boob job? lol she should wear something more professional than showing her big boobs right below the splint. 1 out of 10.
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