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Recorded conversation about the carry on at a recent wake! Twitter @mrwillyum.

Bono: Who Is Jesus?

U2 frontman Bono talks about faith and life (No copyright infringement intended). To find out more about Jesus and faith, please visit: //whygod.co.

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*Most of the other semitic prophets and Jesus said that there is a secret knowledge, the enlightened Truth, the mysteries of the kingdom that are just for the elect or for those that are ready to see it*. The gospel of John says, “Jesus said the *Ultimate Truth* is hidden in parables that cannot be understood until people are ready.” *Many people are ready to understand now*. Are you one of them? Google *TruthContest and read the Present with Religion* It contains the *Truth of Life* explainend from out of the religious point of view. It is the real interpretation of the Bible.
+messias It makes sense now!
jesus is truth and life, the way, halleluga
The truth in Christ's resurrection: -His resurrection is true, think about it, all of Jesus' followers chose death over ceasing to preach Jesus' word. Some survived multiple assassination attempts before they were killed. No one changed there stance, no one faltered. -I also believe only God has the power to resurrect, which means if Christ was a liar about who he was, God never would have brought him back. -His disciples also witnessed Jesus ascend into Heaven and be seated at the right hand of the Father after the 40 days he spent with them after he was resurrected. -Every thing Jesus' prophesied came true, and every prophecy, over 300 prophecies about him in the Old Testament were fulfilled over the course of his life. No guru was ever resurrected from the dead. Jesus said he was the son of God, and was resurrected.
+Thrillseeker303 I know Christ is the truth of the universe, and that's all I need to know. I don't know everything! Surely not! But I know the most important things. Christ is real. God is real. The Holy Trinity is real. Christianity is a mess but Christ is real. Don't judge anything by it's abuse! :)
+Dan Quartararo Quote "I know the truth of the universe, you could not be talking to a much more intelligent person."Oh so you're not only irrational, you're arrogant as well.No mere human could ever claim to know the truth behind the universe.And I'm not even going to get into your "meeting" with Jesus Christ.You're obviously delusional.
Well, I've met Jesus Christ. He's alive and well in the spirit realm. He also took my soul to experience Hell for over two weeks. Jesus also healed me of a stomach affliction. I now go downtown and walk around and ask people if they have pain, sickness, or affliction, and pray for them in the name of Jesus Christ and I have seen more instant and physically impossible healing miracles than I can count. I know the truth of the universe, you could not be talking to a much more intelligent person.
+Dan Quartararo  (wăk′ō) also whack·o  A person regarded as eccentric or irrationalI dislike discussing with such people as they are incapable of thinking rationally.
+Thrillseeker303 What's "wacko" (as you say) is believing that there's something that God couldn't do.
+Dan Quartararo - You're a wacko if you believe in resurrection. No offense.
2:24 "I have no problem with miracles. I'm living around them. I AM one." What an arrogant statement.
+Daniyyel Christopher Ornan - Congratulations! You're having a relationship with an imaginary figure. If I'd believe in the tooth fairy I'd also have an intimate relationship with her. Doesn't make it real because you want, feel or need it to be. Ask yourself this, if nobody ever spoke of Jesus or God, would you believe in them? The answer is simple.. No! That means you have been brainwashed my friend.Then again, it's your right to believe in anything you want.As long as you don't harm anyone else in doing so.
+Thrillseeker303 Following Jesus Christ is a relationship, not a religion. Religion has perverted the truth.
+G Andrews - Religion is poison. It seems to kill brain cells.
+Thrillseeker303 So the universe is infinite but God had to be created??? If you look around the universe you would realize that it was created by an Infinite creator!!! That creator is God and he created you and me also. How could a being like us just evolve? How did we just get our senses, taste, hearing and especially our eye site? There is a God and His Son's name is Jesus who came to earth to pay the ultimate sacrifice for our sins!!!
+Daniyyel Christopher - The universe is infinite. And infinity does not need a beginning or end. That's a concept which is hard to understand for most people. Because we always want to measure everything within the boundaries of our own intellect. You have to think outside the box. Measuring something which has no finite space is impossible. It's pointless to look for an origin to something which has no origin in the first place. This is why the big bang theory is flawed.General relativity breaks down at this point. And whatever was before the big bang also had to be something.Same thing with your "God". If God is an existing conscious entity or source of energy, then who or what created it? It also had to come from something if you consider your theory that everything has to have an origin.If you consider it's possible for an entity as "God" to exist without an origin, then you should also be able to imagine the universe without an origin.To say the creation of the universe is "holy" is ridiculous because "religion" is manmade. Religion didn't even exist before humans roamed the Earth.You don't see animals following religion do you? Yet they would have to be made by your same "God" as you call it.Again proving the arrogant notion we humans think we are the most important creatures in the universe as God's special little project.To test if his stupid little imperfect ants will believe in him without actual proof because his ego requires it.I can't believe how people can be so stupid to not see the many flaws in religion.And frankly, I'm getting tired of explaining it because it's so pointless because none of you religious people are susceptible to reason.You just take everything on "faith" because other people said so in the past. You've been brainwashed and you don't even realize it.
+Thrillseeker303 Something cannot come from nothing. It all came from the Holy Trinity. The universe is also in motion. An object at rest stays at rest. So how is the universe in motion?
+Thrillseeker303 That is all fine, we all are entitled to our opinions.
+Cort Nakielny - Given the abundance of the main building blocks required for life in the universe. (oxygen, hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, sulphur and phosphorus) The existence of life in the universe was inevitable. The fact that we are the only intelligent lifeform in the universe is statistically nearly impossible.So no, life isn't really a miracle.It's our egocentric perception of our place in the universe which makes us think the universe was created especially for us.That is also the reason why we created the illusion of God, Jesus, heaven and hell. Because we need to believe our life has a purpose and death is not the end. We refuse to acknowledge uncomfortable and depressing truths.So what if we sacrifice rationality in the process, right? Of course, everyone is entitled to believe in God, Jesus and miracles.But it really doesn't have an evolutionary advantage to our survival to delude ourselves into thinking whatever makes us sleep better at night.We are not as special as you may think.If all of humanity were to suddenly disappear from the face of the Earth, the universe wouldn't even notice.I know, that's a depressing thought. So it's very understandable to want to believe you really are a miracle.Given the meaning of the word "miracle" has a supernatural context, and everything that happens in the universe, happens WITHIN the laws of nature, life can hardly be classified as "supernatural".
+Thrillseeker303 despite what you believe, he said he was living around miracles(other people) and i am one (himself a miracle as well). Life itself is a miracle, just study biology, anatomy and psychology for a few years
+William Merritt - Wouldn't that make every human on earth a miracle?Kind of defeats the meaning of the word "miracle".The existence of humanity is not supernatural.
+Thrillseeker303 hes saying its a miracle that he was created, not being arrogant

EasyIrish com Lesson 2 Introducing Yourself(Part 2/2)

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Spanish Names Fade Into History

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The old custom for naming a child in Spain and Ibero-American countries was based on the Catholic religion. A child was named after the Saint who's feast day he or she was born on. This explains the Roman and Greek origin of many of these names. However by the 1500s there were many Saints from all over Europe, including Germanic and Slavic names. Arcadia, Gertrudes, Bartolo, Agustin, Sixto, Cesar, Ciriaco, Domingo, Isabel are a few of my elder's names from Puerto Rico.
What a wonderfully interesting "passtime"! The saying states: What's in a name? A rose is still a rose, even by any other name! Obviously there is more to this than this saying states. A reference directory of these old names would be great, so that people could reference names for their newborn & resurrect names that may disappear into the dust of history & time. As you say, some of the names, collectively, sound " musical". Thanks for sharing.
Eufilla, Cristobal, Seralia, and Matias are all names I recognize as Passed names in my family! Matias-Mathew-Hebrew for Gift of God. Gift of Helping others in need as Jesus would!?!
I heard that the last 'californio' (descendent of the original spaniards who settled in California in the XVI c., who conserved spanish as mother language) recently dead ;(
Tambien hay influencia Sefardi, del Magreb y Arabia, saludos desde Madrid, Daniel
one of my great uncles name is Anacasio nickname Cacho
The vast majority of these names are misspelled!
my dad's name is VIDAL
i like this video
montoyas rule!

Come With Me Now - Kongos (High Audio Quality)

Come With Me Now - Kongos Composer: Dylan Kongos, Daniel Kongos, Jesse Kongos & Johnny Kongos Album: Lunatic Release Date: 2011 Buy The Song At: ...

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Dat accordion solo is the best part. Anyone?
+abdikadir hashi Thanks!
Anyone else here because of Expendables 3?
+The Ascension Borderlands man !
+The Ascension Me to :))
+The Ascension Jup, me!
I love this song
+grisom7 Lol... I agree though
Wow, leave the internet forever.
@2:37 I have a sickness and the only cure is....MORE ACCORDION!!!
+BadBoyBeta i can agree with that acordian= life
+BadBoyBeta I got a fever
Who's here just because this song is awesome! 
+Ryan Nocera I stayed because it's awesome. Does that count?
trueee ♥
+Ryan Nocera  me
+Ryan Nocera  me


Spongebob in Minecraft - 3D Animation. This is Spongebob... IN MINECRAFT! Enjoy my 3D animation. Please like and share with all your friends and don't ...

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I am not Cristian, but now I know hell is real
that is hell phase 1
guys, this was a funny animation. this guy put a lot of time in this. be nice
Yeah, laugh out loud, his content quality.
+fatprincess45 lol
+natvagle He put a lot of time into a spongebob minecraft animation just let that sink in.
pause at 1:37 Patrick and steve if its spell right and before you pause it click the video and start at 1:37 and now pause at 2:07 and when steve said what did you say about minecraft and Patrick said minecraft is dome or don't put the speaker when steve said what did you said about mineraft and you or me we say steve can i kiss you said Patrick hahahaha i'm not being mean like but i'm just trying to make you laugh or grinning
+Romeo AngLim Not to offend you or anything, but it's extremely hard to understand what you're saying, also I think this video is absolutely horrible and no one should waste their time on it.
so f freaking you
Fucking stop.
Why does Patrick look like a fucking tumor
Patrick is a cancer patient and this is all a dream.
+Clear The Robot ikr
I saw a man's face eaten off with acid before on a foreign gambling site on the deep web I heard that man scream for 15 solid minutes that was the cringiest thing I ever saw for 3 years and then today I scrolled onto this because a friend wanted to show it too me this made me cringe soooo much it beat hearing and watching a man die by acid
+time 2 rock 52 true
My favorite part is the end when Patrick said Minecraft is dumb to me.
+Charmander MC. I don't even know what is LOL?
+CookieFever 19 (Xbox1) lol

Black Jeopardy - Saturday Night Live

Contestants answer questions in categories like That Girl, Had That Been Me and It's Been A Minute. Get more SNL: //www.nbc.com/saturday-night-live Full ...

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People don't understand this type of humor. It's literary making fun of the stupid and dumb stereotypes of African Americans. This is literally making fun of black racism
+popcorn pop :)
+popcorn pop yeah I know what you mean
Ya lol..satire is most cutting when it hits too close to home lol. What is interesting is that knowing about black history is very different from being black and thinking you know your history. Same goes the opposite and for anything, which is why the black contestants judging mark for being white and being a professor of black history is funny; these sorts of people do exist lol. Ans mark is being because of his colour, so the writers pulled a racism card lol. And like you said, this is a stereotyped group representation, anyone who is offended by this, means they relate to this because it hit too close to home lol. Just because you're black, doesnt mean you are these stereotypes, just like mark, hes white, but doesnt means he represents all whites lol. These sort of self aware skits are always good, cause they're so clever at subverting the message and intent. I think, the intent of the skit was to say "we all racist lol...racist to others, racist to ourselves, we just cant admit i
Mark is that comedian I forgot his name
+Jory Porteous Louis CK
I wonder if these actors ever get tired of being typecast like this.
+Kevin Cody I wonder whether they ever get tired of doing a cliche black people are poor and suspicious and talk like its a rap song type sketches. It was hella funny though. But yeah, something's gotta give in 2016.
I don't get the rico answer
+PapaGeorg10 my interpretation of the joke is that every hood has a dude named rico who just got out of prison.
This whole video and concept was stolen from Chappelle's Show skit called "I Know Black People" including the white male who studies African American culture. SNL have been stealing for decades.
That's exactly what I thought, good call
I agree with Robin Thick thing. I mean how could you let that woman go?
+Cheryl Maendel yeah cause he couldnt stop cheating. He is just beyond stupid
+Felix P He didn't let her go. She left his ass.
"Watch Yourself mark" XD
Had that been me? I would've whooped his ass when he was young.Who is Justin BieberABSOLUTELY!! ABSOLUTELY!! HE AIN'T GROWN!!!!! LMAFO I DIED!!!!
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