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Tarte cosmetics revenue 2012 Videos

Sunday Sale Alert - Weekly Drugstore Makeup Sales: 7/29/12

ALSO 30% OFF TARTE IN THEIR FRIENDS AND FAMILY SALE: USE CODE FFAUG through August 6 on //www.tartecosmetics.com Blog sale: ...

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I really appreciate that you do these "Sunday Sale Alert" videos (even if I didn't get to watch this one till Thursday morning, lol. I still have time to take advantage of the sales though). Thank you for taking the time to do the research for these videos. :)
Claire! Went to Big Lots today and they had a TON of the Physicians Formula Healthy Wear powder foundation for a ridiculously low price. Think it was in the $4 to $5 range. I bought two of them. =)
i don't know if it's my walgreens but somehow the sales u anounce i already had last week.! i live in puerto rico, maybe that's why.. though it never seemed to happen before.. oh well!
Check your Single Check Rebates at Rite Aid starting August 1st. There are lots of different Revlon offers that make some awesome deals!
What a great idea for videos, I just stumbled upon you...and love it!!! Keep up the great vids, and thanks for being so helpful.
what is your shade in the physicians formula powder foundation? i would love 2 try it!:)
I use translucent medium as a setting powder for my foundation. Love it! Plus SPF 50! :)
Awesome!! I'll definitely be checking that out, thanks!
Really?? Uh oh! I better check that out - thanks!
You are welcome! Glad you find them helpful! :)
Awesome!! So tempted to do the same...
Sweet! Wish I had a Kmart around me!

Friends & Family Haul 2012 - Sephora and ULTA

Thanks for watching! Here's what I picked up in the Friends & Family sales in 2012 from Sephora and ULTA. Let me know what you got! Sephora: - Tarina ...

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I picked up the Laura Mercier Secret Brightening Powder. Trying to see if I like it better than Powderflage. I think it's unnecessary to have both, but I've been working on the Benefit for what seems like a lifetime and wanted to try something new. Also grabbed the bumble & bumble Sunday shampoo - love it for once a week clarifying all the products out of my hair. Grabbed a baby size UD All Nighter Spray - I've been wanting to try Dew Me but they were out as the packaging is being updated.
Totally understand being bored with a product after never seeming to make a dent in it, very curious to see what you think of the LM Brightening powder! I almost grabbed some Bumble & Bumble at the CCO earlier in the year since I liked the (scent more than anything) coconut conditioner sample I'd had but balked at the price. I'm such a bum with styling my hair, just can't convince myself to spend much on products for it, ha.
Thank you!! I have used Brazen a couple times, and I was wearing it in my Empties! as of November 2012 video :D Love the dewy finish it gives too without any shimmer. But definitely need to practice the blending to wear it on my skintone, haha!
I didn't grab anything unfortunately... I saved my money for the Cyber Monday sale from Tarte! :D Got a ton of new stuff from them then i also got the Lorac Unzipped palette and their lip gloss set for the holidays. :)
Ooh sounds like you got some great stuff! I was considering the LORAC Pro palette but I have so much eyeshadow, I figured I should pass on another giant palette haha :D
I know right? Same here, the Unzipped palette has less shadows. :) I wanted the Cinderella palette from Sephora but yeah, I don't need it.
Oooooh I LOVE Brazen by Illamasqua. Did you use it already? You have to be super light handed tho. It is so pigmented! Loved your video!
Nice haul! The Brazen blush looks really pretty; it'll be great on you.
Thank you! I'm looking forward to trying it out for sure :)

My Best Of, Most Worn, Moved Loved Makeup of 2012!


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Hi! New subbie here, came by way of Melmphs! Great video! I agree with you on the Jordana mascara, it's my current fave! I ran out of it and tried two other mascaras, and BOTH of them went back to the store and I marched over to KMART and picked up two of the Jordanas! They happened to be on sale as a BOGO.. SCORE!!!!! Happy New Year and I am looking forward to viewing more of your videos..
Great pics Emily! I love Brit Wit.. one of my faves - I'm a cream blush lover!! Love the color tattoos also.. when I had my lash extensions.. I used any make up I wanted... I just was careful what I removed it with.. I had no problems with the glue loosening or anything. (No mascara though). I wish you all the best in 2013 girl. xoxo Michele
My one makeup regret for 2012 was not picking up Notorious when it was available. I had it in my cart, I don't know how many times and never purchased it until it was too late and then I got an email that it had sold out, I was so bummed. I sure hope they decide to bring it back and make it permanent. Great favorites! xoxox Kristinn
I pretty much use balm/gloss throughout the day no matter what I wear, so I'm used to doing that, I find if I use balm a few times throughout the day it peps back up the color and the stain lasts all day, which works for me:)
i bought the jordana mascara a few weeks ago because of you and i freaking love it! thanks for the suggestion and i loved this video. just added a few more things to my wishlist, like i always do watching your videos lol
btw, this whole video i was staring at your lashes amazed at how natural they are! i was about to comment asking what mascara you used until i remembered you got the lash extensions they are beautiful!!!!
I got 20 in the looe powder, you can see the shade pretty well in my Get ready w me & Melmphs video where I use the Nude Tude palette I do my makeup using both the Chanel's- hope that helps:)
You're so cute. Loved your eye makeup. I'm going to buy the color tatoos and the jordana mascara based on your recommendation. I also referred this video to a girlfriend. Great vid.
Great favs sister!! I enjoyed seeing what you liked!! I picked up brit wit because of you, when I film that haul I will give you a lil shout out !:) xoxo Happy 2013! xo Kristin
I absolutely LOVE that little Philosophy duo and I am going to be heartbroken when it is gone because I don't know where or even IF it could be repurchased. Great favorites!
The Color Tattoos totally rocked my world this year. I love them. And your eyelash extensions look beautiful! Thanks for doing a favorite makeup video- you have great taste.
Great Favorites! I would love to try to get my hands on the Chanel Notorious, I think you are right it's daring and gorgeous, I always love the way your contour looks! :)

Easy Everyday Makeup

PLEASE READ ME BEFORE ASKING QUESTIONS: Products used: -Cheek Stain in Delighted by TARTE -Sephora Flashy Liner in Flashy Black -Both ...

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i just found you yesterday and you're so cute! im in love with your vids. you're so helpful and down to earth! you should do the 7 deadly sins of beauty tag! :)
Hey, do you think you could do a skin care routine? Mines drying out my face SO MUCH LATELY! Love the vids(:
@Makemeupology I'm kind of starstruvk you replied... (: but thanks! And I'm jealous!
Lindsey is your sweater okay?! I saw the kid accidentally hit you in the hallway :/
@madisonisdotdotdot Aww I'm flattered! There really is no reason to be starstruck!
@Smilyxxluv15 I have a skin care routine up already :) Check my other videos.
@madisonisdotdotdot Nothing at all! I have naturally really pink lips!
@Makemeupology What did you do to your hair in this video??(:
I can't believe you don't have to use foundation. Jealous!
could you please do a makeup collection video?(:
Actually I guess you did, NVM. lol
Whay video app does she use???

Haul- Too Faced, Tarte, Trisha's Treasure Chest, Pur Minerals and more!

New angle,thoughts? Great sales going on tarte and too faced websites!!! Special Tarte link //tartecosmetics.com/raf/click/?i=cdr7qymsgp Use this link to get ...

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You are so beautiful! :) really great haul! I use the illuminating foundation as well! Love it
get a hd camera. less than $100. the quality of your videos are terrible :(
I love you watched your videos since you started arggghhhhhh I wanna be you
Omg I got a bump it never used it.lol it does get stuck so I put it away
Aww thanks so much girl you're gorgeous!!
Are you trying to be the new Trisha?
Wow u could do professional modeling
i just subscribed to you ;D
Ur pretty perfect!
your so gorgg
Gdamn, Hot
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