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Weight Diary #42

User Comments

@lizlivelife So trip out..member i was up and couldnt sleep, well eventually i laid down and wednesday nights my hubby doesnt work, well im laying down y me dice babe can you fix me something to eat..im not kidding you it was 3:40am..thats the time he has his lunch ..como trabaja graves..well im thinking inside me porfavor dios mio dile que tome agua LMAO! well no, I had to get up fix something and he asks me YOU WANT SOME... thank god i said no ..and had a chug of water. Well thats over. lol.
@Susieq110786 yea ijust hope my scale isnt too harsh on me, i still fully dont believe i lost four pounds last week. unless i go down this week then ill believe it.lol jk, but girl im sorry ur so busy with everythin going on, but u cant let urself go, ill forgive u for not making videos.lol but dont forget to take care of what u consume!. :) ill be waiting for ur next video. :D
@DeviantDani lol omg i do eat panera bread a lot.lol!! i eat it once a week. wel sometimes twice.lol once on mondays or tuesday with my mom, since she doesn live with me, thats wen i see her. and my meal usually ends up being 6.59$ so its isnt horribly expensive and on sundays i go sometimes too with my dad. thats our little bonding breakfast time.lol
@lizlivelife Thanks hun.. I'm considering doing one today.. But I am most def getting 2 hours of excersize in today since I am off! Cleaning counts as workout right?? HAHA! I'll be doing that ALL DAY! But hopefully it was just a really good week for you.. I have had the ones where this week I lose 5 lbs and next week I gain a lb..
Girl dont beat yourself up.. No matter what the scale says tomorrow.. You had a killer weigh in last weekend!! I have slowed down on my vids but hopefully will be getting more posted soon.. Between work, home, school and more work its been hard to squeez in YT and my weight loss!!!!
Definitely try to calculate your calories. I think you did fine as far as food but from experience LOL it's best to keep track. I was dumb enough to think that a Jimmy John veg sammie was comparable to Subway veg sammie. SO NOT THE CASE! LOL oh and yes you made me yawn!
@rockybarragan lol omg iknow. sometimes u thiiiink u know how many calories something has, and oh boy! are we wrong!. lol im trying to calculate my calories, ill be alot more strict this week, :) and lol omg i made my self yawn like 3times when i saw my video.lol
@lizlivelife I dont mind porque me ayuda, si no..i would of gone back to sleep lol or would of been like and while ur at it bring me some more water jajjajajaj...ok mujer ttyl im off to get ready for work..btw thanks for subbing! Means a lot to get the support.
@iLOSEiSHRINK lol i love that! the queen of daily vlogs..lol but yea ilove watching evryones videos.. so inspiring. and its like were all loosing weight together..so great :) i love missmmonroes videos too shes awesome!, and urs of course!!!. :)
Hey! Nice to meet you! This is the first vlog of yours that I've watched and I have to say, I love it! I love watching other's daily vlogs too...guess its the "stalker" in me that enjoys seeing what others do in their day to day lives! hahaha
haha- its funny how you say if you dont watch in one day you have to catch up... but u are the queen of daily vlogs so im always on my toes with you. :) i love ur vids and im glad u had a good workout. i love missmmonroes videos too:)
@Tomikagetsfit2011 yess. idont mind having good and bad weeks as long as we're still trying!. and pushing forward. iknow i will get to my goal and i know YOU WIILL get to ur goal as well, ur so determined!. i love it!.
@lizlivelife because i'm starting to go to the morning classes at the gym that my husband and i joined. They have a dance class but it's not zumba,.. they changed it to 'latin heat'.. so it's not the same a :(
Your 2nd yawn made me yawn lol and you sure do have Panera bread a lot >.> wish I could afford to go out that often ... I love that place ... I can't even afford subway once a week lol
Now im yawning but its 1:13am over here in cali..ay dios mio..I should throw in the towel and call it a night..mabye a few mofe..i slept good though..haber que lol..you look great Liz.
@sOme1elseinside lol girl!. u needa start sleeping early!!. my goal for this week, is to start sleepin at 11:30pm!! so i get a whole 8hrs of sleep. it helps us loose weight too.
@MissJulieJanee lol the stalker in you!.lol i think we all have one of those!. anyways im glad u checkd my channel out, cant wait to watch more of ur videos!. :)
@sOme1elseinside omg! what a spoiled husband. i would have been like get it urself!. im going to sleep.lmao. im not wife material just yet.lol
@biggtee1982 lmao. iknow my neck is a weird place to loose weight! but it seems like it did get smaller!.lol
Ok you are doing so great with your exercising! Omg! Look at your neck,its getting so thin. Be blessed.
@BSelfMotivated aww sorry, but how come u dont go to them anymore?
@missmmonroe weigh in day is here!. and uploading right now!!. :D
Yes you made me yawn! lol. Looking forward to your weigh in!!!

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