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Navigating the Hospital Part 2 - Before Heart Surgery

Dr. Bernadine Healy takes us on a tour of the hospital and shows us why the preadmission check-list is so important before heart surgery. Read the full U.S. ...

Open Heart Surgery / Byron Katie

//www.thework.com/index.asp (home page for "The Work") //byronkatie.com/ (Katie's blog) ...

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Dishonesty & using warped ideas of freedom & self responsability to rationalize ones own or anothers witholding of fully honest & truthful communication and self-revealing in personal relationships is itself an obstacle to embodied & unified Truth. Self inspired honesty, rather than rationalizing dishonesty through omission or active deception in personal relationships & communication, is indeed one of the purest & most needed forms of pure Love among people.
hi simon, here is your wish are you absolutely certain what you are saying is true, absolutely? how would your life be without your bitterness, resentment anger, concern for lost people, need to protect victims contempt ,arrogance, how would your life be without these things Now to finish, turnaround... i can see how byron katie can help me with my extreme uninvited distorted harsh judgement of others
Her 4 questions do work, every time, if we're honest and persistent. Question is are we willing to consistently do the simple process. I hope so. The more of us that take this compassionate way, the less violence there will be on Earth. May all Beings be peaceful.
If you are interested in "The Work" and Byron Katie just click the (more) button to the right of the video above. You will find lots of great web-links to her home pages and a beautiful hour long video of a man doing the work. Enjoy!
What would you suggest to help all the lost people? Church? (yeah, no charisma there) Psych meds? (yeah, that's always safe.) I think Byron Katie is less full of crap than most other methods.
Funny. Thank you. Who would I be without the belief the other should do this or that etc? Great question. What keeps us and the world in chains but our beliefs! Amazing.
Maybe part of the clarity training is to know yourself so well that you know what to attract and what to discard for a congruent relationship...especially with oneself.
Your so right, to much money and not enough gut & moral fortitude, an audiance of passives worhsiping an agressive, it a hippyless love fest
Katie is wonderful. Just,... simply wonderful! I've seen her in Dallas and at a weekend conference at Unity Village, Missouri.
find...she is a real gift from above! thanks for sharing this and also thanks to my very good friend who let me find her. x
Check out the provided web-links to the right of the video above. Just click on the "(more)" button to reveal all of them.
it was the happiest day of your life..... do you absolutely know that its true ?
I take Sterolyn to lower my cholesterol, it's really effective for me.
I wish I want I hope I can do it myself too Should I question myself?
sorry to be stupid but where is the 'more' button?
Best Byron Katie Video Clip Ever nominee!!
I just love the work.. and you!!! Thanks!
Yet another whiner whining about whiners.
Best Byron Katie Video Clip Ever!!
@oceanlover546 how is he now?:)
she's so precious !! xxx
she'is hypnotizing......
She is so fantastic...
Thank you ...Mrs Byron

Navigating the Hospital Part 1 - Understanding Heart Surgery

Dr. Bernadine Healy takes us on a tour of the hospital and what to expect at each step before, during, and after heart surgery. Read the full U.S. News article at ...

Navigating the Hospital Part 4 - Following Heart Surgery

Dr. Bernadine Healy takes us on a tour of the hospital on the cardiac floor after heart surgery patients have left the ICU. Read the full U.S. News article at ...
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