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Heart surgery scar cover up Videos

SCARS: How to cover a facial scar tutorial

Hey ya'll! So in todays tutorial Carly is going to show you how to cover up a facial scar using affordable makeup products. We hope this can be of some help to ...

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Their eyebrow shape really irritates me idkw
Your pointless comment really irritates me!
I have a scar over my upper lip from a dog bite. I have been able to cover it pretty well but I notice it is starting to sink in and I was hoping there was something that I could use to help fill this in because it is starting to look like a big wrinkle above my lips!
I have one on my chin and like no on ever seems to Notici it or they act like they don't cause I see it everywhere and it's also from a dog but mines like out kinda and its hard to cover up
You can save yourself 1000s of dollars from other pricey treatments in order to regain lost confidence gaining back scar-free skin
Because there's a the most effective scar removal remedy is able to make it easier to reduce scar visibility within 2 weeks, find out more here: goodlife6.com/permanently-remove-scar-22102
Thanks for watching y'all! (And for subscribing!!!) let us know how you like it!
+NicoleRoseandCo Thank you so much for making this video. I too recently obtained a facial scar that indents from a Dogs fang sinking into my face. I've been pretty melancholy about it, but after seeing how pretty you look, I feel better already. Thank you so much for the makeup tips.

Cover Scars and Piercings with Dermaflage - VivaGlamLana

Contact info: [email protected] //www.lanareiss.com Dermaflage Coupon Code: youtubemay //www.dermaflage.com.

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does this apply to males too .. I made a mistake and now I have not one but 2 holes under my lip. I am really insecure with it .
it's for both genders
Does it cover tattoos? 
+xsullengirlxthank you.
+eysss166 I just tested it out on a tattoo and nope, didn't really work over a tattoo. There's a different product by a different company called "dermablend" that is specifically for tattoos. They have a YouTube channel :)
I still would go with surgery to remove a scar. my surgery cost $115. I rather pay that than re purchase a product over and over again. Check out my vidoe on my chanel. I removed my scar for good! but thanks for this video. It was interesting
Hi.I had the surgery done in ontario canada. And no insurance didnt cover mine. But $115 is nothing when you hate your scar right..... Check out my channel
+Lauren Minard I really am DYING to know where did you go that it only cost you $115? Was that with insurance? Was that even in the United States? LOL.
Could you post a link to your video?
My boyfriend has pretty bad scaring from a bridge piercing... I wonder if he'd let me experiment. >:) Thanks for the video and tips!
+Modernaires Story of my LIFE...aahhhh

Kiss. A Tribute to Chrissy Amphlett with Togs's cover of Prince's classic song.

Perfomed by John Tognolini, recorded by Jill Hickson and John Reynolds at Art Resistance, Sydney. Chrissy Amphlett 1959-2013 She was our generation's ...

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All the pics are very poignant and quite distressing too. As is your rendition of Prince's song with your words. Your partner is lucky to have someone so sympathetic to her situation. Good stuff

Yellowcard - Avondale(Studio Version)

If youre gonna rip my heart out, could you use a knife thats dull and rust in color. (Once I die) there will be no way that you can cover, that scar. Its hard. I know.

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I watched the stream a fair bit, my name was themoshpanda. I was there when we had a massive laugh with Sean about being half ninja and half-drunkard or whatever. And probably the funniest part was when that woman from some band (forgot her name) came into the studio and Ryan Mendez got up and greeted her, and everyone on the stream was screaming at him to 'get in there' and stuff. Funny stuff. :D
I'm not sure if he was kicked from the band or if he left voluntarily. However, there reason was that he concentrated too much to the record label he founded and also grew apart from the rest of the band. When they recorded, he showed up only when he recorded his guitar part and then he left and others got frustrated when he was never around.
@Benstafication All of Yellowcard is from Jacksonville. They all went to Douglas Anderson School of the Performing Arts. The band was broke so the picked up Ryan Key. They weren't getting any recognition in Jax so they left for California. Ryan went to high school with the rest of the members and joined before the band moved to California.
@scummons Then why did Ryan personally say at a concert that he left College and Jacksonville to go join Yellowcard in California? And that his Aunt was the only one who supported him? Wikipedia's info is often wrong, considering users can edit in whatever they think/want to.
Is this part of the charming "Avondale" series that can be seen on YouTube? User 248329 of YouTube posts many of the episodes of this series. These shows are very pleasant and I like to share them with others.It doesn't seem to be, but I am just wondering.
@knuckjack this song is actually about dan mclintock of inspection 12, its a long story, but no yellowcard's lyrics aren't all gonna be about this particular subject, ryan just needed to get this off his chest, and dan and ryan made up a whiiile back.
XD Aw, I wish I would have been there, I remember one time I called Sean black and he is all "What? lollol I ain't fucking black, I'm Asian American" I just sat there and argued with him for the sake of arguing
Oh God it was hilarious. Also at one point, it was all silent, then Ryan screamed out of nowhere because his team scored in American football. I was watching all of this in the early hours of the morning.
As far as I'm aware, this is the only song with Ryan Key on lead vocals with screams. Maybe the two albums they had out before him do, but I'm pretty sure none of the songs with Key have screams.
@Benstafication lol. Where do you think they're from then? Used to see them and Inspection 12 play on the weekends all the time in high school. Why dont ya check out the wikipedia page.
Yeah I didn't see him even once during the live stream sessions. Actually also Longineu left immediately after finishing his drumming parts. But I guess that is alright for the band =)
@Deathtocharles Thanks for the explanation on the topic of the song! But I was actually asking for the meaning of the word "avondale". I cannot seem to find it in any dictionary! ^^
Hmm, that sounds like their new bassist Josh. Josh wasn't even there when they recorded part of Southern Air, after two weeks in the band, he took a vacation.
@Guesticuffs this song is not asking for someone to kill him or cutting himself.... hes talking about being backstabbed something i have experienced
I honestly think the Underdog EP is better than One For The Kids, in all its entirety. This was really where Yellowcard started to mature in style.
Yeahh, I remember that. Even though they didn't really need Longineu. And you where there too? XD I wonder if we where there at the same time?
this brings me back to middle school: yellow walkman cd player, mix cd inside, repeat button pushed on this track. the year was 2004.
what album is this from, singer almost sounded different at first, but its gotta be the real vocalist, too bad they're on hiatus now
I personally love this "old-school" song due to its use of "ain't," one of my favorite words to use as a kid -- great times. :P
In their live DVD Beyond Ocean Avenue it was by Ben Harper and he was with the band from the beginning so it might be him :3
I like this version :) Have only heard the accoustic one :P But the other version is more epic and beautiful kinda ;P
Now that I think again, I think I do remember you. xD How bout that, running into a person you met on youtube.
xD That name does sound familiar. XD Small world eh? If you saw a kid named CJ Shomaker, then that was me. :D

Atypical mole removal

For the past two months, I have woken up in the middle of the night thinking about skin cancer too many times to count. "How many sunburns have I ever had?
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