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Keto diet eggplant Videos

Ketogenic Diet Day 33 - Eggplant Lasagna

I am feeling adventurous today so I am making an attempt to master the art of eggplant Lasagna. Follow Angerfood on: Facebook ...

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Maybe different people have different reasons for Keto... my main priority is weight loss and sustainability. For me that means being as liberal as possible. I'll eat any vegetable but potatoes, corn and beans pretty much. any I will experiment with adding small amounts of those items eventually. Hope you best of luck
+Nathan Onketo Yes, that makes sense actually.
+Nathan Onketo Just ate it and it was so delicious. So much better than regular lasagna. Plus it's guilt free :) recipe coming up soon.
+Nathan Onketo I think so too. I've seen so many different videos and photos on Instagram with recipes with tomatoes and other things I thought I couldn't eat. I think I will add tomatoes eventually, though. I miss eating them. Just have to be careful with the GMO though.I think Keto is the best way to loose weight.
+Nathan Onketo also Dr. Stephen Phinney has a graph on one of his videos that shows people with more weight are using more of their body fat towards the keto engine than say someone slimmer, which may mean that once someone like me is on Keto its easier to stay in fatburn mode than maybe someone with less fat like yourself
+Nathan Onketo and eggplant lasagna sounds like a good idea!!

EGGPLANT PARMESAN in Positano, Italy


If you would like to look better and have more energy ... stop all red meat shopping at the supermarket... i am not saying go complete vegetarian at all, it is much ...

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I applaud you for making lifestyle changes, but there is no reason to remove red meat from one's diet...that is just plain silly since red meat it is a great source of protein and other vitamins and minerals...just like eggs, yolks and all. All things in moderation! If folks are looking to get healthy, they would be wise to eliminate the following insulin spiking foods from their diet (only 4 items): processed sugars (soda, diet-soda and most juices too), breads (even the whole-grain wheat baloney), pasta and just about all fast-food. In other words, if you can't kill it or pluck it from earth then you probably shouldn't eat it on a regular basic. If you eliminate these foods, you will no doubt be healthier than you simply gave-up red meat and continued to eat these toxins. Note: you can occasionally eat these foods (e.g., a weekend pasta dish, a soda-pop once or twice per month, an ice-cream cone from time-to-time, etc.) All things in moderation! Also, get some exercise! Walking, swimming and yoga are all terrific and easily accessible activities at any fitness level. However, it is more important to do some form of high-intensity strength training to build muscle and strengthen connectivity tissue. As a society, we no longer work on farms or in factories (we sit on our asses behind a computer) so it is important to perform muscle-building exercises to maintain a healthy body...especially as we age. Anyway, I will try this recipe...even though I am not a huge eggplant fan. I typically make my own organic soups and smoothies each day in my Vitamix machine and I eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts and other healthy fats. Now, I'm not telling anyone to eat red meat daily (I only have it 2-3 meals per week)...however, the health benefits of eating red meat in moderation clearly outweigh any perceived risks...especially when so many people are killing themselves by eating unhealthy low-fat, high-carbohydrate diets. There are just so many better choices 90% or more of the public could make before even considering to give-up red meat. After all, it's not the red meat that is making people unhealthy...it's those corn and wheat filler products that are placed into your burgers...it's those processed while flour buns surrounding your genetically modified corn/wheat burgers, and let's not forget all the corn syrups and artificial ingredient in all those unhealthy fatty, fat, fat condiments used to top all those so-called burgers. Just my two-cents... 
That's MY kind of cuisine. I'd gladly come over and join you for lunch. This is just the type of food I eat and diet I keep.
Great video your thinking is the same as me 
Get an Algerian cook book you'll be a pro;)

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