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Gm diet smoking Videos

2015 WRX Spied, Hyundai Quits Smoking, Monster Truck Accident, Hardcore M4, & Doing It Wrong!

Hyundai says it's time to ditch the cigarette lighter and instal USB ports in all its cars (we agree). A terrible monster truck accident in Mexico. The 2015 WRX is ...

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That WRX doesn´t look like the concept one..., and I totally agree with the cigarette lighter topic, I´ve never used it, and neither do any in my family (eight people...) , and thanks for the message, I think that broadcasting people need to do ANY comunity service, I mean give advices, say positive things or share good vibe..., smoking makes no sense, but humans are like this, we are doomed!, that ferrari is so beautiful and expensive, i would drive it on the weekend and store it for a year!
FLDQoftheD, I would have it taken completely apart and have 4 exact copies made, no modern stuff, exact copies, handbeaten metal, the works, like 4 clones. Then have the original gathered again, restored to perfection and immaculately cleaned in showroom condition so it could net another $50 mio upon resale. Then I would race the shit out of the 4 cars, on tracks, with good friends, and have a workshop produce a spare parts stock large enough to keep them running for years without crash delays
QotD: I would drive the shit out of it.... right to the next buyer and spend 52+ million on something more fun like a sick night in Vegas, my own private jet, a private week long getaway in Ibiza, and followed by buying the nicest supercar that's still offered in a manual... all while still having 20+ million left over.
Hey friends at FLD, your show is super cool, too legit to quit. Did you check the RSR Nurburg youtube channel? They have clips of all kinds of awesome cars testing at the Nurburgring, like the New Lambo Cabrera, La Ferrari, Nismo Nissan GT-R, etc.... Check it out. Peace from Brazil (and stop spying on us!) ;)
2.5 265hp the new one? I think that is the current one I heard they are going to 2L's again with a bit more power & a lighter curb weight the m4 is good exclusive manual, all ///m's should be manual only, if you want an auto get a merc! and an //m is hard core unfortunate about the monster truck accident
$52 mil, you say? shoot, i would drive it and then probably realize its not as fun as, per say a P1, sell it, buy a P1 AND a Ferrari-LaFerrari-theFerrari, maybe a race track too... a couple of houses and a yacht and maybe some mail-order brides........ jk on the mail order brides. lol
I think the doing it wrong wasn't that wrong... If u can see that the hook lifted the back tires of the first truck which basically even if it's on Park and handbrake pulled it won't do much... So u probably would have ended up having the same problem as them..
bmw m4 csl maybe and subaru pedestrian warning system needed a hat on manikin to spot the douch who will just walk out in front of you ...90% of people crossing road in front of me are douches in hats the other 10% are old people the men usaly in hats too
Anyone baller enough to pay $52 Million for a car wouldn't be inhibited from driving it due to cost. However the intrinsic value of the car would... so it would likely continue being a garage queen 'cause dat rare face is so pretty and dat ass phat.
Well, I've never shown up with a hangover to the show...also I wasn't patronizing them, I was motivating them to stop. Smoking is gross, lets be honest...thanks for watching man! -Derek D.
weren't the wrx and wrx/sti models supposed to be split off from the impreza product line? that spy shot looks like an impreza with a hoodscoop. am i missing something? (former sti owner)
Sunday drive only, like on a designated route. No speed bumps or dangerous intersections. Sunshine only, that is the only time id drive it. It is a car and it must be driven!!!!
Doesn't make sense to redesign the car to keep the same engine platform. I had read it would be the 2.0 engine found in the BRZ with a nice boost in BHP and fuel efficiency...
I would drive it, but I would have it rebodied so that I can use the replica panels whilst I drive it. The original, priceless panels would be put into high security storage.
Ah that's good. I know I heard the spy shots a few months ago were running the new WRX drivetrain in a current Impreza body but I hadn't heard that about these new photos.
Drive the shit out of it! it is a car... The 52 million dollar price tag obviously doesn't matter to that individual or their priorities are completely out of order.
instead of the word "fuck", can you just say "intercourse" or some conjugation thereof? because I am an intercoursing ninny and I need the world to change for me.
I thought the new WRX was supposed to be a whole different car. It's just a sporty Impreza like before, not that that's bad, just not particularly special.
Did I just here the new WRX will have 265 hp. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm that slunds a lot like the current models. I thought it would have the 2.0 engine.
I so badly hope the Scooby will turn out like the concept looked albeit very unlike. I would honestly not hesitate to throw down cash in advance.
52 million for car, I would start it but would not drive if it to risky. but also I would never buy a car for 52 million so that answers that.

CASAA: Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association

CASAA is a non-profit organization that works to ensure the availability of reduced harm alternatives to smoking and to provide smokers and non-smokers alike ...

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True, but CASAA is an American consumer protection agency after-all. I mean... they can only try to defend their own countries rights.
This would have probably been better if this didn't sound like it was recorded on a telephone....from the 1980's
Keep working guys, we joined up with the fight. Funding will be sent to support this cause!
Perhaps it should say fighting to save the lives of everyone not just Americans
Good info, good graphics, very odd choice in all aspects of the audio.
Fuck the FDA! Who's with me?!
Good vid =)

ASMR Updates and Smoking

Hey Tingle babes! I just wanted to let you know I've been without internet for almost a week and wont get internet for another week, so unfortunately I wont be as ...

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If I said I would pay you to blow smoke in my face,how much would you charge me.Also would you ever smoke in a corvette.
+Mortal Fan 50$ for a private smoking video for ten minutes
Ever consider doing hair vids?
+qwerty431 i have some salon roleplays
If I was inside your cigarette lol and you new it would you still smoke the cig knowing I was inside it lol your hot
+fuelcellman1970 what lmao
You're still hot 
+Kendall Tolliver Lol thank you
You look very angelic in this video!
+Jhiu guyg Thank you, so sweet!
Love u Emily!!!
+haley stuart Love you too!

L Professor - Smoke

//btprt.dj/VxtaJn flexibilia.com facebook.com/flexibilia Our latest release, by L Professor, is as pure and original yet very futuristic dub sound as it can get.

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L Professor @ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/lef-3

Heavy Blue "Smoke Clouds"

Produced by: Zomala beatz.

CI Smoke-Eater Candles

CI's smoke-eater candles help to destroy even the toughest lingering odors. This candle can keep on burning and keep your room smelling like sweet spice.
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